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  1. I keep a full set of spare masks in my purse and in every vehicle. It might be useful to keep a set of disposables in a ziplock bag if you don't have enough reusable masks to do this.
  2. Interesting...I could totally see this. Not feeling it for the guest hosts: Anderson Cooper, Aaron Rodgers, Bill Whitaker, Mayim Bailik, Samantha Gutherie, Dr. Sanjay Gupta...
  3. We used Singapore (esp the Intensive Practice and Challenging Word Problems) and Beast Academy over here in the elementary years. Saxon would have been too incremental and repetitive for my son. There's Zaccaro's Challenge Math, Glen Ellison's Harder Math and Cleo Borac's Gifted Math series that you can look at.
  4. I found myself in a similar place, I was not convinced that my son was as solid as he could be when we reached ch.13. We actually went back over Ch.10-13 before moving forward with the rest of the book. I used Alcumus as the basis for the second pass through. His grasp was much more solid after the second pass through the material. Having read about other people's experiences, this portion of the textbook just takes more effort and work so that helped him to know that. Mine is around the same age and has a tendency to use LHS but I think that it is habit and not always stepping back to see
  5. It's super covenient just to slide things around on the shelf when I need to rearrange something. I actually store 1/2 gallon mason jars of bone broth in my freezer so it sits more stable on the glass shelf.
  6. I have glass shelving, and it's great. I'm on my second upright and I am thankful that it has an alarm. I can't tell you how many times I had problems with the old one because some persons in my household did not shut it properly.
  7. I haven't noticed that one being required from the health group I am in even though they require vax. I turned it down twice already.
  8. In CA, there's more anti-vax population in the homeschooling community because of the laws on the books that have made vax a requirement for public school enrollment. Getting a medical exemption is not simple especially since they are investigating doctors who are writing too many medical exemptions. If those laws weren't on the books, many of these families would not be homeschooling. I will say that it's a banned topic in the local group I moderate because the discussions are never discussions. It gets ugly really fast. That's why discussions about Covid/social distancing are also banned. Th
  9. Your post reminded me that my dentist does this. It's this horrid peroxide wash that I have to swish for 1 minute. They time you and watch to make sure you are swishing.
  10. At least at the offices we go to, there are barriers (like large cabinets) in between the chairs.
  11. We've been going since last summer, and my son just had braces done a few weeks ago. At least where I am, they are wearing masks with shields plus gowns and gloves plus and running air filitration systems. My husband had a crown replaced recently as well. All of us have had 2 dental visits already in the last year. FWIW, we are pretty conservative and stayed at home and rarely go anywhere except to do marketing and doctor's appointments.
  12. I just had another thought about whether or not you have pursued suing the birth father for child support for your GS? It can be enforced even in the form of wage garnishment. Is there any way you can pursue legal guardianship? It's obvious that your daughter is dependent on you and that you are providing for all of the baby's needs.
  13. I'm late to this thread, but to answer your question about how to deal with throwing up and fevers. I am sorry about this terrible situation that you have with getting health care for your grandbaby. Unless it is super critical like ER, I would suggest the clinics like at CVS or Walmart if you have to pay out of pocket as it will be a lot less expensive. Throwing up: Rehydrate using pedilyte (I keep pedilyte powder sleeves in my medicine cabinet for this as there is a longer shelf life.). Give 10 ml every 15 minutes for 2 hours. IF he keeps that down, you can slowly increase the amount
  14. Maybe sign him up for a Write at Home writing workshops. The next 8 week one is still taking signups until 4/8. https://www.writeathome.com/enroll-now?category=3.+8-Week+Workshops
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