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  1. Our co-op (normally 90 families) chose to go a slightly different route. I am attaching a link to our FAQ so that you can see what we planned. It's online in the fall and in-person in the spring....we are giving teachers a choice whether to offer hybrid (online the in person or in-person only) as some classes are note really feasible online.
  2. 6 quart is plenty big enough for a family of four and yes, it can replace your slow cooker. Recipes online for Instant Pot are scaled for 6 qt. You have to adjust cook times for an 8 qt since it takes longer to come to pressure.
  3. Could you make a fly trap to reduce the population? Like this?
  4. regarding masking and race: This is an ongoing tracking poll in California which is of course diverse in population. Masking info in about halfway down.
  5. They are made in Taiwan. It's a company that was started by a fellow Berkeley grad which is why my Berkeley moms group heard about and and tried them. It's been spreading by word of mouth among the moms who have been working this whole time as essential workers.
  6. If anyone is looking for a US history curriculum that focused on incorporating black history. A friend of a friend developed this for her family. There is a secular version of the curriculum available.
  7. Just jumping in to add a couple of resources for those who want to teach a broader history. Ron Takaki's A Different Mirror for Young People - I was at Berkeley when he was teaching there. The original one is pretty much one of the books everyone reads who studies Ethnic Studies. His other book Strangers from a Different Shore is quite good as well. This is focused around Asian Americans. There's no young people version of it. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz's An Indigenous Peoples History for Young People. This explores Native American history.
  8. This is another highly rated mask, but it is considerably more expensive than the Happy Mask since there are filters involved.
  9. @TCB@Spryte and for anyone else who is looking. This mask is N99 effective. It's only good for 50 handwashes though. This mask is very popular in my Berkeley moms group. The moms who have had to work and have their children in daycare during our ongoing SIP in CA have praised this mask as been comfortable to wear all day.
  10. @Ausmumof3 Panel F on the lower right are normal presenting lungs.
  11. Researchers are finding internal organ damage in asymptomatic cases.
  12. If you are CA, 2 years rear facing car seats. Car seats now have expiration dates. I would say browse around on Baby Center's community and you will find a lot of stuff on there. There's some resistance to sippy style cups, so some wean directly to cups or straws instead. Baby led weaning directly to table food is popular. You basically skip the entire baby food stage. there's a lot of gray palettes now, very gender neutral stuff. Poke around on the baby department on Amazon or buy buy baby online. Baby Bjorn isn't in...but baby wearing is and the possibilities are endless. Google how to choose a carrier and you will see the endless styles. No bumpers or anything in the crib but the baby. Diaper bags that look like nice handbags are popular as well or bags that are unisex looking like messenger bag or backpack style. Some people like using monitors that have wifi, but I don't because I don't like having wifi radiation near babies. Not sure if Infant potty training or elimination communication was big then. There is a segment that does that. I did it with both my kids. There's a lot of natural, chemical free products for babies these days. Just about anything you can think of. Those are some of things I can think of right now.
  13. Praying for him and his family.
  14. I was in another thread, and I noticed one specific name that was missing. I don't know if there is more than one. I just noticed that particular name because their posts were really harsh in tone and would seem to try to pick a fight with other people. So much so, I tried to scroll past because those posts came off rather politically charged. I noticed that on this thread as well.
  15. This was pretty raw, transparent and honest post about some really raw, uncomfortable things she learned about herself. Gives me hope to see people telling their stories.
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