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  1. I don't really care when someone texts me as we still have our land line for emergencies. I silence my phone at night. Our cell service has never been very reliable until just recently so we have kept the land line. As for sending texts, I would only send to people who I know keep late hours if it were 10:00 PM or later.
  2. Yes, I wear it every day unless I am sick. I wear it because I like to and I think I look better and feel better with it on. (Dh gets no say in any of these decisions;) I have blonde lashes and brows and I am fair skinned so I don't look like I have facial features without it. I also color my hair and make no apologies for that either. I wear mascara, brow pencil, lipstick/gloss, mineral foundation and sometimes blush. Easy and quick to put it on. I didn't wear foundation until the past few years as I didn't feel the need for it.
  3. Ds takes the generic of concerta. It's longer acting without the drop off when it wears off. He's been on several that were not a good fit for him, is actually at a lower dose, and we've finally seen good results Sorry if it's already been mentioned as I didn't have time to read all of the posts and suggestions. Good luck to you! :001_smile:
  4. So very sorry for your loss. :grouphug:
  5. Please don't go! It's not just babies and elderly. I know perfectly normal looking people of all ages who can't risk the flu and for various reasons cannot handle a flu shot. I know the desire but that is enough for God today. Thanks for staying home! Get well soon!
  6. I totally understand what you mean about the scents as I find I am getting more and more sensitive as I get older. Church does get bad at times but I am noticing it more lately when I am in Target and walk by women (always women, never men) and smell something that I can only describe as a "cheap" perfume smell. Maybe it's not even perfume but hair and body products that have a strong scent that makes my throat, nose, and eyes burn. The Target is near a YMCA and I am thinking some of them have just showered there and then head over to Target when they are finished. I notice it right in the produce section at the front of the store where they enter. It's really awful. I suppose better than body odor but it is annoying. I don't think Target would go for a scent free store...
  7. My dd, now 15, didn't go to special needs preschool but did receive services from the Early Childhood special needs person/team at the ps. They visited her at the school. They also worked with the teachers at that school (private preschool) and stayed in touch. I think it was good for her and I would do it again. It did give me a much needed break to work with my older kids at home. It also gave me an outside perspective on how to meet her needs. Preschool is pretty gentle and her teachers were all great and had her best interests in mind. I'd encourage you to go ahead and give it a try. You can always change your mind after you see how it all works.
  8. Low vitamin d can cause sleep problems. Good luck getting it resolved!
  9. I think it is very difficult for any child or even some of us adults to fit into an already existing group where everyone already knows each other and is comfortable in the group. At this point even the leader is perhaps too comfortable with the group. I know even my highly social ds had difficulty joining a drama class where the students had already been together for a while and were not necessarily eager to welcome a new face. He begged to drop that class which was very unusual for him. It would be nice if she could get into a new group just starting up where the kids are not familiar with each other. If not the leader really needs to make a better effort to help her feel comfortable. I really feel for her and understand! My dd 15. HFA, has done social skills a few times when she was younger. Twice through her OT clinic which did not go well the second summer she joined in (different kids each time). It was late in the day, lead by the OTs and SLPs on staff who I felt were exhausted after a full day of work and did not seem to put in a whole lot of effort. Dd would tell me the stories of what happened on the way home and it seemed there was a lot of poor behavior that went on under the radar. When I mentioned it to them they were really surprised. Later on when she was in fifth and sixth grade, doing special ed part time at the ps as a homeschooler, she was the only girl in the group. She ended up seeing and hearing way too much from those boys. The teacher was good but it wasn't a good fit for her. If she had continued to do part time services at the junior high level she would once again be the only girl. Since then we just haven't found anything but she does enjoy the two art classes she takes at the coop and we are told she gets along well with the kids and she enjoys it a lot. Good luck to your dd!
  10. When my dd was that age I found jeans and shorts that fit her at GAP. Never really shopped there before that or since then. They had good sales online and some kind of punch card for in store purchases. But that was a while ago. Also sometimes JCPenney had girls clothes in larger sizes in the store and Kohl's sells larger sizes online but not in store. They seemed to get her through that time period.
  11. You are not at all a failure. Your kids were taken totally off guard and who knows what went on (how questions were phrased, tone of the tester, etc.) in that room with whoever tested them. Is this a method they use to keep numbers down or to screen out those they don't want to be enrolled in school? I would wonder about that. And if they treated my kids and me that way I would not feel comfortable leaving my kids there for hours a day for school. Good luck to you! ***posted at same time as redsquirrel, agree with that post, too!
  12. A chicken salad I used to love at a local grocery store deli actually had cool whip added to it (I asked and they told me). I haven't had it in years due to now being gluten free. But it was really creamy.
  13. Congratulations to your ds and you, too! That is wonderful to hear! :hurray:
  14. I know that Bill Nason from the Autism Discussion Page on Facebook just discussed this type of rigid inflexible thinking on his Facebook page. It was earlier this month I believe, if you scroll through his postings you'll find it. One idea I remember him mentioning was an activity where you play catch and change up what you are tossing with your dc. It might sound like it's for younger kids but there may be some other ideas there as well and more in his book. I am interested in finding ideas for this that are not just for younger kids, but how to deal with it with teens and young adults, both on and off the spectrum. It seems the older they get the more difficult it is to find resources. Good luck!
  15. Sorry if this may seem totally off from what you are asking, but are you sure you have fibromyalgia? I ask because I thought that it was what I had for many years until I found out 18 months ago that I have Lyme disease and co-infections plus co-existing infections. It might be something to check out if you are not finding answers or finding relief. The Lyme MD that I see thinks I probably had it for many years. Diagnosed by blood test but it doesn't always show up in a blood test. Good luck to you!
  16. I don't make things by hand but I do a lot for everyone in my family, and I totally understand where you are coming from OP. I think your feelings are justified. I would have felt the exact same way. I think kids and adults need to learn respect and appreciate what others have done for them. And sometimes when they don't figure it out on their own, it needs to be brought to their attention. :grouphug:
  17. His plane made an emergency landing last week to get hospital treatment for the flu. Wasn't a huge fan but proud of the fact he was from my home state. RIP
  18. So very sorry for the loss of your precious dog. :grouphug: :grouphug:
  19. We installed Medillion cabinets about 3 years ago and have been very pleased.
  20. Nothing at all from my own parents. I remember my grandma telling me that her mother told her not to come home with a bundle and she really didn't understand it. But she did go on to have 9 children after she was married so I think she figured it out!
  21. I would love to be included. In the midst of it now with two teens and don't feel I am doing a very good job with it! Thank you!
  22. Did the list of videos ever get sent out? Just wondering if I may have missed it! Thanks!
  23. Red. The phone itself, not a cover. I chose it not because I like the color but so I can find it in my purse!
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