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  1. I tour situation I might tell my husband that I was willing to discuss it *after* he did some volunteer time with that age group so he could was more knowledgeable on what he was talking about. Church, library, scouts, something more than TV representation and his own memory. Id also want a discussion about why maturing slower has a bad thing. Kids allowed to mature at their own pace not due to social pressure might be less likely to be complete fools at 25.
  2. I think a mission trip might actually make the disdain worse if it’s mostly directed at school. Why in the world does the school care about hats and hair styles when people are suffering with actual problems.
  3. I have seen predictions saying that we are getting close. I think one predicted Florida hitting a peak and starting to taper off by mid Sept., based on the patterns observed in England and India.
  4. I’d expect fraud to be crazy right now with everything going on. The systems have been overwhelmed during the pandemic and they had to prioritize speed over accuracy at some point. The rules for who qualifies and who doesn’t were temporarily changed during the pandemic too. Add in hastily hired and trained personnel and you have a perfect storm for fraud. I would guess there will be investigations and such once things settle down.
  5. A lawyer may not be strictly necessary to defend against something like this, but there is going to be a burden on a woman’s time. Trying to represent yourself, figuring out how to submit paperwork yourself, taking unpaid l time off of work and maybe needing to find childcare while a woman spends the day at the courthouse dealing with everything, that’s all a lot. Not to mention that in the case of this law in Texas you are going to be sued for helping someone else. What if they don’t cooperate? What if they aren’t under a doctors care, maybe they were never even pregnant. Now you need them to go to their doctor, somehow prove they were never pregnant and give you that medical info? Will their health insurance cover that, or does the person being sued need to cover it? This is gonna get real messy real fast. A friend of mine DIYed her divorce and it took the 2 of them a whole day walking things placesat the court house to get paperwork figured out for something as simple as a non contested divorce.
  6. I’m mostly concerned about the potential for using this law as a harassment tool. Putting random citizens in charge of enforcing laws, any laws! is a bad idea. How many people in this board have narcissistic or toxic in laws or ex spouses, crazy neighbors that could use this law to harass? Even taking abortion out of the picture it’s just a terrible idea.
  7. I think it’s no coincidence that things changed significantly after the fairness doctrine expired in the late 80s. After that we had the rise of partisan talk radio and infotainment news channels.
  8. can you imagine? So weird! Thats the version I was taught in Tx history waaaay back in middle school, thst it was in the best interest of the state to join the US. That class was so interesting, I love it. I had an amazing teacher for that class which probably made a huge difference.
  9. I think some of it falls under “things adults can make kids do because they can.” It’s normalized for kids to say it daily at school, but why not at home before school, or in the work place? Because adults don’t wanna.
  10. Reading through all the responses here it occurred to me that some kids are pledging to the flag multiple times a day, several times a week, and now I think it’s really creepy. If a kid says it daily at school, then also at Awana, BoyScouts and soccer, thats 3 days a week it’s being said twice daily. That seems excessive. I doubt soldiers are war day the pledge 8+ times a week
  11. I’m glad he got out. I saw that the mayor is advising people to sit tight now because it’s too late to try to evacuate.
  12. I’m in the middle of moving too. Can confirm, this sucks.
  13. My oldest is 19, no girl friend, and he says he doesn’t plan on having kids. If he doesn’t have any kids I’ll be sad, but I’ll respect the decision. I do.secretly hope he’ll change his mind eventually though. I honestly think having no children is a perfectly valid life choice, and I’ve told him that. He sent this video to me and his dad a couple of months andI thought it was hilarious.
  14. Here’s what I’m seeing on Facebook…, Just because it's now FDA approved doesn't mean that they may not say, "oops!" later on, just like they did with these drugs that were approved and later pulled from the market! 👇👇👇 FDA-Approved Prescription Drugs Later Pulled from the Market Below are 35 drugs that have been recalled from the U.S. market since the 1970s, some that had been in use since the 1930s: ”lists 35 meds” report states that from January 2013 to October 2018, almost 8,000 medications were recalled by pharmaceutical companies across the United States and abroad." Source: https://www.uspharmacist.com/article/overview-of-the-fdas-drugrecall-process 8,000 RECALLS IN LESS THAN 6 YEARS I don't care that it's FDA approved, that literally means nothing to me. Where there is a risk, there MUST be informed consent and it MUST be a personal choice. Coercion and mandates do NOT equal personal choice. ✌️ #protectyourfamily I don’t think this is going to change many minds. 🙃
  15. You’re probably right. I just can’t imagine being like that myself, so I didn’t think about it. I always feel like nurses are busy, I can pour water and fiddle with the thermostat.
  16. Not an expert, but I have to think that it would. During hospital stays that my family has had, I’ve done all of that kind of work. It’s easier to ask mom/wife to help to the bathroom,etc. We wouldn’t want to bother nurses with that sort of stuff.
  17. Do you have a Mariel’s nearby? Some of them have large laminators that you can use.
  18. True! I’m just glad that most of my close family is vaxed at this point. I’ve made my peace with the high-risk,anti-vax ones, for the most part. For a long time I didn’t know anyone that had even had Covid, then only a few people, now it’s gotten very close with people canceling plans to get together (outside)because they had tested positive day before.
  19. I don’t know anyone directly that has been hospitalized or died from Covid. Several second order people, family of friends, but no one that I know personally. I know of 1 person who *may* have died of a blood clot from J&J.
  20. We are from right outside Little Rock but are moving to Texarkana after living in VA for a few years.
  21. They just jump from one “reason” to another. Presented with numbers like that, many jump to thinking the numbers are made up, those are actually vaccine injured people not the unvaccinated, that the vaccine has killed as many people as Covid has (I see this one daily) , that it’s still the fault of the vaccinated because they are spreading it all over, on and on. There’s no consistency. It’s maddening.
  22. I was a census worker last year and we did call people. I was also directed to ask people about contacts. We even asked neighbors for information on households if that address was troublesome to make contact with for whatever reason.
  23. Then isn’t Duggar basically admitting he’s afraid of being identified? Cause now I’m thinking that he didn’t just “watch” these videos, he made some, a thought I didn’t necessarily have previously.
  24. It’s hard to see anything when your head is in the sand, ostrich style.
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