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  1. Could you clarify what you were using for practice weekly? @seaben
  2. For us, we simply keep learning apps /tech as extra "dessert" fun. I prefer reading and math skills to be done physically with physical manipualtives or books. I don't marry the two and don't really have any desire to do so for $100 when all these things can be done for far less. WeDo and Ozobot are 8+ for independent use. Both absolutely can be used much younger with parental support.
  3. I don't think I would buy it peronally. I would rather use the money to get Wedo or Ozobot. I don't need an app based learning system for the types of activities they are using it for. Tangrams are cheap and tons of them are available for free. Loads of reading and early math apps out there for free or more expensive ones at $3-5 each.
  4. I didn't get a chance to watch anything from day 1 because I was busy all day, but I liked several of the day 2 speakers.
  5. Well, the good thing about WWS is that it is incremental. If you are wondering if you should start at WWS1 or later, you could get a sense of placement by asking WTMA to evaluate a writing sample.
  6. wait until VP has their sales which happen several times a year. You can expect at least $100 off the regular pricing. There was one last summer in July.
  7. It is very interesting because I always think students should think deeply about these things. "To whom much is given, much is required" to paraphrase the Bible. I think it is a wonderful thing that you are challenging your students to do this type of thinking and discussing. One does not realize how much privilege you truly had until you actually stop and consider the possibility that you are privileged. Our society could do with a whole lot less navel gazing and a whole lot more soul searching IMO. Now, I am probably sounding cranky. LOL.
  8. Not sure about other areas, I know for California, they don't allow credits earned prior to your official high school years to count for high school except for math and foreign language. Certainly, I've seen private homeschoolers include all sorts of coursework completed prior to 9th grade on their transcripts.
  9. (Responding from my lens as a Christian) I'm so sorry. That is really hard. When people react that strongly, I often think that perhaps things are hitting a little close to home in an area where God may be challenging them with respect to lifestyle and convictions. I do agree that her response to you does not seem to be a mature response where you completely disengage with someone rather than discuss things. It is something that I have noticed is increasingly missing in younger generations. They just don't know how to manage/resolve relational conflict. They just go dark and ghost you. It actually is a teaching moment for your daughter about how not to behave in life. ETA: I am grateful that I am busy homeschooling for the next 20 years. I shudder when I contemplate returning to the workforce and having to manage what passes for young adults these days.
  10. I would add that you don't need to worry about high school credits at this age. If you are on this progression for science, then your student will have science credits in higher level coursework when he is actually in high school.
  11. I used Latin for Children A when my son was 3rd. He did Song Song School prior to that. If 2nd grader is going into 3rd, LFC is definitely doable especially the revised version. You can just go slower if you need to. My son is going to move on to Latin Alive this year with his Latin teacher because he is ready.
  12. I was able to petition the professor for Athena's Honors High School Biology class to let him enroll in that class for the fall even though he is under the age minimum that she prefers. However, I was able to do that because I gave her the syllabus of a honors level 7th-9th grade life science course he just completed with a high A in the class. This course had graded presentations, labs, tests and homework.
  13. @retepxela I would like to ask the teacher, Anna Harvey, some questions. I don't see a way to contact individual teachers on Blue Tent's website, Can you find out if she is willing to receive an email?
  14. You can still get Mind Benders. CTC just revised and renumbered them. I have some old ones and some new ones. They are still quite good. Perplexors is another series that is similar to Mind Benders.
  15. For Jacobs, the first 1/3 of the book is pre-algebra. I was thinking maybe Real World Algebra by Zaccaro might meet your needs.
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