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  1. Thanks. I like those Geography Songs, too. For math facts, I was trying to cobble together my own economical imitation of Rapid Recall from Little Giant Steps, but I've decided to just spend the money on their materials. I like their approach to input/output.
  2. I am looking for NON-musical math facts mp3's, for all four operations. Rhythm is fine, just no melody, only spoken math facts. We've tried this, which is close to what I need, but my 12yo really disliked it: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0014DK0KC/ref=pd_mp3_als_qp_pa
  3. I have this book on Auditory Sequential Memory. Is it similar? https://www.amazon.com/Auditory-Sequential-Memory-Instructional-Workbook/dp/0972776230 I am hoping to find some right-brained colorful charts to use alongside SCM's Spelling Wisdom, as that program will help with other writing skills at the same time. Is Saxon Phonics visually similar to Abeka? I could use my Abeka Handbook for colorful, visual ideas for presenting the spelling rules that come up as we work through Spelling Wisdom.
  4. Phonological dysgraphia with low working memory in my 12yo ds: Has anyone used the Right-Brained Sound Spelling cards from Child 1st? They look wonderful but so expensive! Anything similar, and less-pricey, that you know of? https://child1st.com/blogs/resources/right-brained-phonics-spelling
  5. We're very privately thinking of moving to Corpus Christi, and I have a new need for an educational therapist for one of my children. Are there any in the area who do Feuerstein therapy? Any who regularly help with low working memory, dysgraphia in written expression, SLP in pragmatics? NILD, AET, SCLE? Any private, therapeutic schools? (cross-posted to learning challenges forum)
  6. We're very privately thinking of moving to Corpus Christi, and I have a new need for an educational therapist for one of my children. Are there any in the area who do Feuerstein therapy? Any who regularly help with low working memory, dysgraphia in written expression, SLP in pragmatics? NILD, AET, SCLE? Any private, therapeutic schools? (cross-posted to geographic forum)
  7. I've come across Veritas Press's Pages of History, but I don't think it's an audiobook yet.
  8. I'm hoping to find an audiobook(s) that covers the SOTW1 content chronologically, but keeping the civilizations together, even if it's a separate resource for Ancient Egypt civilization and history, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Incans, etc. I have five dc, 9 and under, so it'll last me a while. We have some Jim Weiss stories, and we own SOTW2 audio, but I'm hoping to mix it up, and provide something more organized for the ancients. Mythology is great, but the priority is history and civilization.
  9. No IEP, no evaluations. His grandmother has been teaching for 40+ years and she sent me an article on auditory processing. He does have trouble with lots of extra, distracting noise in the room. I do plan to incorporate music and other noises into his workday. The interactive metronome idea looks relevant, too, as he does not keep a beat with music. Thank you for the book recommendation; that looks like just the thing.
  10. I am bringing my 9yo son home to restart 3rd grade, and I've just figured out that he has a low auditory digit span of 5. I'm learning more about it and planning to work on it with him, but I'm having trouble coming up with a good resource. I've seen the digit span cards for sale on Little Giant Steps, but I'm hoping to find some free lists somewhere, not just of numbers, but letters, words, anything to mix it up. I realize I could make my own cards or lists, but time and energy are at an all-time low. Have you come across anything good, preferably free? I prefer to keep him low-tech for now.
  11. This is for a 9yo, struggling at school, coming home mid-year for a fresh start to 3rd grade. I'm taking him through a phase 1 of remedial 2nd grade language arts, finishing Abeka 2nd grade phonics and spelling before starting anything else. Plaid Phonics does seem like overkill, but I'm hoping to use it only this year, to solidify the phonics, as they relate to spelling. Maybe he only needs the R&S and LLfT until his foundational skills are up to par for a writing program. We're not doing a MFW program this year, only strong 3R's with light and incidental extras. I do have my eye on both Writing Strands and Imitation in Writing for the future, maybe to wait until 4th grade. Are they compatible with one another? I chose R&S for the grammar and don't mind skipping some of the composition.
  12. Help me finish my 3rd grade language arts. I'm settled on: Zaner Bloser handwriting, Spelling Workout C, Plaid Phonics C, Rod and Staff English 3, MFW Language Lessons for Today 3. I want to add Writing Strands and/or Imitation in Writing. What kind of overlap is there with the two, and with what I have already chosen? Would both be too much? Thanks for your help.
  13. We were homeschooling before this year, so I plan to fold him back into my original curriculum plans. I prefer classical and Charlotte Mason. My early elementary plans for my kids, in the 3R's, are lots of Abeka for 1st and 2nd grade, to transition to MCP and R&S in 3rd grade. He's on the last chart of the Abeka Handbook of Reading, so I'll take him through that with the last section of Letters and Sounds 2. He needs remedial spelling, so we'll breeze through the entire Abeka 2nd grade spelling, before switching over to Spelling Workout C, maybe with Plaid Phonics C. For other language arts, I plan to finish the MFW LLfT3, maybe along with Abeka Language 2, before we get into R&S Beginning Wisely and LLfT4. He reads chapter books on his own, but I'm not sure about reading aloud with me. We have several readers, and I thought I'd get him into SOTW because he enjoyed that last year. We were doing Horizons Math before this year, but Saxon is calling my name, mainly because it's what I grew up with and I did very very well in math because of it. I'm going to start him at the beginning of Saxon 3. We'll take the first few weeks to de-school with a box of Snap Circuits, an new art kit, and some xtramath.
  14. Yes, I was hoping that a recommendation to repeat 3rd grade might buy us another official school year to delay the test. But I'm happy with what I've found out about a placement test at the end of this summer. Thanks for all the help.
  15. Thanks for the help. I got a flurry of response on another online group tonight, and it looks like the PASS test is just the flexible thing we need. He can take a placement pretest that will sort him into the right subject levels for the test itself. I'm mostly concerned about his frustration levels, but if I bring him home now and he takes a leveled test at the end of the required time frame, before August, that's a good 6 months of school detox, and he'll most likely place in all 3rd grade levels by then, and we'll be just fine, legally, academically, emotionally.
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