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  1. I've gotten so many great ideas from this thread!
  2. To incorrecty state the law. He told them that they could not legally pull their children out to homeschool and insinuated consequences for doing so.
  3. A parent has a child in kindergaten that is very hyper and behind acedemically. She put him on meds and he was worlds better socially but still very much behind the others. The school staff and parents were in a meeting becuase he will most likely be held back. The parent informed them that she refused to continue medicating him because of the side effects, she then voiced her intent on homeschooling him. The principle told her that once a child has been in the school system for more than 20 days they could not pull him out to homeschool. Is that even legal for the principle to say? I already know it is 100% false and the other teachers who heard about it were confused and thought it didn't sound right but no one is up to speed on homeschooling rights. ETA: It is in the state of Georgia
  4. But that is the main problem, it is not unpleasant to the those who are rarely-if ever on the receiving end of discrimination. The bottom post just made me shake my head. There was a time when interracial marriages were legally forbidden and supported under the guise of religion (just like slavery was condoned through it) and you could exchange homosexuals with interracial couples and it's the same discriminatory nonsense. My parent told me of a Pastor who refused to marry them because they were mixed race and found scriptures in hopes of showing them God's plan that they break up and mix with their own races. Now fast forward, would it be safe to say that Christians got it wrong in that respect, why is it still OK to discriminate for whatever reason when history has shown us we will never know enough about this life or the after life to be 100% sure that excluding any group of people is what God had called us to do. Certain people cry vilification but never sit back and say "hallelujah" they have never truly experienced being on the other side of that word....
  5. You get it.....you really get it. You can't change what you don't acknowledge. Race has changed so much over the last 200 years. Irish used to be outside the white race and then later the Italians were allowed to enter into the "white community" (a community they were on the outside of too) so to boost the numbers against the growing African American population. People in charge make these rules up as they go and the everyday person believes it as fact. The first step is to honestly admit what we believe and be open to a new way of thinking.
  6. Everyone I know announces it after the fact, so anyone reading knows they "made the cut" lol and we have no idea who didn't make it so it doesn't get much attention other than a few people saying "Yeah! I made it" "I better not had been cut lol" stuff like that. I don't announce
  7. The whole thing is just deflating and it the worst part is this is happening no more than it always has, we just see it more thanks to technology.
  8. In Germany, it was a big deal to be out on the economy in your uniform. Here the rules are the same, but hard to avoid if soldiers have things to do on their lunch hour. We haven't heard anything about this new threat.
  9. Thank you all so much! It is already an emotional and frustrating process because this is not what we planned. So my anxiety level is already high. I do tend to have habit of "borrowing trouble". I'm trying to take a deep breath and just roll with it.
  10. Thanks I don't know why I'm so stressed. Then to top it all, I forgot to put science on there now it looks like that subject wasn't ever covered.
  11. I have to go into the actual classroom so I can finish my degree, so DD will have to go back to a brick and mortar school and will be entering as a second grader. When we withdrew her in March, we filled out a withdrawal form permitting the current school to send the new cover school her transcripts. We live in AL and must have a cover school (at the time I enrolled her). I got her transcripts by mail on Friday, the envelope is see-through and I can tell its only 1 pieces of paper, basically the paper I sent in showing her grades, subjects and what curriculum I used and it only covers from March 2014 until now. So where is all her information from Kindergarden and most of 1st grade. Shouldn't they have sent that too? I also sent them Seton testing results to add to the transcripts and that is not in there either. I plan on calling them on Monday but would you be worried?
  12. I loved the Anchorage Libraries. I wasn't homeschooling at the time but their selection is a lot more extensive than most would think. I actually prefer it to the part of Georgia we moved to.
  13. What do you believe your role consists of as a homeschooling parent (to teach traditions, encourage social reform, focus on intellect..)? What do you believe your child's role is in his/her education?
  14. Wow, being that he was later "identified" by another person I wonder how this story would have ended had he not "received a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California, an MBA from Indiana University … and an executive leadership certificate from Harvard Business School,†and been a wealthy producer. How would the average "paycheck to paycheck" African American got out of that?
  15. http://blogs.citypages.com/blotter/2014/08/st_paul_police_roughly_arrest_black_man_sitting_in_skyway_video.php This incident is why African Americans are not looking at this as a single incident. This the the reality of many many many black men. If they don't roll over and submit every time they are approached, with or out cause, this is the result.
  16. Wow....people track everything from how long babies look at dolls compared to trucks, to how often students experience boredom in class, but not one system is in place for those statistics......no one thinks that may be important information?
  17. Has this situation been formally explained anywhere?
  18. I'm just curious as to why the cop didn't call it in?
  19. The ugly truth is white privelege also includes right to life. There is no logical explanation for why a trained experienced officer with other tools in his arsenal, could not physically subdue a man who had been shot 4 times. From the moment he was perceived a treat Brown was doomed to death. James Eagan was very much armed and actually killed innocent people unprovoked and officers managed to get his out in one piece. Incidentally he was never branded a thug or another derogatory remark. They went to great pains to understand him. As we see even on here Brown does not often even get that consideration.
  20. http://www.blackgirldangerous.org/2014/08/things-stop-distracted-black-person-gets-murdered-police/ This is an accurate article that might shed light to anyone who does not have expericance with the plight of the African American man (or woman) or of raising one in what is supposed to be a post civil rights world. It also explains the looting.
  21. We are house hunting now. The smallest house we've lived in as a party of 5 was 1900. The largest 3,700. For us to be comfortable it would have to be about 600 sqf per person. Everything we looked at below 2600 just isn't an option. The main reason is we all like having large bedrooms and a 2nd living space that we can relax in, unlike the formal living area, and enough storage space for the tons of military stuff Uncle Sam expects us to hold on to at home.
  22. I remember seeing a flyer like that in either K or 1st and wondered if it was their philosophy because it was structurally sound, or if it was because there were too many kids in the class to properly deal with all their spelling needs when writing.
  23. We move every 2 1/2 years or so because of the Army. My DH is super efficient about it too, but he usually leaves me out of it LOL. I gladly volunteer for just-keep-kids-out-of-the-way duty and sleep in until its time to start shuffling them about.
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