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  1. Thanks so much for the feedback! I am going to go with analytical grammar and just see how he does as far as pacing goes.
  2. I am currently using grammar planet with my oldest son who is a rising 6th grader. I am curious to know how grammar planet compares to analytical grammar. If you have a favorite for grammar I would love to hear that as well.
  3. This was the answer to the question I wanted to ask about analytical grammar. Thank You!
  4. I have a rising kindergartner, a rising 2nd grader and a 5th grader. The 5th grader has ADD + mild ODD and the rising 2nd grader has ADHD. A thought to help with the kindergartner getting the attention he is seeking is to do his school work for 5-10 minutes between subjects of the older ones. If he finishes he work quickly still take the 5 minutes to hug and talk about what he did for the last 45 minutes and what he is going to do next. If Math takes an hour every day perhaps you could do several placement tests from different curriculum to see if it maybe there is one little concept that she just doesn't understand. My 5th grader doesn't want to tell me he doesn't understand so he will do everything under the sun to "get" the right answer without admitting he doesn't understand. The need to feel smart trumps all. Add that to the ADD + ODD I have to word things very carefully. Also I honestly feel that an hour of composition everyday isn't necessary. If you must do some form of composition everyday you could try just 10-15 minutes of free writing. It would free up 45 minutes for each kid. If that seems too much start with 5 minutes and work your way up a minute at a time until you get where you want to be. Take a minute and really think of what would happen if you put an ADHD + dyslexic kid in public school. With a learning disability would it really matter to the school if they actually learned anything. Most importantly how much you care about your kids and their education is abundantly clear from your message. Take heart mama and know there are others who stand with you.
  5. That one worked for me. Thank you!
  6. I was thinking about asking this exact question. I used Math U see Alpha and Beta for the last two years and liked it very much but it is expensive and you have to stick with it for the long haul to learn all you need. So I decided to go ahead and make the switched this year to MFLE and it was and easy transition into level three. I don't have any long term results but it gets done without too much fuss which is great. The charlotte mason style is just what my son needed. I know this won't help much but it is my experience so far. I hope that many more people chime in with actual experience.
  7. I used Math u see Alpha and Beta and my son transitioned into beast fine.
  8. I would keep him home and have a kindergarten review year. I waited until my middle ds turned 6 this year to start kindergarten because he is on the immature side(he's all boy) and it may have been the best homeschooling choice i have made yet. I hope you find a solution that makes you both happy! Corey Mills
  9. I use Mr Q with my k and 3rd grader easily. I only have my 3rd grader do the worksheets but everything else they do together. You read a section and there are worksheets and an experiment each week.
  10. We do math, spelling, grammar, and reading everyday and then add in science on Monday and Wednesday and history on Tuesday and Thursday.
  11. Grammar at our house is a you just have to do it subject so I like climbing to good English. It goes over grammar and writing and is the least expensive without sacrificing quality that i have found.
  12. We really enjoy math u see. From what i can tell from the placement test for teaching textbooks 3 is the only thing he would have trouble with after we finish MUS Beta is the multiplication. with the way they are scoring the placement test though he would easily place into teaching textbooks 3.
  13. my son is 8 and is starting 3rd grade and this is the first year we will be doing spelling. He just wasn't ready for it and the thought of it made him upset. So I backed off and this year he asked to do spelling :) I think a year of no spelling is fine at their young age.
  14. My 8 year old is so very much like yours. I have read The Explosive child and many other books along the same lines. I am still trying to figure it out the best way to help him. We are also considering counseling because it seems like nothing works. Yesterday we decided to try and up his intake of vitamin B12 to see if that helps him at all. You mentioned math specifically so here is what helped our math. My son would scream, cry, fight, throw pencils at the mention of math. Until we tried Math U See. Most days we are able to do 1 or 2 pages of a lesson. If it looks like there is more than 2 pages of work he won't do it no matter what I try. Each lesson has 3 practice pages and 3 review pages so he only has do as many as it takes for him to understand the concept. There is not a lot on the pages and having a Dvd that he can watch with me and the blocks to help him if he gets stuck all seem to be good things. If you haven't looked into it maybe it is something to try. It has helped us in the math area. I am still searching for the right fit in other subjects...
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