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  1. I can tell you in my area, there are many zip codes where the uptake for 12 & over is 100 (convinced we have some vacccine tourism going on) or nearly 100% have gotten at least 1 dose.
  2. This is why I took my kids out of in person unless it is outside with masking if sitting close to others. Church is online. I know I've stepped back from people who have done this. Not cut them off...but there's relational "distance" now.
  3. Perhaps this might help regarding Rt? In particular, the second link. https://rt.live/?fbclid=IwAR1PSTTEjQfgWfGnEGtk3U_Uf0PkeHSyqrd6hHwdBid6p0m1044RdGk07jA
  4. I wouldn't say it's the best mask, but I use the 32 degree ones from Costco outdoors. The enro ones are supposed to be quite good. They were in wirecutter recently. So currently sold out, but I heard from friends they expect to be restocked this week. https://enro.com/collections/kids
  5. This thread reminded me that I need to replace our fire extinguishers as well.
  6. Behavior is shifting in my area. Last week, very few masked at Costco. My DH just went this weekend. He said 70% of the people were masking.
  7. That was my job too... I worked there through high school and for the first year and half of college.
  8. Once we are all vax'd, I would be ok with indoor while masks with reasonable case rates.
  9. Yup! snagged the XL in Happy Mask for my DH. He is much happier now.
  10. Honestly, it's the only one I can stand using for long periods of time. I have sensitive skin and prone to irritation.
  11. Happy Masks FTW over here. The best mask to use is the best quality one that my family will wear. I personally know a lot of doctors, dentists, and optometrists I went to school with who buy this for their families.
  12. That is something that I have been seriously thinking about as well. Who do I want to speak into the lives of my children...it forced me to rethink a lot of relationships and start to create distance for my family because that is not what I want modeled for my son during his teen years. I can't unsee what I have observed this past year and half. It has been truth revealing.
  13. This. Glasses! I would wear fake glasses. Or get those blue light ones for computer work. I always wear sunglasses in stores. I know I look weird, but it stops anything from getting in my eyes.
  14. Roadrunner... I'm glad working is helping him. Would it be at all possible to just do a gap year? Your son has done plenty of high school credit worthy courses prior to his chronological age. Just take the semester or even the year to focus on his well-being and go way outside the box. Maybe just keep math going if you don't want to lose momentum there. You are a PSA in CA, so submitting a subject transcript is entirely fine. I'm so sorry...this must be very difficult for you to see your son suffering like this.
  15. Lambda variant is already here. This is the one from South America. https://thehill.com/changing-america/well-being/prevention-cures/565487-what-you-should-know-about-the-lambda
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