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  1. Thank you. Yes, I meant Thompson. I have seen the slide show, but it doesn't really help with the Island level because it starts at the second tier. :confused1: Maybe it was this slide show I kept seeing people refer to, but I thought they were talking about a lecture for some reason. Thanks for your help.
  2. I want to go to a CM conference so bad. The closest one to me was sold out immediately. I am on a never ending waiting list. :sad:
  3. Math: Christian Light 4 History, Bible, Literature, geography: BiblioPlan - Modern Language Arts: Micheal Clay Thompson- Island Level Writing: IEW Cursive: A Reason For Handwriting Spelling: Spelling U See Science: Noeo Science- Chemistry Latin: Sing Song Latin Morning Time: Art Study: SCM Composer Study: Hayden & Beethoven with Great Musicians Series Poetry using Term 4 AmblesideOnline Poetry Hymn study: Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers Missionary study: Trial and Triumph Supplements: Christian Light Reading The Story Book of Science TN. History- Notgrass Art: Creatingamasterpiece.com ( beginners)
  4. I have seen people talk about a presentation that Micheal Clay Thomas has given explaining how to implement his program, but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone have a link?
  5. We are dropping a couple of outside of home classes too. Our all day tutorial is going down to morning only.
  6. Since everyone is planning next year's schedules, I would love to know what you are changing up? What didn't work, what new thing are you doing, or what are you tweaking? Spelling has been a bust all year for us ( 3 different programs), but I think we found a winner with Spelling U See, so that will be new for 4th grade next year. Also, adding in the CM scripture memory system along with more of a morning time routine. Would love to hear more ideas of what's working for everyone and what your exploring for next year.
  7. This is off my original topic, but how do you like the Thinking Tree journals? I was wanting to use one for my son over the summer, but there are SO MANY. I couldn't figure out how to narrow it down.
  8. Those trying to combine a CM/Classical approach, I would love to see your schedules for 4th grade. Every time I think I have mine down, I realize it is still unrealistic- time wise. I'm using shorter lessons, but I think I am having trouble with the 4 day schedule I am trying to pull off. I would love to see how short or long others are spending on their subjects and how you are spreading all your subjects out for your 9/10 year olds.
  9. Thank you so much for your responce. I have had a hard time finding reviews on English Lessons. I was looking at FLL too, so maybe I will revisit that. I have never heard of Lighting Literature , so I will go see what I can find on it as well.
  10. OKBud- I plan on continuing with Christian Light Reader books, and do most of the workbook orally ( they are mostly comprehension questions) , I bought a set of the I see Sam ARI level readers too to pair with Phonics Pathways, but I was thinking of skipping the Christian Light Language Arts and instead doing ETLT. First reason is to get away from EVERYTHING being a workbook, and I don't feel like we are getting in the writing portion of CLE because it takes so long to get through the workbooks. also I was thinking a new approach might make English more fun for him. I guess I am just nervous because I have never taught in this way. It almost seems so simple I can hardly believe it, which makes me think I am missing something. Also, do you think I can jump right into Level 2, and should he be reading the books ( ex. Wizard of Oz) himself, or am I reading it to him? Thanks!!
  11. I have been using Christian Light with my son through first grade. He turned 8 in October, and we are just now finishing the Reading One. He struggled with reading, so we have been working through Phonics Pathways for about 6 weeks as well. I believe he is right at second grade fluency level, with some days being better than others. Reading and L/A takes us the majority of our day; it is laborious and the workbooks seem a little too much for him. He doesn't enjoy reading,and this effects his attitude also. I love CLE because I feel like it is so strong academically, and it is open and go. I am having a hard time changing directions, but I feel like for the sanity of my son( and myself) I need to. I have looking at English Lessons Through Literature, and it seems much less intense, but I have never done narration, dictation, or picture study method, and I don't have a clue what to do with the poems other than just read them ( maybe that is all I am suppose to do). I just need advice on which direction to go with building confidence and better fluency on reading without sacrificing grammar and writing. I need a curriculum, because I need a Teacher's manual :) !! I have never taught reading or English and I don't find it easy to wing it. Also, any reviews or advice on ELTL from those who have used it, and what you think about starting at Level 2.
  12. Amy, I was going through this with my 7.5 year old too, and I picked up Phonic Pathways. I wanted to really work on the tracking with him and decided if he didn't do better by December, I would get his eyes checked. After 4 weeks with PP, my son is now reading at a third grade level...I kid you not. Everything you described about your son, sounds like mine. We are still working on following the word from beginig to end here and there, but he is LIGHT years from where he was just a month ago. It is a very inexpensive book. I would recommend it even if it is alongside vision therapy.
  13. I would love to hear from some people who have used Micheal Clay Thompson for Language Arts. I am currently finishing up 6th grade grammar with Christian Light. I have always been facinated with the MCT; it is hard to find a lot of reviews. I have heard I should do Voyage for 7th, and I have also been told to do Magic Lens ( the next level up). I am so confussed. I have enjoyed Christian Light. My son was able to do it on his own, for the most part, but the reading and poetry that goes with it are kind of Bla. any advice would be great! Thanks.
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