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  1. I was listening to a podcast earlier and it made me think of this thread. Maybe the question of what is or is not a coup doesn't go far enough. What comes after a coup/coup-by-another-name? Does a coup leave a country as a failed state? Is it a dictatorship at that point? What is Hungary considered at this point?
  2. In our current system, if Joe Biden were to lose the electoral college and somehow still force his way into power, that would 100% be a coup. If Trump were to lose the electoral college and refuse to leave office anyway I think it would technically be something other than a coup, equally bad but not a coup exactly. A coup seems to be the taking of power from those that already have it. Trump technically has power, he would just be refusing to give it up. Although I guess you could say it was a coup because he would be keeping power from the rightful winner. I don’t thi
  3. I agree with this. I think the idea of a “leaderless” movement was a good one to try, but I think the protests and Occupy from a decade ago show that it’s not workable. A movement needs strong leadership to prevent the fringe from ruining things. Also-there’s an example of me calling out my side.
  4. What about Roger Stone calling for martial law if Trump loses? That seems worthy of condemnation. He did it on Alex Jones show, he seems to be a very popular figure on the right. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/sep/13/roger-stone-to-donald-trump-bring-in-martial-law-if-you-lose-election
  5. My understanding is that electors have to Vote according to the laws in their state. Most states give all electors to the popular vote winner in that state. (Maine and a couple of others do it weird.) The compact is an agreement to change those state laws to give the electors to whoever wins the national popular vote instead. So they wouldn’t be faithless electors going rogue, but electors acting in accordance with their state laws, it just changes those state laws.
  6. Using this as a jumping off point, for the purpose of this discussion on what constitutes a coup, I think refusing to accept and act according to who wins according to the electoral college would be a good place to start. Like it or not, it’s the system we have.
  7. I can find no evidence that CA stopped counting ballots in 2016. That seems to be factually wrong . They finished towards the end of Dec. it took a long time and people were mad about the time it took, but they were counted. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pe.com/2016/12/04/when-will-all-of-californias-votes-be-counted/amp/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/07/07/one-month-later-california-finishes-its-vote-count-and-clinton-wins/%3foutputType=amp Throwing around falsehoods as facts is part of the problem.
  8. I’m curious why Moving Beyond the Page got banned? I’ve always thought that was a secular program.
  9. Personally I just want the current administration to let the states do just that. But when states move toward making absentee voting easier, they talk about not funding the post office. When states say, hey the post office is moving slowly so we’ll count votes that are post marked by Election Day to give everyone a fair chance, the president warns the country that we may never really know who won. No one is asking for federal mandates. Literally the opposite. Let states do what they need to do without so much commentary from the peanut gallery and postpone trying to change the post off
  10. I’ve heard about it and I mostly follow my own local news and what would be considered more liberal sources. I liked it better when they were calling it an inland hurricane, I have no context for what a derecho is. It took me a few days to connect that they were the same event. I’ve also seen people complaining that it’s not being covered. Which is sort of crazy. “Why is no one covering this event? Here let me attach a link to it being covered to prove it’s not being covered” 🙄
  11. Yes, the lack of pretense is a good thing. You never really have to wonder, it’s all just out there.
  12. I’m referring to the man at the top laying that out as his reasoning for not giving them extra funding to get through processing the expected increase in absentee ballots. That’s already political enough so I’ll just leave it at that. It’s fine to have nonpolitical reasoning to hide behind, but it’s harder to buy it when the quiet part gets said out loud.
  13. Isn’t this a straw man too? Asking for easier access to absentee voting isn’t the same as asking for mail in only. Outside of the 5 states that already do that as a matter of course, I’m not seeing anyone say that in person should be 100% canceled.
  14. But I can’t square this thought, which I support, with undermining a 250+ year old Federal service with the expressed purpose of preventing states from being able to enact their own statutes.
  15. I had planned on requesting an absentee ballot, but after hearing about all of the issues with mail processing I’ve decided that we’ll just early vote in person . We’re at lower risk personally and should be low risk to the clerk that will process us since we’re still relatively quarantined. As soon as my oldest’s voter registration card comes in and early voting opens we’ll be there. I feel better not adding to the strain on the postal service.
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