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  1. The other problem which is not talked about enough that 8 aludes to is that what is verbally offered to prospective recruits is often radically different than the actual written offer. Families often misunderstood what is being offered and what is actually guaranteed. Not downplaying her opportunity here...but go in with eyes wide open. This is a pretty good overview: And about full-ride:
  2. After reading the replies, I still would reiterate that she needs to be absolutely solid in algebra not just for the SAT but to have basic proficiency to survive college math classes. If she is being recruited, I am assuming she is going to a Division 1 school? Playing sports at this level is like working nearly a full-time job. I lived in a dorm at Cal with lots of athletes. One of my dormmates was softball player. It was absolutely brutal on them. One of the basketball players asked me to tutor him in math, but honestly, he was in way over his head as was my dormmate. Granted this was Cal, so it would never have been easy. To me, there's a long game that needs to be solved for as well.
  3. Wow, it surely seems like she needs a full on algebra program. WIthout it, how will she ever be able to keep her scholarship and complete degree requirements since I imagine she will need to take some math in college unless I'm totally off the mark here. Even with a sports scholarship, you have to maintain a minimum GPA and meet minimum college requirements. Do colleges in NZ also have minimum math proficiency exams as well like in the US? I know that the proficiency level of students is abysmal in the US. I recently read that up to 60% of college students require remedial math or English courses which means they are having to take non-credit courses to learn what should have been masted in high school.
  4. AG is a complete program that can be used at middle or high school level. They have 4 review books that can be used after you complete the program. This should not be confused with the AG reinforcement and review book that you use if you choose to break up AG and use it over 2 or 3 years. AG can be down over a one year period. I linked the sample timeline for that on their website below.
  5. I'm not sure if you mean 2 column formal proofs or inductive proofs. If the latter, that's already in some of the challenge problems in PA. I would think that he's likely doing it already even if you haven't called it writing a proof. I don't make my son write it out formally. We let him do it orally with us and explain his thinking because the dialogue seems to help him process. These tend to be about the only problems that I have to stop him and go back over with him. I often tell him that I get that you know this is true...but it's important to understand why it's true. Unless I am mistaken, those are the problems where it says show....explain...or why.... My son has self-taught himself the PA book as well. He likely will finish before the end of the month. I think the books are written to the student and lend themselves to self teaching since it's discovery method. I had originally planned to let him work through it slowly and take a year or even a year and a half. He surprised me by setting his own pacing and is on track to complete it in about 7 months. Right now because of his age and because I'm not in any rush, I am planning to have him divert and work through Jacobs' MHE book as there is a lot of interesting math topics in there that he won't see again. He saw me flipping through the text and the billards table chapter caught his eye, so he is excited. I just haven't made up my mind if we will do AOPS Algebra after that or do two passes with Jacobs and then AOPS through like others have on the boards here who have a ton more experience. Sort of leaning towards the latter because I did two passes with PA with JA followed by AOPS and what I did with SM and BA. The system seems to have worked so far in that he masters the basics and then diving deep isn't too hard. The kiddo is in 4th grade so I know that we have plenty of time on our hands. @TheAttachedMama are you committed to AOPS beyond Algebra? I am not sure if I want to encourage ds in continuing on if AOPS is the time sink it sounds like, but then I think maybe he is the kind of kid who AOPS is written for because he does self-teach and has worked through PA at a faster pace than I expected so then maybe AOPS won't be as much of a time sink which would prevent him from putting time in all the other things he enjoys.
  6. PL is ecclesiastical. SS has both classical and ecclesiastical.
  7. calbear

    What to do after Jousting Armadillos

    You could even do prodigy math as well. It covers up through 8th grade so most pre-algebra topics. IXL math, you can practice on specific concepts by grade level.
  8. For this one, you have to be able to write. You learn parts of speech, start learning declensions, and conjugating some verbs. There's fill in the blank, translate, crosswords, word search, multiple choice, choose the correct word, and stuff like that. If you haven't used Headventureland, I think the subscription is well worth the money. You can try out the first 3 chapters for free for both level 1 and 2. We went on to CAP LFC A after this. It was a great lead into that. He really loves using CAP as we are in LFC B. The revised version and the revised videos are pretty good for LFC if you are thinking of going forward. There are full versions of Headventureland for those levels as well.
  9. Have you seen SSL2 already? It's a bit of a step up from SSL1. It's about 3 times as thick as SSL1. There's quite a bit of grammar in there.
  10. You might want to look at the higher math courses offered by John Rosasco. He was recommended highly by a local HS'ing mom of a PG who went on to MIT.
  11. calbear

    Electrical engineering resources ?

    If you can find the Radio Shack Electrionics Learning Lab, that might be right his alley as well. I have a set that I got used from another homeschooling family. My EE friend said it pretty much what was covered in one of his 100 series courses. Forgot which one because I wasn't paying close enough attention.
  12. calbear

    Electrical engineering resources ?

    Has he done the classes offered by Mr. P from Quick Study Labs since you already have Snap Circuits?
  13. calbear

    Gap year or Unschooling year

    We actually opted to keep ours in the younger grade from the beginning since we were homeschooling because we saw this becoming an issue later one in the middle school years. Subject matter acceleration wasn't an issue since we homeschool. We just didn't want it to become another tween stage issue to decide to take an extra year when it would be simple to skip if needed later. We are glad that we did as we can see that emotionally he could really use the extra time.
  14. +1 on Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. +1 on Star Trek...the order of my faves: Next Generation, the original one, Voyager. Agreed about DS9 being slightly darker. This is my least favorite. I would actually watch the Enterprise series before the DS9 one. Maybe Dr. Who? I don't watch it myself, but it seems to be really popular with kids on Athena's Academy. There were these shows I loved back in the 80s called Whiz Kids & Doogie Howser, MD. I also really used to like watching Perry Mason shows as well.
  15. calbear

    Foreign language - what are you using?

    This is a bit broad of a question. Do you have a specific foreign language in mind? For one kid? All kids? All together or separately? Teach it yourself or outsource? Are you fluent (or at some other level) in the language you have in mind?
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