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  1. Thank you everyone again for your replies. Just to clarify, we do school Tuesday- Saturday. Monday is my husbands day off, so we spend that as a family or do doctors appointments. The unfinished work may be someone that I really wanted to get to Saturday afternoon, but then for example we had a birthday party. My SOn does not use his math time wisely. So if he hasn't complete two pages a day, he has to do math on Mondays.
  2. Thank you for this; you are right. I know the things I don't want; I am not sold on a classical writing program, I do not want my kids memorizing facts without their informing ideas. I want an education based around living books and for my kids to to be able to narrate, discuss, and notebook after reading those books. We do enjoy Latin and I do see the benefit of it. Where we just moved there are a lot Spanish people, so I do see the benefit in learning spanish for conversational purposes, we are doing this as a family. I want good relationships with my children, and right now I feel that
  3. Just to clarify it is only my almost 9 year old and ten year old studying Latin. I really don't want to debate, but Charlotte Mason had french history and english history going for class II. SHe then had ancient history. The Stories from Rome is an intro to PLutarch.
  4. My son is super interested in reptiles right now. HE just got a gecko. I am trying to take advantage of this.
  5. I give a lot of credit to you for doing your own thing. I have always wanted to, but I feel it would be easier just to follow what someone else has planned. Deep down this would be my plan. Math, copywork, and latin daily. (How do they spend only 15 min on latin? Last year my older two did Latina CHristiana which they enjoyed, but we spend 30-45 min a day). Rod and Staff English and then written narrations for writing. I would then have them notebook and study 1 content area a day on a rotation, for exmaple Modern History, Geography, Science/ Nature Study, Classical History, Classical Li
  6. Thank you ladies for taking time to consider my post. You all gave me things to consider. Lori I am going to take your schedule into consideration. I do think I need more intentional times with my littles. Every year I feel like I should do my own thing, but then I go ahead and follow a curriculum plan.. Maybe this will be my last year. Like I said, I do love the Latin Centered Curriculum model (minus classical writing and possibly just rod and staff with written narrations). I also love Hunters rainbow curriculum and I have always had that bookmarked.
  7. If I don't schedule my kids afternoons, they end up fighting and or isolating themselves in their rooms. My ten year old with play legos or take care of his pet in his room and then he tends to get depressed from being alone; I am trying to figure out how to handle a ten year old boy. If I don't schedule my daughter, she wants to be scheduled and entertained. I guess I struggle, because I don't schedule chaos happens and fighting. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I should add we just moved to a new state and my kids don't have any friends. We did join a pool, so for now I am cutting
  8. You have alot of good points, thank you! The reading is for my son who just turned 7, he still is not reading fluently and has speech articulation issues, so the reading is for him. My older two read independently and then I have them each read me a poem a day so I can address any pronunciation issues. The quiet read is independent silent reading for my older two. It is a lot of reading though.
  9. We also do Bible over breakfast. Thank you everyone for your input! My older two actually love Latin and it is one of the only things my son looks forward to. I do think we need more time for math, although Charlotte Mason would only have 30 minutes spent on math at this age. Piano does take about 1/3 of my attention. I love the idea of doing one subject a day as stated in LCC and then having an hour of family reading and some independent reading. Maybe only have the older two do one content book in depth daily and notebook, but this isn't the Charlotte Mason way. My 1 year old is my la
  10. Yes, that is true about morning lessons, but after Form 1 all the handcrafts, nature work, and leisure reads are added to afternoon hours. She also had things like composer study and playing the piano on her program and other works of literature that did not fit into the morning timetable.
  11. Lori, the Speech is me doing speech therapy with my seven year old. Writing is actually copywork; are not using a writing curriculum. The line between each half hour block is showing what my older two are doing while I work with my 7 year old. I really like your ideas and am going to take them all into consideration!
  12. Here is a link to my current checklist https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XV-ztM1d8j1ToMuq5g-9LeOF1VygCtfngdrzz4rRP9M/edit?usp=sharing
  13. I have 6 children 10 and under. I love Charlotte Mason. It seems each year I try a new Charlotte Mason Curriculum, hoping that it will be the perfect fit for our family. I have tried The Alveary, Amblesdie Online, and this year CMEC. Charlotte Mason may seem light but once you add all the afternoon occupations and leisure reads, it is a lot. Right now I have 7 hrs of my day scheduled with either school lessons or what my kids should be doing in their leisure time. I think this is way too much for my littles to handle, because I rarely have time just to be. We are constantly moving on to
  14. I am writing this post just as an example of a simplified curriculum; because I always like seeing other people's ideas. I finally feel like I don't need to tweak anymore (well at least until we reach 7th grade, then I will re-evaluate) . We use First Start Reading and Core Skills Phonics along with Memoria Press' recommended readers. You need no handwriting program; this teaches printing. We use Memoria Press Traditional Spelling and then onto Rod and Staff Spelling. Once printing is mastered I have my children copy all their memory work into a Composition Sketchbook; about
  15. I love Rod and Staff. Level 4 has instructions written to the children. I do not make my children to every problem. I glance the teachers manual to see if there is anything I want to go over. We are using level 3 and 4 this year and workbook grade 1 for my 6 year old; with manipulatives. Rod and Staff gets math done and makes sure basic facts are mastered. We don't do flashcards; the problems in the book are enough. I have also tried Right Start and Singapore. I kept coming back to Rod and Staff and have decided to stick with it. I actually ordered and resold right start twice because
  16. I like Rod and Staff. I am using year 3 and 4 this year. We use no additional writing curriculum; I have my children do Rod and Staff plus 1 written narration a day.
  17. We have used Right Start twice now and I always go back to Rod and Staff... I don't do everything in the lesson. My son is about to enter fourth grade and most of the teaching instruction is in the student book. We do skip counting recitations as a family. I hand my kids manipulatives and an abacus to figure out concepts.
  18. My kids have done some Latin and my fourth grader will be using Latina Christiana this year. I plan on sticking with Memoria Press for Latin.
  19. I really like to streamline. If I am using Rod and Staff English and having my kids do one written narration a day and lots of oral narrations and discussions, do I need a writing curriculum? I keep going back and forth between getting something like Writing and Rhetoric or just allowing Rod and Staff to be enough. My children will be in 3rd and 4th grade. We use a mix of Latin Centered Curriculum and Ambleside Online/ Charlotte Mason. Charlotte Mason didn't believe in teaching composition, Latin Centered Curriculum says your don't need to do grammar. I want to do something... I have 6 ch
  20. Thank you Rose for those sweet words of encouragement and that reminder! As far as not being able to read as much to my younger kids; I do notice they are still getting read to a lot. My olders love to read picture books to their younger siblings; it's such a sweet thing to watch.
  21. Have you done copywork and do your children read books for themselves. I have noticed my children naturally write correct sentences even though we don't do formal grammar and writing yet, because we have been doing copywork for years and as soon as they could read they had to read books for themselves... Maybe continue with the grammar, but make copywork a priority.
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