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  1. What helped us was that the Georgia Department of Education lists the accreditation authorities it will accept for homeschoolers to receive credit for comparable public high school classes. Many, if not all, of the regional accreditation authorities are accepted and NARHS,if I recall correctly, is accredited by MSS - Middle States something, which is on the approved list. I learned that in order for my son to be eligible for the Hope scholarship in Georgia, which pays for tuition at a state university, his courses must receive accreditation. So if my son decides he prefers homeschooling after
  2. Yes, NARHS helped me to get my son's Algebra and Physical Science work accredited for his placement into higher level courses in public high school for next year. From what I've read in this forum, most universities don't really care if the classes are accredited; however, if your child decides to go to public school, some public schools require accreditation or passing placement tests. Also, our public school requires specific accreditation authorities and would not accept the accreditation provided by Kolbe. (My son was only halfway through Jurgensen Geometry in January, so he registered wi
  3. I would really appreciate hearing the names of teachers/classes at GAVS that are recommended/not recommended. I understand reluctance to name names if one is dissatisfied, so please PM me if this is the case. My son will start 9th grade in public school in August, but he will probably have to supplement with GAVS classes. Any recommendations/non-recommendations will be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  4. I was concerned about the overly religious tone of the students' conversations in GB1 that have been expressed in this forum. I contacted the instructor, Dr. Turscak, previously about the course content, then emailed her specifically about this issue. She approved my copying her response here: I make every effort to ensure that all religious (and not religious) views are treated with respect in my Great Books classes. No one religion is treated as the only possible or correct interpretation of any topic that arises from the literature that we study. Students are not permitted to insist th
  5. Dear Kathy, Please tell us the name of the "new young woman" who taught your dd! Thank you!
  6. Outstanding review! Thanks for taking the time to include not only the detailed information about the course, but also your personal critique. :hurray:
  7. Hi, Bluebonnetgirl, Would you mind sharing the provider and instructor for the class your son took in 8th grade? Thank you!
  8. Kathy, The link to one of your older posts doesn't appear to work -- and I'd appreciate the information. Do you know another way to access your post? Here is the post with the link that doesn't work: Hi Angela, My daughter completed Henle I and II independently at home with me working alongside her. She started by using the Memoria Press Henle studyguides, but soon found that they moved way too slowly. At that point, we switched to Laura Berquist's Mother of Divine Grace syllabi. She completed everything that was scheduled in those books for Henle I and II, including all the quizz
  9. Have you looked at Hake Grammar? It's similar to the Saxon Math approach - and it includes diagramming. It doesn't require parent involvement, either. Here is a sample from RainbowResource.com. (We don't use it for writing, but writing is included in the package.) The kit includes the student workbook, teacher answers to the workbook, and quizzes and answers. We used R & S when my son was younger, but switched to Hake Grammar the last two years. https://www.rainbowresource.com/pdfs/products/prod022041_smpl0.pdf
  10. My son took the Intro to Literature and Composition (or was it Intro to Composition and Literature?) about one year ago. We thought the two hours was too long for him. At that time the first hour was spent discussing the chapters of the books that had been the required reading for the week. He enjoyed this hour. The second hour dealt with sections of Strunk and White, a literary term, and the composition assignment with instructions. The second hour dragged on and on. It seemed like the material could have been discussed in 10-15 minutes, at most. The literature selections were excellent.
  11. Dicentra, We would definitely be interested. My son needs asynchronous due to his heavy travel schedule with extracurricular activities. Derek Owens-type videos, and with fill-in notes like he offers, would be a winner for us! We look forward to hearing more! Thank you! :hurray:
  12. I recommend Kolbe Academy. They are a Catholic provider, but offer secular materials for the classes you indicate. You would be able to download their syllabi. Nancy in their bookstore is very responsive and also could mail you the syllabi and books very quickly, or you could find the books online (Amazon, eBay, homeschool classifieds,...) for less. Algebra 2 options include Foerster (highly regarded on this website), as well as Saxon. I'm not familiar with their Chemistry text, but it is secular. I only see Spanish going to the Spanish 2 level, but they may have additional information not on
  13. I looked at Silicon Valley High School (after reading your post) and received very quick responses to my questions: Silicon Valley High School responses: We typically enroll interested parties in a course or two for a 10 day period... so they can check it out. Create a login at: http://svhs.co/ Once you have your login, email me with your login info and the courses that you are interested in, and I'll enroll you. Thanks tons and I hope that helps! So, every course varies, but our videos are typically between 5-15 minutes per section. Also, we don't use a specific text, but rather we
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