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  1. Why does outsourcing classes feel like such a failure?

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    2. KathyBC


      Unless you are doing college at home somehow, the end goal is always to eventually outsource, it's just a matter of when. Hugs to you, no failure... a chance to try out independence in a gradual way.

    3. FuzzyCatz


      I have a high schooler and I'm outsourcing a bunch. Feels like pure win to me! It's a custom education for your child. I don't think it's at all unusual as a kid ages and it's a ton of work to directly teach a high schooler all day.

    4. nobeatenpath


      Thank-you all. In the non-HS world I have been seen as crazy for NOT outsourcing to 'the professionals' so maybe that has influenced how I feel. Getting over myself though :)

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