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  1. Really? What part is Catholic friendly? I don't mind using discerment when I teach so thats not a problem but I'm just curious what made you not want to use it?
  2. My daughter was struggling BIG TIME in school with reading. She passed Kindergarten but I don't know how lol. When we started homeschooling I looked up different methods and just picked that one cause I could get it at a store easily. Looked a little confusing at first but it wasn't once I started. I did not think it was going to work but for us IT TOTALLY DID. It keeps my temper down cause it explains everything...even what to say when they get it wrong! We just started doing Reading Eggs too and together BOOM she's a reader and all I had to do was read some lines out of 100 Easy Lessons! For us it was amazing!! I cant praise it enough!!
  3. I felt the same way for years, even when my kids were in public school. A lot of moms were real uppity. I cried a lot to my husband at night that people were fake and didn't really care about other people. I was upset and felt like a failure for my kids but I focused on my family. For years I felt like that and realized AFTER that I think God removed everyone from my life cause before this I was focused on the friends and social life I did have and not on HIM. I started searching HIM out and then after that it all kind of fell into place without me doing anything. Now I have a great group of women who also are of the same values I am. It wasn't me though, Christ put them in my path. I also searched on FB and my husband would make fun of me and say I was addicted but really it was the only way I could talk to other women. The children will be find if you do stuff with them. Park days are good even if you don't meet someone at least they are with kids. If you're in Southern California I'll have coffee!! LOL
  4. Thank you!! LOL I randomly came across the post and had no idea what everyone was talking about. I was going to spend the day listening to the audios everyone was recommending to see if I felt the same or if it was just a fad idea.
  5. When I pulled my kids out I went to Disneyland the first few weeks lol and then took 3 months to even get on track. I just look at it as public schools take off SO MUCH TIME. We don't even realize how much they actually take off. And you have like 7 or 8 years to teach them what you want them to learn. That's a LONG time. Don't hold yourself to your local public school schedule.
  6. I home school my son who is in third grade. We focus on math and reading. We use Easy Grammar for 3rd grade because its, well, easy lol. With Math, having him read, and doing the grammar book I think he's doing very well. At first I thought we needed a full expensive curriculum but now I'm hooked on Easy Grammar.
  7. I'm gonna be craving this until I make it great lol
  8. I'm almost positive this is in the wrong area. I saw a crock pot group and another area for food but can't find it on the mobile version so I apologize. However I need ideas for easy, cheap, and tasty dinner ideas. I don't have enough time to cook a full meal every night. Thinking about doing the precook and freeze method or marinating meats ahead of time. Any recipes or other suggestion?
  9. Thank you ladies. You all had wonderful ideas. I think we definitely need to incorporate more reading and books from the library and that seems fun and easy. And I like the tips on how to fit it in. Thanks!
  10. I think, but I'm not positive, if you go on their website it has 28 reasons not to buy their stuff. I think after reading it I decided it wasn't "Christian" enough for us. I didn't feel it put Christ where he should be. Not sure if that's what you want or not. That's just what I felt.
  11. I am new to this site but read TWTM when I started homeschooling about 6 months ago. At the time I just pulled my kids out of school and this was the first book I read. I LOVED the book and ideas but quickly realized I could not do ALL that. Success in the beginning was just making it through the day with everyone alive lol. I've slowly just started doing whatever I could but I think I'm ready to add a little to our schooling. I don't know what to implement or how so I'm here looking for idea to slowly get moving into Classical but without getting overwhelmed. I have a DS who is 9 and in 3rd grade and my DD who is 7 in 1st grade learning to read. They both do math daily. My daughter is doing 100 Easy Lessons and Reading Eggs. Science is a combo or their co-op, whatever they are into at the time, and Apologia. History is whatever they do in their co-op, I'm not actively doing History at home but have MOH and will be doing that and Story of the World. I just recently had my son pick up Diary of a Wimpy kid to just start reading. So now he's reading that daily. Hey, for us it's better than nothing but I would like to know something better for him to read. I've read the whole book and know certain books go with certain periods but it's all too much to think about right now. I want to start slow. Just add a new thing every week or every few weeks. We have math going, reading going, I'm ok with our science right now, and want help adding "better" reading books and writing. I also want to incorporate audio books. In December I tried having us listen to A Christmas Carol but halfway through we stopped cause at the time I was just fed up with everything. My 1 year old seemed to be ruining any schedule we had at all. Now we try to do our work at a park so my son can run around. That's basically everything we do, I don't think I left anything out. Any easy tweeks I can do to lean us more towards the Classical way would be appreciated. Key word easy. Thanks for any replies.
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