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  1. There's a one acre in my zip code for $850K but that's in highly desirable exclusive community with lots of amenities. There's one for 3 acres that is $950K. Honestly, this is why people don't have large lots...It is very common to have high density neighborhood here with fairly small lots. Or even zero lot line properties.
  2. Oh...I just remembered that there's an excellent resource called Outlining by Remedia Publications. It's meant for remediation like Paragraphs is for middle schoolers, but I found it perfect for using for a younger student upper elementary student. They really broke things down very clearly.
  3. I also delayed starting WWS1 until 6th. My son is an older 6th with a late September birthday The timing is just right now. The difference in where he was last year in general and this year is huge. We used EPS's paragraphs series, IEW and Kilgallon over here to work on writing. This was over 4th and 5th grade. At this point, I opted to outsource writing because he needed an outside voice for writing feedback.
  4. I think areas with decent sized Asian populations will see masking on some level continue. The only reason why these populations didn't mask more prior to this is because of the strong social discouragement to mask even if they were used to doing so overseas. It's likely a lot more accepted in dense urban settings or specific settings like public transit because people know way more about droplet transmission than they did before.
  5. I have fake gas ones. They work very well. I used it more when I lived in Northern California. In SD, it's rather pointless becasue we rarely get cold enough. My sister in Seattle area has gas ones, and she uses them often instead of running the heat throughout the entire house.
  6. Frixon erasable gel pens. They really are erasable. Be careful though if you leave it in heat like a hot car, all the writing can vanish. I prefer the 0.7 myself, but the tri-color pens are 0.5 only. This was perfect because you can erase and my son could use this when using pencils all the time used up his stamina. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=frixion+heat+erasable+pens&crid=2I49D38CNWEHR&sprefix=frixon+%2Caps%2C223&ref=nb_sb_ss_sc_3_7 Pentel Twist Erase Click. Awesome because it has very long erasers in the barrel which is a must. And to advance the lead you do not have t
  7. This was an excellent discussion on the Veritas Forum: Our Culture of Distrust.
  8. I would suggest that you watch the Netflix documentary the Social Dilemma. Here is a commentary (language warning) from Dr. Z about it.
  9. I live in a big city 1.5 million, but I live in the suburbs of that city. I'm a good 30 minutes from city center. I have 0.5 lot in a quiet neighborhood where the neighbors are there yet I have no idea if anyone is home because we can't really see if anyone is home because of how the homes are situated. However, there are neighborhoods within walking distance where it feels quite different: traffic, noise, denisty, etc. So it is possible to find pockets that would make you happier. I decided long ago that I don't like dealing with critters. I once lived right up against the hills and had all k
  10. I cheat and just use frozen meatballs most of the time because I'm busy and I do it in the Instant Pot. I just make sure I add in the spices that would have gone into the meatballs into the soup. You can toss in other veggies if you like. I would not recommend adding in bell pepper because that can taste bitter in soup. https://www.jocooks.com/recipes/albondigas-soup/
  11. This is one of my kids' favorites. You can find non-IP versions of the soup. My daughter is lactose intolerant so we just use lactose free milk in ours. https://damndelicious.net/2018/03/03/instant-pot-olive-garden-zuppa-toscana-copycat/
  12. I went and posted this on the group I moderate. It blew up from just under 2K to 4.6K since March.
  13. Yes. sewn into what they call a dovetail shape. Even when you wash it, it won't lose its shape because of how it is constructed.
  14. This is the Happy Mask that I have recommended on here that has gotten popular. https://www.happymasks.com/collections It is so comfortable and lightweight to wear and sits away from your mouth. I really dislike when I pull out regular cloth mask to use. I will do that when I have to run a quick errand since you can only wash it 50 times.
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