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  1. I'm considering Oak Meadow English 8 for DS next year. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Thank you! When I searched, I didn't find any results. Thanks again!
  3. Looking for reviews on any of this curriculum. I know it's newer, but was hoping for some feedback. Thanks! http://www.jennyphillips.com/good-beautiful/
  4. I have not read SOTW. Sorry I can't help with that comparison.
  5. My 6th grader is using it independently this year. He loves it!
  6. This will probably change, but here goes: Math: CLE 300 (the one thing that is definite) English: Maybe ELTL 2????? Spelling: ???? Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting C (maybe) History: Beautiful Feet Early American Primary (pretty sure about this one) Science: Interest led mostly Bible: ????? I have more planning to do!
  7. Very tentative plans: Math - CLE 700 (maybe 800 too) Grammar - Daily Grams Writing - Write Shop I (maybe) Spelling - R&S 7 Literature - still working on the reading list History - Notgrass America the Beautiful Science - McHenry's The Elements Bible - Apologia Who Am I? (Maybe) Latin - Second Form Latin Still considering extras...
  8. 6th grade: Math: CLE 6 Grammar: Easy Grammar 6 Writing: IEW SWI B Spelling: Rod & Staff 6 Bible: Rod & Staff History: Notgrass From Adam to Us Science: Science in the Beginning Latin: First Form Latin Plus lots and lots of good books!
  9. jbsoil

    Cle Math 100, Aas


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    CLE Math 100 Teachers Manuals for Light Units 101-110 $10ppd AAS Level 1 Student packet ONLY (Brand New) $10ppd AAS Level 2 Teachers Manual $10ppd PayPal only please


  10. So far this summer DS 11 has read: Old Yeller How to Train Your Dragon Dear Mr. Henshaw The Black Stallion Bud, Not Buddy Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Twenty-One Balloons Swiss Family Robinson
  11. I have identical twin girls. They know they look alike and think it's funny when people can't tell them apart. My mom swears they look nothing alike, but I understand how people get confused. We have family members and church members who still cannot tell them apart. They've always been within 1/2 pound of each other in weight and 1/4 inch in height. Even at birth they were the exact same weight, length, and head circumference!
  12. We are switching from R&S to Easy Grammar next year.
  13. We used R&S 4 for my 5th grader this year after pulling my kids out of ps last year. We used a grade level lower since he had virtually no grammar instruction in ps. R&S worked well at introducing new concepts at reviewing them. Good luck!
  14. We have a local Christian bookstore that sells new and used curricula. Rainbow resource also states on their website that you can order Rod & Staff materials from them, but only by phone or through the catalog.
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