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  1. There's a longer thread that has been going on for almost a month in case you didn't know about it.
  2. I like the flat thick kind that have a pocket to slide your hand into so you can use it like a mitt. I haven't had a reason to replace any yet...but I do know there are some double pocket ones on the market. It's sort of in between your two choices.
  3. I actually avoid using my name for an LLC that I use for rental property. I don't necessarily want to draw unnecessary attention to who I am. I used geography to come up with the name of our LLC. In our case, we used names of mountains.
  4. @Terabith I don't think of it has less protection...I think it is more like thinking about your risk budget and how much you are willing to expend. Masking doesn't eliminate all risk of exposure. It just reduces your overall risk exposure. Of course, when there is a lot of community spread...then doing what you can to minimize how much your expose yourself is a good thing to at least lower the amount of virus you are exposed to which means if you do get sick, you will likely have a milder illness. I use that map from GA Tech to think about when and how often anyone in my household needs t
  5. I want to add that I really like using the Say Hi app to practice my spoken language skills as it will translate it into English for me. I use it to practice my Cantonese (a Chinese dialect) skills as pronunciation and tone (8 of them) is really important. Then I know if I am off. I don't have people to practice with very much.
  6. I'm not sure how to get you past that feeling, but one way to really boost your comprehension is to watch TV shows and movies in Spanish. If you have Netflix, it is really easy to switch the language to Spanish and add in English subtitling. That would be a painless way of working on your receptive language skills.
  7. No sprouted rice over here either. We use white rice. I really have never seen it served this way.
  8. I just realized what you are saying above...are you using instant/quick rise/bread machine yeast? If dense, it sounds like it is a yeast problem. There really is yeast sold that is optimal for bread machines. ETA: https://www.breadmachinepros.com/blog/what-is-bread-machine-yeast/
  9. On that first link, those recipes were developed for specific models. It might help to try a recipe for your specific model. Clearly the one of the side of the machine isn't working. Also, are you weighing your ingredients?
  10. The AMC 8 was "proctored" where we tested. They had all the kids on zoom while working on the exam.
  11. I wouldn't suggest going out and doing this deliberately, but Corelle is break resistant. Overseas, I'm told Corelle is considered quite premium and people pay a lot to get their hands on it. My sister sold her Corelle when moving back from Singapore for $$$.
  12. I dislike dealing with broken dishes, so I basically have just gone with using Corelle dishes in winter frost. I know it's boring...
  13. Did you start off trying recipes developed for Zoji? https://www.zojirushi.com/app/recipe/breadmakers There a little troubleshooting blog here for Zoji: https://www.zojirushi.com/blog/?p=4617
  14. This is a longer article about solving the 3 across puzzle. https://thecarseatlady.com/vehicles/3-across/
  15. I used Singapore Math and Beast Academy (physical books) a year behind. I used the extras in Singapore as well. You could consider using the Singapore Intensive Practice or the Challenging Word Problems books to go deeper. Beast Academy would do that as well. Some people prefer to use the Fan Math Process Skills in Problem Solving for Singapore style word problems because it has explicit instruction and is a stand alone series that does not have to be used with SM. CWP does not have explicit instruction as it is meant as supplemental to SM curriculum. Fan Math also has Speed Math Strategies w
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