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  1. did you include standardized tests (IOWA, Sanford etc) other than SATs and ACTs?
  2. And that is part of my point... are the course descriptions required? Also, is it necessary to include the additional description of homeschool philosophy in the profile?
  3. We are on the late side of things with life circumstances, as I am battling cancer and I am trying to finish this up for DS quickly. He has completed the Common App and we do have a transcript! YAY! I am working on the Counselor/Teacher aspects. For the School Profile I have answered their questions and have created our own document. I have included the following: School Name, Location, a description stating we are a college preparatory school through high school, how many credits each year, average class time, block schedule and that this has worked well allowing in-depth study to ex
  4. Another big thank you for doing this as well. We are beginning Junior year, and I am a mess. Our babies grow up too fast, and homeschooling high school isn't for the faint of heart. Between SATs, ACTs, transcripts, course descriptions, managing all the extra curricular activities and every day life... it can be overwhelming. I cannot count the numerous threads that have been helpful in navigating this journey. Thank you to each of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  5. Is this the one? http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/586652-application-lessons-learned/?hl=%2Bcommon+%2Bapp&do=findComment&comment=6841966
  6. meet the masters

    1. Renai


      Free subscription through homeschool buyers coop until Sept. 1.

  7. Yes, the first book.... We have been using the Math Without Borders Video lessons..., and I COMPLETELY forgot about the Assignment list... Somewhere along the way I read on here if your kid is a STEM student to complete either all odds OR evens, and ALL word problems... and that just stuck like glue. Even in the videos at the end he says to do as many of the word problems as you can and to take several days.... :closedeyes: I just printed out the Assignment list..... My kid is gonna KILL ME !!! ............ :lol:
  8. Thanks Sue! He is a STEM student... headed into Aviation/Engineering.... He's an only, thus I am working through math with him, for various reasons... As a teacher, I need a refresher and actually like math :lol: and feel it's important to be able to answer questions, etc.... But yeah..... 41.... Word Problems....... :huh: We are at least over the hump day Wednesday and Friday will be here soon! :hurray:
  9. Ok, so we've been plugging away with this course quite well... Working all the evens in every lesson with the occasional odd numbered problem for reinforcement or review before a chapter test... And working ALL of the word problems.... which hasn't been a problem... HOWEVER>>>> we are now in Chapter 7, Lesson 10... and there are 41 word problems....!!! :mellow: So, if your dc have worked through this text... DID THEY COMPLETE ALL the word problems when there were THIS MANY? And if so.... HOW LONG did it take?!? And please HUMOR me and tell me you survived?!? lol
  10. Yeah... I saw your answer in that thread after I had already posted.................. thanks for sharing..........
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