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  1. I had bc in 2009 at age 35. I am BRCA1+, so double mastectomy was the only option. I had expanders, saline implants, no tattoos. Pros of reconstruction: I do not have to wear a bra - the implants are enough to "hold". I don't have to fuss with purchasing (or making) anything extra - I just get dressed. I don't know if this is normal, but my implants kind of serve as my own personal AC - my breasts are always cool. It was way better for my mental health to have breasts, even if they are fakes, when I was 35 and also going through menopause. Cons of reconstruction: I am obese, and my implants were by law only allowed to be so big - so I am a size 18 with only a B cup - it can be hard to find shirts that fit me since most women my weight have large breasts. I have very little sensation in my breasts - like you could jab me with a pin and I might not notice; I don't know if that would've happened if I were flat though. My plastic surgeon warned me that I would have better visual results with silicone implants, but I chose saline since silicone can cause bumps if they burst. He was right: my breasts don't look good nude. I had some real mental health problems with the filling of the expanders every couple of weeks - I think this was a delayed PTSD response to the original surgery. It was hard to get through, and I had to go back so many times. This is a BRCA+ site, but it has all sorts of info on mastectomies:
  2. Scarlett, I just wanted to jump in here and give you a hug. I have no idea what is going on, but I know if my child was not speaking to me and had been angry for 3 years, I would be heartsick, so just big hugs for you.
  4. Can you have him write the new problem underneath instead of immediately adding it to the column to the left and erasing? It's not compact, but it's essentially what he's doing. It would be about the same as a multiple-digit multiplication problem in writing, which may be too much for him at this point though. Using Wendy's example of 182 +279 + 45------------- he would write down: 182 + 279 + 45 ______ 3 + 19 + 16 ______ 4 + 10 + 6 _____ 506
  5. I've wondered about this recently - I thought our milk prices were pretty good - around $2.25 - $2.75 for Walmart or Aldi brand. But then I had a conversation with a friend of mine who lives in a northern suburb (I live in a southern suburb), and she was saying she had started making all of her own dairy products since her milk was always 99 cents at Aldi and Walmart. Talking longer about it, her milk has been at 99 cents for at least 9 months; my price just dropped from $3.00. We are literally 35 minutes away from each other. Both of our areas are right on the outskirts of rural farm areas - mine might be slightly more rural. Only differences? Her suburb has a higher income level than mine, and she is closer to the Wisconsin state line.
  6. HAHA! I have a history BA; I returned to school for 3 semesters to get an accounting BS. I hadn't ever been exposed to accounting, and I was so burned out on math by the time I went to college (I went to a school for gifted STEM students), there was no way I was taking more math than I absolutely had to!
  7. I have 3 kids, but we know several families with more than that. My youngest did gymnastics last year with 4 girls from a family of 11 kids; come to find out, that family attends my in-law's church, so they occasionally hear about them from MIL too. Currently, my middle does TKD. Two of the instructors are brothers who have 7 other siblings, so a family of 9 kids. We're doing an activity with a family of 6 kids this afternoon. 4-6 kids is really common in the homeschooling world here, so they know lots of families about that size. 7+ is pretty rare.
  8. I updated my sad old resume just last month. No bites yet, but it's been 15 years since I decided to stay home. Good luck! I used references from my homeschool co-op since I was on the board for years and did the "office-y" stuff there.
  9. Well, the kids are on another board game streak this week. Edit: hit post after the first line evidently. 4 Way Chess: kids took this to co-op and ganged up on friends - I guess it's good to see sisters working together, but they destroyed the other players. LOL They tried to convince one of the friends that he really wants to play 3D chess, but he was understandably wary after they wiped the board with him in 4 way chess. Phase 10 Twist: Perennial favorite. Game of Life: playing with the neighbor boy. Lots of chess games happening here. I think I have convinced them that Pretty, Pretty Princess needs to go. They sold Guess Who in the garage sale last month.
  10. DH is a student, so we have the discounted prime account. Within the last year, I have ordered things for my MIL, my brother, and my mother who all live at different addresses. I don't know if they would have a problem if my mother was ordering weekly (I order vitamins for her monthly and the very occasional other item), but so far, I haven't had any problems delivering to different addresses with the student prime account.
  11. Oh, it is so frustrating, isn't it? DH's work changed insurance companies this year. Not only did all of our co-pays and premiums increase, I now spend approximately 2-3 hours a week double-checking their work (my kids all go to the doctor often) and calling/e-mailing them about mistakes (charged as out-of-network despite having called and getting it approved as in-network - every dang week, specialist fee for a straight office visit, ER co-pay for urgent care facility, etc). I remember calling about 2x a year with our old insurance; now, my bank account and the insurance website are on my morning checklist so I can catch errors immediately. I figure I should get a wage as an office assistant at this point. I've been blaming it on the new company, but maybe it is just the norm in today's insurance? I would hate to have to deal with it while trying to work at the same time. Good luck on Monday!
  12. All 3 of my kids did Five in a Row for PreK - K. All 3 also did the Let's (Cut, Paste, Color, etc) workbooks from Kumon in PreK. After K, all of my children went on to different paths. One child did all levels of McRuffy Math. If Build Your Library had been around when kids were little, I probably would've used it through elementary.
  13. I'll share DH's cousin's youtube channel. Andrew records himself playing hymns on the piano - he has recordings of over 3900 hymns. So, if you can think of it, he's probably played it. His channel: His latest work:
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