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  1. Try black tea foot bath. I assume you are making sure to wear different shoes every other day to avoid the issue of shoes not completely drying out. Loafer socks, bamboo charcoal bags for the shoes to absorb odor. Foor spray/deodorizers.
  2. I would say that you can expect to see an increase of these types of offerings since UC/CSU are no longer considering SAT or ACT. The only way to differentiate academic competitions would be through academic competitions and APs. Asians will definitely put money towards classes/programs that would help gain an edge.
  3. On the topic of lying...this was an interesting piece in USA Today. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2021/05/15/new-mask-rules-trust-americans-honest-vaccine-status/5107686001/
  4. Look for women's hiking pants in sporting goods stores. I've seen them called utility pants as well. Another source that should be more availabe this time of year are women's travel pants with hidden pockets. Lots of choices on Amazon.
  5. This was a really fascinating poll. https://news.yahoo.com/poll-vaccinated-americans-are-ready-to-drop-their-masks-after-cdc-shift-but-theyre-not-ready-to-socialize-with-the-unvaccinated-203811328.html
  6. Are other areas tracking vaccination rates by zip code? I was feeling good about it when I checked when 16 and older were permitted that my zip code was 87% partly or fully vax'd. Less so now that appears to be 64%. Still great, but when I go to other zip codes you see that number vary signficantly. It's starting to influence where my family to be out and about. https://dig.abclocal.go.com/kabc/ca-vaccine-tracker/SoCal_vax_zip_map.html
  7. It sounds like she might be using a center that functions sort of like semi-exclusive private education for live in-person small class size AP courses and test prep. There's a chain called Elite Educational Institute for example. From what I can tell they are targeting high income areas and areas with Asian populations. The website renders in Korean, Chinese (traditional and simplified) which is on purpose.
  8. Honestly I wanted to do this earlier if I could, but we couldn't swing it given #2's age. I know some people are happy to bring under 5's around, but I would have hated the hassle of all the little kid challenges with travelling long term. And then Covid happened which put this coming year as a non-starter for us to do this as we felt there was too much uncertainty.
  9. I never quite understood why Saddleback was still part of SBC. I know this is a carryover from when Rick Warren first planted the church since he was ordained in SBC.
  10. I like Japanese noodle salad like somen salad or soba salad. Lots of recipes online to try. like these: https://onolicioushawaii.com/somen-salad/ https://www.justonecookbook.com/soba-salad/ for this one, you can add all sorts of slivered veggies to it like carrots, red/orange/yellow bell peppers, cucumbers, etc. We really like Mexican bean salad as well. This version doesn't use tomatoes...it's similar enough to what I use. I will also add diced summer squash to it as well. https://belleofthekitchen.com/mexican-three-bean-salad/ Asian Chicken and Cabbage salad...Loads
  11. I think you got a lot of great responses. I don't have anything to add but I just wanted to send you a note of encouragement. I know you are new to this board, but there is a super helpful Learning Challenges Board. There are amazing parents on there with loads of expereince and so supportive. Hang in there, you are far and away the one person in his life who cares the most about meeting him where he is at and his needs. I want to say awesome job! for caring enough to want to do better for him.
  12. FWIW, for us it was helpful to start with being able to recognize and identify logical fallacies. While I know that the authors are Christians, I have seen secular WTMers comment that they have been able to use Fallacy Detective and Thanking Toolbox. Some have been able to use Art of Argument as well which is published by Classical Academic Press. It's easy enough to find the posts about what the secular WTM'ers thought about all of these.
  13. If you have foreign income, I don't think you will be able to use the free tax filing program. Free file is for very simple returns. My DH develops Turbo Tax, and they make the the free file product for the IRS. I would tell her to file an extension. You can e-file a form 4868. https://www.irs.gov/publications/p54
  14. Should she need even more time, she can file for an extension which gives her until 10/15 to file her return. She doesn't owe anything so that's the only thing you have to make sure of is to pay enough in to cover any tax due. If you use TurboTax for her return...she might have difficulty being able to download it to use depending on the country. I know it was a big problem for my friend who is an expat in China for example. You could do it for her and just send her the pdf for the signature page that is required for e-filing. She can sign, scan and send you the file easily.
  15. This is completely anecdotal. My friend works every day providing afterschool care for a local private school. Said private school has had many outbreaks this past year. She was personally close contact for 7 of those outbreaks. She has endured multiple Covid tests and credits Happy Mask for keeping her safe while many others around her (adults & students). She finally has gotten her first dose of Pfizer and will get her 2nd soon. She tells me so loves her mask. Her husband uses Happy Mask as well, and he works in bio tech lab in our area. He uses it when he doesn't have access to the mas
  16. @Not_a_Number I think you may have purchased earlier on before this was added to their FAQs...but they also said that you can spray 70% isopropyl alcohol if you feel you need another level of disinfection.
  17. This is what is on their website: Our masks feature a wafer-thin nanofiber membrane, which is considered the gold standard in filtration efficiency. Our filter is especially unique in that it is washable, which enables each to be sewn-in for corner to corner coverage. In fact, our filters have been tested to maintain their efficacy for at least 50 washes, as proven through a Repeated Wash Test conducted at respirator testing laboratory OSH
  18. The info about the wash test is on the website. The lab testing reports about the filter is actually now uploaded as a pdf on their website as well. Honestly, for me the mask that gets worn and stays on is a big driver. For me, this is the only mask that I can personally tolerate for long periods of time.
  19. From what I understand, they tested how many washes (swishing in cool water with a drop of dish soap) before the mask no longer performed as well as new. They have more information now about the number of hours the mask can be in use which is approximately 250 before the interior filter builds up too many particles and starts to inhibit breathing. You shouldn't twist/wring the mask though. I gently press it between my hands in the folded position to get excess water out after I rinse before I hang it up to dry. The repeated wash test was performed by the Sun Yat Sen Medical School.
  20. @Dicentra This possibility would be such a relief for my family as my son is taking that leap to know that there is a honors level still available.
  21. @roadrunner, are you filing a PSA or with a charter? If PSA in CA, you can report any high school credits earned prior to the official high school years. You aren't limited to foreign language and math.
  22. The K12 Human Odyssey series is what I have for my son as soon as we wrap up US History. There are some old threads about it here:
  23. This makes indicate the experts think we won't. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/03/health/covid-herd-immunity-vaccine.html
  24. That is Pfizer saying that they expect to ask for approval in September. This doesn't imply anything about what the FDA or CDC would do or when they would do it. I would imagine whatever clinical trial data that will be submitted will be heavily scrutinized as this is a very young co-hort.
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