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  1. Sorry if this has been covered before, I can't find it. Still deciding if my son is going to do SAT subject test or AP test for Chemistry.* For Chemistry I see talk of needing to do labs, however all I can find is 'Colleges may require students to present their laboratory materials from AP science courses before granting college credit for laboratory, so students are encouraged to retain their laboratory notebooks, reports, and other materials.' So does that mean for the actual test/accreditation we don't need to present anything, just do the test to get the grade? *Before we veer off in to 'you don't need to do AP' or 'lab skills are important' - for applying to a UK university we DO need AP or SAT subject test results; we are working on basic lab skills but for what my son wants to do we really need a theoretical basis of chemistry and that is what we are concentrating on.
  2. Since it is not coming up as a search term - does anyone have experience with study.com? World history and Physics in particular, but any subject would be a good starting point. Just want to know what you think, how it went etc.
  3. My blog is in my signature. I am stopping blogging, for various reasons, but am going to leave it up on the web for the time being.
  4. Dwane Thomas, Lingua Latina. I know Dwane is considering options for how he will be marking homework in the future but the courses should still be ongoing.
  5. Hi, yes it is my 12 year old but he is currently doing grade 10 level work with other subjects and he himself wants to get his English 'up to par' with his other subjects. Does he have learning disabilities? No Is it the physical act of writing? Can he dictate? Can he type? He HATES handwriting, but his issue is with writing as in organisation and bothering to do it - still an issue when he types (and he touch-types to a decent speed so it is not that) Does he have any language problems? How's his vocabulary? He has an extensive vocabulary and since age of three has 'spoken like an educated Victorian gentleman' to quote someone else's observation about him :laugh: Can he write something down for fun if HE WANTS TO? Is it just school writing or all writing? He will write out little stories but never gets around to finishing them. But it is definitely more research-essay type stuff he has issues with. This morning was talking about this with him and he declared writing a five paragraph paper was easy. So I let him to it - his writing style was very informal and he relied much too much of quoting huge blocks of text from other sources. He also complained that he couldn't find the information to go with his first choice of sub-topic (the overall topic was something we had to research for one of his Scouting badges). When I started working through where he fell down - of course pointing out the positives, saying how we could work on things - he got extremely defensive and angry - this is a kid who has issues with criticism which is another reason I would like an 'outside' course rather than spend our whole time with him arguing with me!
  6. Why not DVD's Because that means loading them on to his Dad's laptop and converting them to watch on something else. Also we travel a bit so DVDs are not practical. But if it was really super excellent we could do it.
  7. My son loves language, loves to read, loves etymology - but hates writing. We have tried Bravewriter, we have tried WWS, I have tried developing stuff myself, but getting him to write more than one or two simple paragraphs is torture - for both of us! I am looking for something that will teach him (or teach me how to teach him) to write papers and essays. Creative writing is not an issue. Grammar is not an issue. Coherently organising ideas and getting them in a flowing (or at least intelligible) manner without taking days to do so is. Don't want to use DVDs. Online courses are good. Online 'live' courses are mainly out of the question due to our timezone. Any suggestions welcome.
  8. I live in Istanbul, so if you have any questions, including about certain schools, just let me know. Be aware there is NO homeschool community in Istanbul. Depending on where you live as to what kind of activities you will be able to easily access. Good luck!
  9. Kind of a hilarious list considering how 'not snooty' some of those places are. And plenty of them already have 'academies' that are also less than posh e.g. Yarborough Academy
  10. Wow that is actually a complicated thing to achieve - well done him! I think your son and mine would get on like a house on fire :)
  11. This is timely for us - as our son wants to take ballet more seriously, we are having to strip back what we want to cover with formal 'learning' over the next five years. We are really focussing on Maths and Science as formal study. Two main reasons. Firstly, we get a lot of history and geography just through our day to day activities* and travel as well as discussions (not that a lot of family discussions around here don't revolve around science and maths ...). Secondly, husband and I both know from personal experience at either end of the spectrum that is easier to pick up humanities subjects later than it is is maths and science. Not impossible, but I genuinely believe it is harder for a student who needs extensive maths and science for whatever subject they pursue in university to pick those subjects up than it is humanities. A lot of humanities is about a good grounding in research and writing skills, which are not always subject specific. But maths and sciences are a lot harder to pick up at higher level if you don't have the basic studies underpinning it. I hope that made sense! We are also working on writing legibly and quickly for exams (my son can already touch type) and soon start on research and note taking skills. *for example yesterday my son was out climbing all over the walls of an Ottoman fort that overlooks where Jason and the Argonauts supposedly sailed past. In the morning before that he was showing a friend around the 18th-19th century ruins in the forest near our house. Discussing the history and geography of this at the time as well.
  12. Our situation is a little different as my DS is an only child living in an area where he gets very little social interaction. So he goes to swimming/gym class twice a week (a private lesson with a teacher, though she often brings her 4 year old along) and three ballet classes a week. We also have scouts which is once or twice a month - usually one night a month plus a camping trip one weekend a month. I am hoping we can also spend more time outside the house (day trips etc.) and more ballet lessons. This might seem excessive but on days when we don't do this I might be the only other person my son talks to (if his dad is away or working long hours) and that gets a bit much a few days in a row.
  13. Turkey doesn't allow paypal. I mean, you get around it by using a VPN, but if your computer thinks you are in Turkey it won't let you access it. If he is with the American military and has an AFPO you would be better sending it with amazon.com. I am certain he is not with the British military so not going to give you details about BFPOs :) If there is anything I can do to help just let me know. BTW Lanny your link is not helpful - I live in Istanbul and can tell you the article you linked is sensationalist, and her brother lives in an area nowhere near here.
  14. I live in Turkey - customs and fees can be totally random, but when you get them they can be exorbitant - think doubling the price of what you send him. And also if he does have fees to pay he will most likely have to go to a central post office and go through a big rigmarole to get his parcel - how good is his Turkish? Of course it could just turn up and not attract any fees - tonight I received a parcel from the UK, with the value printed on the customs sticker on the front at an amount that could attract fees but I didn't have to pay anything.
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