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  1. Thinkwell works if your ds is disciplined. My dd did calculus -- and we were not disciplined to keep up -- so ended up doing too many lessons together at the end of the year -- she ended up hating calculus. My ds did Thinkwell Algebra II the same year and we ended up deciding that it would work better for us to sit together with the Algebra II book and work through it rather than to do the Thinkwell Algebra --this was after he found errors in some of the Thinkwell Algebra -- he's a bright kid.
  2. I wish the housing info would come . . . still waiting.
  3. As others have said, it depends on your child and your child will make their own choices no matter where they are -- choices you may not like. For me, I went into college with lots of questions about my faith that I could not ask at the conservative boarding school I had been attending -- nor did I feel I could ask my parents. I honored my parents request that I join the intervarsity group at my secular college -- and at first that was just what it was. What I found was a place where I could ask my questions. it turned out to be better for me than a Christian school where I might have felt the need to keep masks in place. Sending my dd off to college has been a different process. Through high school, we consistently encouraged her to ask hard questions about her faith -- to discuss things and work them through logically. I have full confidence that she will stay strong because she has gotten a lot of her questions dealt with in the last few years.
  4. Thinkwell is good only for a student who gets math fairly easily because the test problems are much harder than the practice problems. My ds is good at math and he was caught unprepared for the first thinkwell test in Algebra II. ON the other hand, the instructor, Berger, presents the material creatively and with a sense of humor. If your child needs more repetition, I would suggest Saxon (even though Saxon's presentation tends to be rather boring). Could you get your charter school to consider Life of Fred?
  5. i have the eleventh edition Conceptual Physics Hewitt from Prentice Hall and am looking for a Teacher's edition. How much change is there from 10th to 11th?
  6. A year and a half ago i would have said that your son's older brother lived at my house--Very bright, mocks everything, and only does as much as he has to . We chose to stick with homeschooling because the public school options were the reason we started homeschooling his 7th grade year. In the last year things have begun to turn around in large part because I am not his primary teacher -- we outsource most of the teaching to a small private organization that offers classes to homeschoolers twice a week. He has made some friends there that have challenged him to be excellent and it has helped that mom is only the spur to get him to do his weekly work, and not his instructor. So there's hope for this breed of boy, homeschooling or not, if they are put in the place that fits them.
  7. So, I am working on my school profile for the common application. I homeschool under the umbrella of a PSP as required by the state of California. Do I include in my school profile things such as ethnic diversity of our PSP? Mission of our PSP? etc. Or do I make this an individual thing pertaining only to my dd and her schooling. What kinds of things go into a school profile anyway?:confused:
  8. This would have me wonder whether there is a vision issue going on. In any case, along with testing for dyslexia, I would want to rule out developmental vision issues with a COVD optometrist. There are overlapping symptoms between vision issues and dyslexia. From the comments I have been reading. I think it is probably more a vision issue.
  9. Thank you for helping me understand the difference. She is definitely a visual learner. I will try the having her write math responses from left to right and see what happens.
  10. As I read through the posts I began to wonder if the issue may be one of vision and not dyscalculia. She gets math concepts, she describes the way she sees things in her head as being able to walk around in a three dimensional world. That may be where her issues with not being able to tell left from right come from. She also tends to write things completely backwards sometimes (with perfect handwriting) which could come from that same way of seeing the world. She really cannot tell when she has written things down wrong. So thank you all very much for your responses. This has helped.
  11. My dd is VSL learner and has difficulty with math. She often gets concepts but cannot execute those higher level concepts because of what appears to be a form of dyslexia or dyscalculia (never tested --that is from observation). I need advice on how to encourage her and how to give her more coping tools in a couple of areas. 1) She will be doing the SAT soon (for the 2nd time) -- I was going through her practice test and I noticed that most of her issues were dyslexia related, not the problems and questions themselves. She is discouraged by her results. So are there tools I can give her in the next few weeks that can help her. She is incredibly intelligent and has been compensating for things for a long time and being very successful. 2) Because of the schools she wants to get into, she needs Calculus and Physics -- we're struggling with these both because of the dyscalculia and because she is VSL and does not learn well sequentially. How do I motivate, encourage and give her tools that will help her succeed? I'll be honest -- through most of her schooling I've been letting her cope with these issues and compensate on her own. I realize that may not have been the best approach. I'd like to do what I can the last year I'm the one teaching her.
  12. Any one know much about Houston Baptist university? Strengths and weaknesses>
  13. It really is overwhelming isn't it!!! As for the across the country thing--my dd wants to fly away too (we actually live in CA and she's looking on the east coast).
  14. My dd's list keeps changing. She is presently interested in Davidson College, Yale, Houston Baptist, Biola ... all for different reasons. She really wants to come out of school with as little loan as possible.
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