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  1. I like phonics pathways. Very thorough with no sight words. We supplement with AAR because he's a kinesthetic learner.
  2. One doesn't have the time. So you pray for more patience and time and the Good Lord will give you another baby. Lol
  3. Try tangrams for fun. You can introduce addition and subtraction with c rods.
  4. What happened? I'm new here. Was this thread taken down? My best guess is that it was about MSnucleus. Not really positive though.
  5. In case you don't know, Dr. Nebel has a yahoo forum. K5science i think. Perhaps he'll have an idea? Sorry in advance if you have already asked him.
  6. OIC. LOL. That's a lot of cousins! Lucky you! Graduation is a big deal. So congrats to you and her. In that case I think what u did was just fine. Perhaps explain it to your grandmother. Or if u can afford it, I would send it to every cousin u mentioned. I don't think sending one to your cousins kids are necessary unless u keep in touch with them as well. Or have a celebratory party/reunion. I don't know....... Now as for your dad's side......... :) Good luck.
  7. If you are a Christian, The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan. There's a children's version.
  8. *sigh* extended family........well I would talk it over with your spouse and daughter. It seems to mean a great deal to your grandmother. If you can afford it and your family does not mind, I don't see why not. Even if it's announced on FB an invitation is more personal. When I receive an invitation I think they remember me! :) I usually just send a card. I only send a gift/card if I'm invited. It's not personal for me if it's on FB. (Plus I don't do FB anyhow). Even if your cousins/extended family may think oh she's just asking for gifts/money, then who cares anyhow. But if you are on good terms with them, you can take this chance and reunite. If they send a card, you and your daughter can send separate thank you notes. Just a thought.......of course there's always the chance that one may send a card and not want to reunite as well. It's obviously weighing heavy on your mind and when I'm in a situation like this I just go ahead and do it. Perhaps send an invitation and put on it "Please no gifts". My kids receive a birthday invitation with that written on it. This will probably keep the peace between you and your grandmother. HTH
  9. Sounds good! I don't know about teaching cursive before print though...... If u get a chance throw in a science experiment or two. :p Have fun!
  10. The Magic Tree House. Nice fantasy adventure series. Good luck and I hope all goes well.
  11. How's her reading? I think it depends on the phonics program you r teaching. I don't know anything about hop. But I think spelling and learning how to read go hand and hand. I also think it depends on what spelling program. Spelling workout (I think that is what it is called) didn't work for my son and I don't think that one is needed with a phonics program. So u could probably start that one next year. However, we r using AAR and AAS and they reinforce each other. I see that u r getting different answers. Why not look into spelling programs and see if it's what u want. IMO reading is crucial, so if spelling is going to help then I'm going to teach it. HTH Good luck.
  12. Lucky you! All my kids want to do is play on the wii. I think she is fine. But I'm no doctor. Just so you know my husband grew up poor, and he had virtually no toys. He only made 3 B'S throughout his schooling and he has his masters. So, I wouldn't worry too much about her. Enjoy the time you have to play with her. If u r worried, then how about going to a children's museum? They usually have all kinds of different toys. Perhaps there you can see if she prefers a certain toy. I think reading to her and playing with her are important things in her life right now.
  13. I second phonics pathways. We are a little more than half way into it and so far there are no sight words. Good luck.
  14. I agree with Boscopup. I have books we bought from sales ($1 - $3/book) and library books. We have books in every room. We have probably close to 100 library books. It's such a joy when you see your child sit there and read to himself/herself. We don't spend much on games. But we do have a few educational games because my son is a kinesthetic learner. HTH
  15. It all depends on what u want for your family. It sounds like he's an advanced kid. Downsides? You may want to ask someone who has older kids as well. my oldest is only 5 1/2. I went through the same situation as Erica. I switched to a kinesthetic learner program. And it's going nicely. I say go for it. Just be prepared to homeschool soon because he will get bored. Take it slow at first just to feel things out. At this age you may want to make it fun to learn how to read, so u may want to look into learning how to read programs for kinesthetic learners; such as all about reading. I didn't realize my son was a kinesthtic learner until he was 4 1/2. I think it's great that u r reading to him. That is probably the most important thing. To develop the love for reading/learning. Check out the book list for FIAR, Sonlight, amblesideonline, or Tapestry of Grace. HTH and good luck. The beauty of homeschooling is that we can nourish our children in a way that fits them.
  16. Don and audrey wood have a few. Titles: 1. The little mouse, red ripe strawberry, and the big hungry bear. 2. The napping house 3. The big blue sea 4. Quiet as a cricket. There is a series of Biscuit the dog. Thd Berenstain bears: 1. The A book. 2. The B book. 3. The spooky old tree 4. Bears in the night Some dr.seuss books I hope I have all the titles right.. this is just off the top of my head. My children have loved these books. HTH
  17. To be honest, i didn't understand how to implement the addition part. My friend used it though, and she tried to explain it to me through email. It seems to be more prep work than Singapore math (which we use). With Singapore math, I just open the workbook and have him work through the problems. Anyone please feel free to correct me on that. Like i said i didn't understand how to implement the addition part. I do use it from time to time for multiplication though. My child is a kinesthetic learner and it's great for that. You may want to see if there are sample pages. HTH
  18. I'm replying to this post without reading all the responses, so sorry if I duplicate any answers. There are too many replies for me to read and I wanted to put in my 2 cents. I have felt very frustrated with my son as well. Now he's only 5 so I can't imagine what's it like. But I wanted to say that when we hit a brick wall with phonics pathways I realized that he was a kinesthetic learner. Pp is not really for kinesthetic learners. Now I do AAR and he enjoys it. You had mentioned that u r more relaxed when u do the konos co-op and that curriculum is for kinesthetic learners. How does he like it? Could be that he's a kinesthetic learner. Perhaps switch curriculums to one that is more geared for kinesthetic learners? Now since my oldest is only 5 I don't know what those curriculum would be. I hear that math u see, moving beyond the page, the sentence family and supercharge science are geared towards kinesthetic learners. At this point 8n time they r not what I use. I use singapore math, real science odyssey coupled with bfsu, story of the world, aar and will try aas, konos, and the sentence family. HTH
  19. To answer your question, no. I hear that all about reading is for kinesthetic learners though. I just started myself with level 2 since we r about halfway through with phonics pathways, but u may want to look into the pre k one. We like it so far. Hth
  20. Thanks Ellie for your schedule. it does help me plan ahead as well. The website i was referring to is http://iijuan12.squidoo.com/my-konos-unit-study-journey. So far it's very detailed. What is the konos compass?
  21. I am planning ahead. If I were to use konos then I'd like to get it now and prepare some lessons so it'll be ready by the time he's 7. Haha. On a side note I came across someone who posted her konos lessons. I'm looking through it now and it looks like a lot of fun. I'll post the exact web address later. All I remember is www._______squidoo
  22. Thank you everyone for your thoughts, advice, thread and insights. It is reassuring to know that there are people who love it. I'm very excited about it.
  23. Anyone using Konos? Any thoughts, advice, or opinions? I have a 5, 3 1/2, and 1 1/2 year old. It looks like a lot of work. Very interested in it, but I don't have a lot time. (Who does, right?) I already have a math, phonics, and LA program. Just don't want to see a curriculum sitting on the shelf. Thanks.
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