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  1. My oldest daughter is 9yrs old and autistic (PDD-NOS). We just pulled her and her sister out of public school. She had an IEP in place while in public school but none of that is helping us here at home. I don't think it was helping her there either. I could use some help here. I have always had trouble figuring out when to push her out of her comfort zone and when to pull back and let her be. It has been a month of homeschooling and I am seeing some weak areas that I don't know how to address. Or if I should at all....... Okay her strengths: *Art -LOVES it. *Reading- At grade level and again loves it *Spelling- She has great recall of the spelling words each week. Usually gets them all right *Science - Loves experiments and such Trouble with: *Handwriting - She is learning cursive and doing really well with it but it isn't perfect so she beats herself up about it *Math- She knows her multiplication tables, fractions, and can tell time in a book. However when she has to apply the facts to real life she doesn't understand how. We are seeing this with the LOF books as well as here in the home. I show her a whole square in a book and ask her what is half and she can answer correctly. I ask her to break something in half for the twins and she breaks it into thirds. That sort of thing. *Language arts- We just switched to a different approach and that seems to be going well. Before she would cry when she didn't understand the material. *Reading comprehension- When she reads on her own she struggles at recalling the facts afterward. When I read it out loud she does well. She was flunking this in ps. What I am worried about: There just seems a problem with the connection between her book work and her real life implementation. Also a problem with reading comprehension and logic/critical thinking work (riddles, word problems, anything that needs "deep" thinking). I know there are developmental issues, I know she has trouble with critical thinking. I am just trying to figure out if there is something I can do to help her or if this is just something in the "wiring" of her brain that we need to figure out how to work around. We have taken all the pressure off of her when it comes to school work since it stresses her out and makes her cry (She was crying a lot in school and was scared of her teacher). No testing or anything like that. Whichever direction we decide to take this has to be non-stressful for her. No tears or anxiety (she has A LOT of stress and anxiety through just every day life). I appreciate any feed back you all can give me
  2. Thank you all :) With our military discount most museums and such are very cheap if not free. There are also all the historic parks and nature walks up here which are also free. I think once or twice a month would be reasonable for sure. We live in the middle of nowhere so it is a 30-40min drive to civilization which gets old and expensive when you drive a 12 passenger van like I do ;)
  3. How old are your kids? 9yrs, 7yrs, 4yrs, 4yrs, 2yrs, 1yr When do you get up? 8am When do the kids get up? 8am When does school start? Noon We do therapy for our son in the mornings (2 hours of behavioral and OT) then lunch. We put the youngest 4 down for naps or quiet time depending on age and then start on school. We stick with our routine or drown ;)
  4. We are new to this all and trying to figure out what our style is so I apologize in advance if I ask a lot of questions :) We are trying to figure out the whole "field trips" thing. Our state (NJ) is extrememly easy to homeschool in so i am working with a lot less restrictions here. I am learning from this month that I like a more hands on, go out and do stuff, approach. It seems to be a really good fit for my girls as well. We are using workbooks and books to get the information and knowledge but we are bored out of our minds. We really like field trips, experiments, games and crafts. So my question. How often do you go off on field trips? We are planning to go to a kids museum this Friday, a theater production of Little Red Riding Hood first week of March, and then another museum at the end of March. I have a million other ideas and there are tons of ideas and locations near where we live. Just curious what others do :)
  5. *7yr old still has trouble with handwriting. She is still get letters backwards and is very messy. The 9yr old does well with her handwriting. *7yr old is weak with spelling. They apparently don't do ANY spelling in public school anymore. So she has never had a single spelling list to go over. My 9yr old is pretty good at spelling since she went to school in a different state for her k-3rd grade and had lots of spelling work. *Yes they are doing well with reading comprehension and they can answer guestions and tell me the main points of stories they have read. *We are working on grammar they don't know ANY of it. We are working on proper and common nouns right now. I made a board game for them where they have to answer if the noun I ask is proper or common before they get a turn to go at the game. That is working really well with them. We are about to move on to pronouns. * my 7yr old LOVES to write her "published pieces". She loves to come up with and illustrate her stories. 3-4 sentences is about average for her for a paragraph. The 9yr old is more of an artist she would rather draw a comic book then write a story. They both know how to do sentences and paragraphs and seem to understand sentence structure and all that.
  6. If at all possible I would like to combine them. I didn't see a special needs board i will be sure to check that out for sure. Good idea on the catelogs I will have to go through and request a bunch of them. This is just all so new and slightly terrifying......while also being a blast at the same time :) I would love to go to a convention but with my son's therapy schedule (every morning for 2 hours) and my husband's work schedule (leaving at 2pm every day) there are just not enough hours in the day to go anywhere :(
  7. This board was suggested by a friend who thought I might get some good ideas here for next years curriculum. We are 1 whole month into our homeschooling journey. We just pulled our 9yr old (Pdd-nos) and 7 yr old (ADHD) daughters out of public school. So far homeschooling is going well and we are learning a lot and having a lot of fun with different games and trips. We also have twin 4yr olds, a 2yr old who is severly autistic and a self harmer, and little bit is 13mths old. I figure it makes the most sense to pick next years curriculum now while they are on sale and people are selling the stuff they are done with instead of waiting till fall when everything is full price. So....... questions! I am thinking we will do: Apologia Zoology 2 (We are doing book 1 right now and the kids LOVE it. A friend is giving me the book 2 I just have to buy the workbooks) Story of our world (We are doing the first book now) Teaching Textbooks for math (THis will be new for us right now we are just doing cheap workbooks to get through the rest of the year) Reading - we are having a great time with picking books at the library and plan to continue this I am thinking the only hole I have is for Language arts/grammar/writing/spelling. I have no idea on a good source for this. My kids HATE this subject with a passion so I need something FUN and interactive. Games are a plus. Thoughts? When do YOU buy your next years books? Are there going to be some amazing sales coming up that I am not thinking off? Anything else you would add to the list? Pre-k options for the twins? They will be turning 5 halfway through the year. They know all their colors and shapes but not the ABC's or numbers. Our son will be in a private autistic preschool during the day so I will have time to work with the twins as well in the fall. TIA :)
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