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  1. Thank you! The instructor listed was Gunther. Was this the teacher your child had?
  2. Has anyone taken these classes at Excelsior? Reviews? Thanks!
  3. Has anyone taken these classes at Excelsior? Reviews? Thanks!
  4. My son has asked for one. He’s mid-way through intermediate logic now. He does programming and is great at math.
  5. My daughter used this book at WHA. They skipped the trig part because it is covered again in precalc. So I’d consider any trig learned as extra prep for precalc.
  6. I’ve found the Dociani textbooks Algebra and Algebra 2 easy to teach and comprehensive.
  7. My daughter wants to major in architecture (and possibly sign language). She also prefers a small-medium size Christian college. She loves Hillsdale and would like a similiar college that offers a B Arch or M Arch. She’s an excellent student with great act scores. I’m having a hard enough time finding schools with a B. Arch, but I’m completely striking out on Christian college that offers it. Anyone?
  8. So if my kid says he absolutely can’t visualize a word—imagine it is written on a page or a board, what would you suspect?
  9. There is a Shurley English 8:|940227&p=1179710&dv=t&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIv4ior7G63AIVXbnACh1AegpdEAQYASABEgKKkvD_BwE#CBD-PD-Description
  10. What would you do? My 8th grade son has significant problems with spelling. This is not new. We've worked on it for many, many years. He has no reading problems. He reads difficult, long books without trouble (Lord of the Rings, Adventures of Huck Finn, everything by Orson Scott Card). We've tried All about Spelling, Spell to Write and Read, Logic of English, always with the phonics based emphasis. This last year we switched to Rod and Staff with an additional 15 minutes/day word drill on spelling city. That seemed to work better than anything and I saw significant improvement. He was just placement tested for an English class at a local co-op and the evaluator had significant concerns about his spelling. She said it looked like he never learned phonics. This is not the case The reality is, he can spout off all the spelling rules and all the sounds of all the phonograms. He can decode just fine. His trouble seems to be with encoding--and especially if it is a freewrite (not for spelling class). I had planned on doing Rod and Staff 8 this year with him (which has phonics, morpheme, and root work). Now I'm wondering if I need to do something else or if really need to get him evaluated. He has no other problems except spelling. He's highly intelligent, advanced in reading, can diagram super complicated sentences, and can write with a great deal of style. He flew through Dolciani Algebra, and truthfully seems gifted in every other respect except spelling. Every time I've considered dyslexia, he didn't seem to fit the description. Am I missing something? Are there other learning disabilities this sounds like?
  11. I’ve been reading (and loving) The Woman Who Smashed Codes. The audible version gets great reviews.
  12. It isn’t new for bookshark. We used about half of it last year. We thought we’d love it, but my kiddo ended up switching to BJU at semester. It may just be us. As much as sonlight appeals to us, we’ve tried it before and always drop it. This science oriented kid just didn’t find it challenging enough and wanted the feedback of tests. I have a complete set I’m getting ready to sell if you are interested.
  13. What’s the quality of the new 7th science teaching? Clear? Does it have enough review?
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