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  1. That is probably true, for the unvaccinated, who are 99% or so of the deaths right now. The vaccine may not be 100% protective from an asymptomatic case, or very light symptoms, but its nearly 100% for preventing deaths and hospitalizations.
  2. Me too. I’m seriously considering only 1 shot for my young teen.
  3. Where I am no one is shy about it. I had a meet up with several other people inside a restaurant with a “please mask” sign. Only 1 person masked and I was the only vaccinated person. I know a couple have had COVID so have natural immunity. When the topic of vaccines came up they all acted like it would be crazy to get it. They aren’t going to get the vaccine and aren’t going to mask either.
  4. I had figured that I would still mask after the mandate was lifted, but I really haven’t. I’m fully vaccinated, I’m in and out of shops pretty quick and I’m out when things aren’t busy. My 5 year old is the only unvaccinated one as I was only 50/50 on making her mask, the mandate in my state was for over 5. I’m worried about the new Delta variant but not enough to mask fully again at this point. Subject to change as new data emerges, of course. Right now I feel like I’ll enjoy the summer and see what winter brings.
  5. It’s a common story told in southern families, we covered it a bit in my sociology classes.
  6. That’s interesting. I didn’t know about that part. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Most of them just assume their ancestors did. Just like they all have an Indian “princess” ancestor. Actual, factual history or genealogy isn’t really the point. It’s all fantasy. They also think the slave owners were seeethearts and the slaves were thankful for being enslaved. Fantasy Land.
  8. I had a bit of pain in my injection site for a couple of months, mostly while driving.
  9. I didn’t care for CLE algebra after using 1-7. My oldest went from CLE grade 7 to Foerester’s Alg 1 very smoothly. I bought the Math Without Borders companion and really liked it as well.
  10. Second this. I hate tipping. It’s not the money, it’s the weird expectations around it. I can’t take the pressure!
  11. The Virgin River series isn’t too bad. There are a few scenes per book but they don’t go on for pages. I enjoyed the series and I don’t like the explicit romance books at all.
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