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  1. I'm considering Oak Meadow English 8 for DS next year. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Thank you! When I searched, I didn't find any results. Thanks again!
  3. Looking for reviews on any of this curriculum. I know it's newer, but was hoping for some feedback. Thanks! http://www.jennyphillips.com/good-beautiful/
  4. I have not read SOTW. Sorry I can't help with that comparison.
  5. My 6th grader is using it independently this year. He loves it!
  6. This will probably change, but here goes: Math: CLE 300 (the one thing that is definite) English: Maybe ELTL 2????? Spelling: ???? Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting C (maybe) History: Beautiful Feet Early American Primary (pretty sure about this one) Science: Interest led mostly Bible: ????? I have more planning to do!
  7. Very tentative plans: Math - CLE 700 (maybe 800 too) Grammar - Daily Grams Writing - Write Shop I (maybe) Spelling - R&S 7 Literature - still working on the reading list History - Notgrass America the Beautiful Science - McHenry's The Elements Bible - Apologia Who Am I? (Maybe) Latin - Second Form Latin Still considering extras...
  8. 6th grade: Math: CLE 6 Grammar: Easy Grammar 6 Writing: IEW SWI B Spelling: Rod & Staff 6 Bible: Rod & Staff History: Notgrass From Adam to Us Science: Science in the Beginning Latin: First Form Latin Plus lots and lots of good books!
  9. jbsoil

    Cle Math 100, Aas


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    CLE Math 100 Teachers Manuals for Light Units 101-110 $10ppd AAS Level 1 Student packet ONLY (Brand New) $10ppd AAS Level 2 Teachers Manual $10ppd PayPal only please


  10. So far this summer DS 11 has read: Old Yeller How to Train Your Dragon Dear Mr. Henshaw The Black Stallion Bud, Not Buddy Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Twenty-One Balloons Swiss Family Robinson
  11. I have identical twin girls. They know they look alike and think it's funny when people can't tell them apart. My mom swears they look nothing alike, but I understand how people get confused. We have family members and church members who still cannot tell them apart. They've always been within 1/2 pound of each other in weight and 1/4 inch in height. Even at birth they were the exact same weight, length, and head circumference!
  12. We are switching from R&S to Easy Grammar next year.
  13. We used R&S 4 for my 5th grader this year after pulling my kids out of ps last year. We used a grade level lower since he had virtually no grammar instruction in ps. R&S worked well at introducing new concepts at reviewing them. Good luck!
  14. We have a local Christian bookstore that sells new and used curricula. Rainbow resource also states on their website that you can order Rod & Staff materials from them, but only by phone or through the catalog.
  15. DS is entering in 6th grade and is a decent speller, but has not been taught any spelling rules. He learned completely by memorization while he was in ps (through 4th grade). I've tried AAS with him to teach him the spelling rules, but he hated it. I'm torn between Spelling Workout and R&S Spelling. I like the workbook aspect of Spelling Workout. Advice? Pros and cons?
  16. My DS does R&S independently. If he's had trouble with something, we may do the oral drill, but that doesn't happen often. He also only does the odd numbered problems, cutting out the need for me to handpick problems for each lesson. It has worked well for us.
  17. We've been using MP Storytime Treasures and just started More Storytime Treasures. My girls (1st grade) love this curriculum! I don't know what to do when we're finished. Is there anything similar for second grade?
  18. I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I couldn't find any recent threads. Do you school year round or follow a traditional school year? If you school year round, when do you take breaks?
  19. I didn't make a literature list this year for DS, but here are some things he has read. Sounder The Chronicles of Narnia series Tracker Shiloh (series) Woods Runner My Side of the Mountain (series) Gentle Ben Sugar Creek Gang Island of the Blue Dolphins Last year in PS he participated in a book club (for school) and read: Savvy Ungifted Trouble with Chickens Love, Ruby Lavender The Homework Machine Belly Up A Long Walk to Water The Tale of Despereaux Tuesday's at the Castle Inside Out and Back Again Greetings from Nowhere Jake Julie of the Wolves Smells Like Dog Zora and Me The Year of the Dog
  20. Plans so far: Math: CLE 200 Language Arts: R&S 2 (I think) Spelling: AAS Literature: Selections from MP and Sonlight History: Time Traveler units with older brother Science: delight directed (dinosaurs, weather, astronomy are what have been requested) Music & Art appreciation with older brother plus piano lessons
  21. Plans so far: Math: CLE 600 English: R&S 5 Spelling: Spelling Workout F Literature: mix of choices from MP, Sonlight, Veritas (maybe some lit guides) Latin: Latina Christiana Science: Science in the Beginning History: Time Travelers unit from Homeschool in the Woods (still pondering) Music & Art Appreciation: living literature, homemade projects, and guitar lessons Bible: not sure yet
  22. We have been using 1st grade McRuffy LA since August, but it's just not working for us. The girls don't mind it, but they aren't retaining any grammar rules, the reading is too easy, and the spelling words are too difficult. I hate not to use a curriculum that I spent so much money on, but I don't know that it's worth it to continue. I did buy AAS and we started that 3 weeks ago. We also use ETC daily. Should I stick out McRuffy for the remainder of the year or should I drop it? If I drop it, do I have to replace it with another 1st grade LA curriculum? Or will AAS and ETC plus daily reading be enough?
  23. I'm planning our first homeschool year and am at a loss for how to schedule in CAP Fable. Do you do it daily, three times a week, etc? Also, how do you break it up? Thanks for the insight.
  24. When my ds went for his 8 year old check up at the Peds office, she noticed some early signs of puberty and sent us to the local children's hospital for bloodwork and x-rays. His bloodwork came back normal, but his x-rays did show a bone age of an 11-12 year old. Our ped said to be on the look out for other signs and to start discussing puberty with him. Thankfully, no other signs have developed. My girls (age 6) are already showing very early signs as well. We've recently switched to organic milk and meats. I'm hoping this will slow down their development. I did not develop until a teenager, but dh was an early bloomer.
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