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  1. My dc's have attended Laurel Springs for the last two years (7th and 8th) and will continue to the high school. Keep in mind that LSS has two divisions: Laurel Springs School and Laurel Springs Academy for the Gifted and Talented. The Academy is more expensive but offers additional services: they have a dedicated (and, in our experience, excellent) faculty and -- amazingly! -- will customize curriculum to enrich or tailor to students' intellectual interests or learning style, as long as the customized program meets their standards for rigor and doesn't conflict with accreditation rules. So, for instance, we were able to substitute Jacobs' Geometry for the standard textbook. On another occasion, we abandoned the English 8th grade textbook for creative assignments (created by the teacher) on novels, plays, and poetry. The teachers have been excellent and have real time to devote to the students. The work (at least in the courses we have chosen) is primarily written, and only rarely multiple-choice; the assignments (at least in HS Honors classes) involve quite a lot of lengthy and fairly complex essays and outstanding readings. My dc's work above grade level in many subjects, and that increases the rigor as well: as a 7th grader, ds read "The Odyssey" in full, and as an 8th grader, he read Kafka's "Metamorphosis" among other things. For all these reasons, the school is VERY different than other online providers we used:, Apex, and (shudder) Aventa. That said, it IS a homeschooling model -- you have to be prepared to teach mostly on your own (IME). The teachers definitely can teach, but they fill more of a supervisory role than a daily role, if that makes sense. LSS does permit unlimited acceleration (whether in the regular or Academy division): if your 7th grade dc is ready for 10th grade math, s/he can take it. The negative comment above about the computer assignments does not reflect our experience. Still, we do back up any substantial work rather than relying entirely on the online platform.
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