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  1. Leaning toward something in engineering (aeronautical perhaps), space/physics/astronomy. Definitely something STEM heavy science field--not humanities, not medical.
  2. Undecided if ds should pursue AP stats or AP Calc BC for next year. He's a current sophomore taking AP Calc AB with Derek Owens and taking the AP test in May. This course is the first course that has really challenged him; he has a solid B. Not sure if BC would would be good (some review and some new material) or move to AP Stats. We will definitely have another math senior year. Then, do I do Blue Tent or PA Homeschoolers? My plan was AP Calc BC through Blue Tent Academy. It's expensive but seems worth it. I'd love any thoughts/opinions here.
  3. Very well, thank you. He said there were only a few of them taking Subject Tests. Everyone else was doing regular SAT. Perhaps because there were so few of them, they were able to start the first test quickly. He was done with both of them by 10:35!
  4. Thanks, all. Guess we'll play it by ear and see how it shakes out!
  5. DS is taking two SAT 2 Subject Tests this Saturday. Admission ticket says be there by 7:45 and testing starts between 8:30 and 9am. If he has two, what time should we be planning to pick him up? He's taking it on a college campus that neither of us are familiar with, so I don't want him to have to get out of testing and then call us and wait for us to drive from home! Any help would be appreciated. Googling is not giving me answers!
  6. Thank you! I appreciate hearing a "been there, done that" experience. I had planned on him doing a comp sci course, but I guess I had just assumed it would be an elective rather than a math class. I'm glad I have experienced moms to give advice! Yes! That's on my short list, too. He's already done the Intro to Counting & Probability and Intro to Number Theory. He did those in 8th grade when I opted to slow him down a bit. I could certainly have him work through the upper levels of those. I do appreciate you thoughts! We have already discussed the need to retake calculus freshman year regardless. With the AP test, my intent is to show rigor and prove knowledge of the subject matter but I absolutely think he should not skip it in college even if college offers it. We have easy access to a community college. There's also a few major universities in our area, but I'm not sure how they work with high school students. Some things to look at and consider for sure. Thanks! These AoPS NT and C&P courses are on my list, too!
  7. Calc AB is proving to be the first math course to really challenge him! Like MamaSprout said, my understanding is that Calc BC covers CalcAB the first half of the year and then new material second half of the year. I don't think it would be the worst thing ever to go over it again! I considered Stats but I'm not sure how applicable it is. I also will likely pursue computer science, but it doesn't feel like a math class. Linear algebra may be a good place to look in additional to differential equations, etc. Would I look for these at a community college? 4-year college willing to take a DE kid? Thank you. He is likely going to be in a STEM field--thinking engineering--so I'm sure he'll do additional Calc classes in college. Where would I find courses similar to what you mentioned--calculus 3, calculus based probably and Statistics, etc? We haven't delved into CC yet--would I find these at an average local community college? I'm not familiar with eimacs--going to look that up!
  8. Thank you! I have added Blue Tent to my start my list!
  9. My son is a sophomore currently taking AP Calculus with Derek Owens. I'm not really sure where to go from here. Perhaps Calculus BC next? And then what? Additionally, do you have recommendations on where to look for these classes? I'm aware of PA Homeschoolers courses, but are there other online options? I just don't know where to look! I'm not really interested in doing DE for math quite yet.
  10. Thank you! That's a great idea. (I mean, my way is the right way, of course, but I'll entertain other ways! HA!) I'll definitely take a look at those. I'm not opposed to middle school level if it makes it easy to understand. Appreciate the help. That sounds interesting! I'll take a look at that Great Courses option!
  11. My ds is a rising sophomore. He's a pretty smart cookie with a good memory, so his note taking skills are poor! However, I know this is a skill he needs to develop now! Does anyone have suggestions for a short course or workbook even that we could use before we resume homeschooling in late August? Thanks so much!
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