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  1. I just signed up! I thought I might as well try it, since the first box is only $5 and I’m not happy with my current skin care line-up. My pcm gives me an rx for tretinoin, and my insurance covers it, but I’m not actually seeing a dermatologist to address other issues I’m unhappy with, so why not give this a try?? If I don’t like it, I can cancel.
  2. I think I’m with a few other posters in saying that *what* they do is the more important question than the hours. I think he would adjust to the hours and structure of the day. But, like others, the pre-k associated with a ps school can be more worksheet-y and boring. I’d be hesitant to move him if he enjoys the current place and if next year would be similar there. My son went to the 4-yr program at the local ps and it was like @wendyroo described—SO many worksheets and so mind numbingly boring. My own BFF has been a ps kindergarten teacher for over 20 years and even she says that the 4-yr ol
  3. I don’t know anything about Keto diets, but I have been buying this bread bc of the protein and fiber content. I noticed it said keto on it. It’s pretty good! I mean, you can tell it’s not regular bread, but it’s good for what it is. 😊 Ive also noticed my store has cheese wraps. They look like tortillas, but are made from cheese. I haven’t tried them yet, but they look tasty! eta: I’ve seen the cheese wraps at several stores, not just aldi.
  4. mmasc


    Our outings are usually either fast food in the car, or an orthodontist appointment. Woo-hoo. 🙄😂
  5. This probably needs to be pinned, or at least put back at the top again around the teens of February when we’ve all forgotten 🤣
  6. 0.025 is the lowest—unless you go to a special compounding pharmacy. But curology mixes it in a lower strength. I also wondered if maybe having the three things in one might be better/simplify things 🤷🏼‍♀️
  7. Ok, this is good info. Thank you. I actually have an rx for tretinoin already. But I feel like the 0.025 is too strong (or maybe just not in the right base?), so was thinking maybe trying curology for a lower strength. BUT, I do have tretinoin already, and I do have azelaic acid from the ordinary already too, so maybe this isn’t worth my time or money...🤔
  8. I want a donkey so bad too! I super duper love them, although I’ve never had one. Sadly, by the time we retire and buy land (hopefully), a donkey would probably outlive me! Maybe I can get an old one (well, two since they need a companion😊)
  9. All of this skin talk lately has gotten me thinking about Curology again. I’ve looked at it tons of times, but can’t quite seem to pull the trigger. Has anyone tried it? Did you like it? I answered all of the questions on the website, but it looks like it wants my payment info after the quiz, but I thought they always wanted pictures of your face to look at. I don’t see that anywhere though. I’d also like to know what formulation they’re giving me before I buy. Anyone tried this and know what I’m talking about?
  10. Ummm...you have my dream home! This sounds so awesome. I’d love to have a pack of dogs! And space for them! If you tell me you have donkeys too, then I’m totally coming to live there. 🤣
  11. While I truly and absolutely ADORE all puppies and dogs, I’m another vote to wait. Mostly for all of the reasons listed above by PPs. I’ve had two puppies (litter mates) at the same time, and they still cried at being left alone—it was just twice as loud! 😂They want their people! It’s also hard to train one puppy, but extremely challenging to train two at the same time! When I adopted my current two dogs, I got one and then got the other a little over a year later. It worked out really well. I’m glad your new pup is charming everyone in the family. 😊 I remember your original posts, s
  12. I’ve been following along, so I guess I might as well put in my opinion too. 😆 I love the second set of dresses you posted (the shorter ones), especially number one and three. I think they’re everything @Garga said...classy, classic, attractive, appropriate—it’s all there AND you’d look stunning in any of them. Ditch the cape for sure. I do think the longer ones would be more appropriate at a night wedding, indoors, at a more formal leaning venue. Caveat: Keep in mind I know nothing about fancy weddings or MOB dresses.😁BUT I do have experience with choosing the right level of appropriate
  13. Yes, please report back. I’d be interested in trying it out too, as I have similar skin to you. My favorite for years has been the tinted Elta MD UV Elements, but I’d love something cheaper. And I love CeraVe products.
  14. Well, the ones that typically feel ‘light’ on the face are chemical sunscreens usually. That doesn’t make them bad (they’re very good!), but my sensitive skin can’t tolerate chemical so I have to use mineral. Mineral sunscreens tend to be heavier and not as light feeling, but my favorite is this Elta MD one. It’s about as light as a full mineral sunscreen can be, imo. This is a good one too, much lighter, but it has a bit of chemical with it. If your skin is ok with chemical, there are lots of very good drug store brands to choose from. Neutrogena, cetaphil, and cerave come to mind.
  15. Keep it simple. For your skin, I’d use these things. cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, retinol. the sunscreen will help prevent wrinkles and age spots. The retinol will help prevent and treat the above. gentle face wash at night. Light lotion. Retinol. Easy and done. in the morning, you do not have to wash your face again unless you’re oily or feel gross. If so, use the same cleanser. Most important step: sunscreen! You can use any lotion with sunscreen you like, or a sunscreen that’s heavier. I have several recs I can add later or others can. The key is to find one
  16. Coming back to add another thought to my rec above. I’ve used cerave cream in the tub for YEARS and have the big tub with the pump in my bathroom. But I just recently discovered that they do make the cream in a tube (for purse/travel). They have a purse size hand cream size, then a bigger tube also.
  17. @Katy not really! I haven’t worn foundation in a long time. I just wear tinted sunscreen now. Based on looking at online stuff about makeup, I’d probably guess I’m a Light+ Pink, or possibly a Light + neutral. The vein thing is hard. Lol I have some Cover Girl Aquasmooth in Buff Beige, but I don’t think it tells me what that is (like shade and undertones). Maybe I just need to wait until I finally go in person somewhere—whenever that finally happens.
  18. Another vote for cerave cream. It’s thick and nice, but absorbs completely and quickly. No stickiness or scent at all.
  19. I haven’t used a corrector before. Maybe I’ll just start with a concealer and see where that gets me. Unfortunately, it’s super hard to pick out the right shade of concealer online, especially when you’ve never really used one before. I don’t mind spending a bit of money on a good concealer for my dark circles, but I can’t afford to choose the wrong shade and have to repurchase. It’s so frustrating. And no way am I going in a store and having someone put something on my face right now. 😞
  20. I love them too! They really do look great on you! Very flattering for your face shape.
  21. I don’t want to derail, but do you guys know if I could add an under eye concealer (and maybe a peach cream corrector@KungFuPanda) without doing a full face of makeup? Or would it look weird? I normally just wear tinted sunscreen, lip gloss, mascara, maybe bronzer/blush—but I’d love to conceal my under eyes without having to add foundation, etc.
  22. I agree...gotta have a picture! 😉😊And how brave! I’d be so nervous to cut bangs, but I’ve often thought about it!
  23. That’s great that your dc got into Japanese classes! My DS definitely does NOT like more reading. I think he does much better with being lectured to or presented with the material through lecture/slides. I know clover has one live class a week, but it looks like the daily messages are reading materials, along with reading the book. Obviously he’s going to have to up his game with reading texts in 11th grade, I just wish it could be with material he thought he’d like! I’d LOVE it if clover physics had daily messages through lecture/videos—then it would be an easier decision.
  24. I’m not sure yet either. I’m not even 100% certain that he’s even taking Physics this year. @Arcadia We’ve definitely been looking at clover. Thank you! I’m not sure if the presentation of the material will work with his learning style, so I’m still on the fence. I’ve heard great things though! He’s not very interested in physics, so that definitely makes the decision harder.
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