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  1. I would settle for equality within towns and counties. My small town has 4 elementary school that feed into one middle and one high school. 2 of the elementary schools are fine, average schools. 2 are so bad they lost accreditation, and had such bad outcomes that the middle school lost its accreditation and the high school is considered poor. It’s crazy when a motivated person could walk to every single school in the town in one day to have such different outcomes.
  2. The city I used to live in had a policy of no high speed chases unless it was for a felony. They changed to that policy after a teenager ran his car off a hill and through someone’s living room, killing him self. They have the license plate for the car they can pick up speeders or misdemeanor offenders at home at a later date, send them a summons or just put out an arrest warrant. Endangering the public over a tiny charge is not worth it. Now in this case of a stolen vehicle I don’t know what the options are. A stolen vehicle is an insurance issue though, most are never recove
  3. Part will go to getting a new xbox because I live with gamers. Then the rest will let us accelerate the timeline on getting new couches. It sounds kind of his and hers, but it was discussed and decided together.
  4. It’s because of our great big boot straps. Gotta pull ourselves up by those.
  5. Most of the tutoring of Chinese children is done early early in the morning, usually 4 or 5am, or in the evenings and overnight when your husband could be in charge. Most of the companies actually prefer that you not use WiFi, so a desktop plugged in to a router would be perfect. So that could be an option worth exploring.
  6. My husband had to wait 8 weeks for an MRI for his neck. He was in so much pain that he was on opioids almost the entire time, which is more than enough time to have potentially created an addiction. We had to get the MRI and then wait for results before we could wait again for an appointment at a pain clinic to start treatment. We have good insurance through his work, it was just an issue of scheduling. I have no idea what other Americans are experiencing where they think waiting for care only happens in other countries. I guess I’m doing it wrong? And it took us a year to pay off
  7. Doctors in Germany may not make as much, but they aren’t graduating from medical school with the same debt load as American doctors either. I’d imagine that mostly balances out in the end.
  8. I probably shouldn’t jump in, but I think I see a nuance that I’d like to be looked at. Let me start with saying, I am ideologically inclines to support BLM. I supported Kappernack’s kneeling, I understand the message behind Defund the Police. But I find everything surrounding BLM to be very confusing. It’s a movement, not an organization. But there is an organization, but it’s corrupted and doesn’t really represent the movement. The founders of the movement are farther left than the protesters, so they either do or do not speak for the movement? There’s a website, but it’s not real?
  9. I don’t disagree with you. I just think that at some point you need a national spokesperson and some sort of control of messaging. Because the BLM message isn’t getting out properly by just relying on media and local spokespeople. I’m 100% sure that some of that is willful ignorance on the part of people who want to dislike BLM, but part of it is that by choosing not to have a national voice they are letting the media do their messaging for them. And the media loves chaos and extremism, so BLM is being painted as extreme. Leaving it up to local people to fight against that isn’t going to
  10. I don’t know where it comes from exactly, but I see people comment all the time on Facebook that “BLM isn’t what it seems”. When pressed the only answer I’ve ever seen is that they support abortion. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but saying that it is gives large swaths if the population cover for not supporting it. I think it might be easier if someone did take the lead with BLM and set up an organization with a structure. I’m sure there are reasons why it doesn’t, but seems like so much energy goes into explaining the whole “not an organization, it’s a movement”. I feel lik
  11. Like everyone else 2000 has been on my mind this week. It was the first election I really paid attention too and was the last one I didn’t vote in, because I was in high school. It very much impressed upon me that every vote matters and I wanted mine to count. This week what been on my mind was how, despite ALL of the craziness and shenanigans and questionable decisions. -it was Completely Peaceful. We thought one person won, then they said no, it was the other guy, then said, yeah we have no idea. We waited 37 days to find out who the next president was and it was just ...fine.
  12. Cnew02


    I think in the very short term things are going to be get even more unequal. You're right that houses are selling and people are buying, those that still have jobs are mostly fine. If you have investments, those are fine. My husband worked from home for months and still could if we really needed him to. The people at the bottom are hurting. Evictions are going to start. Lines at food pantries are long. Some of those houses that are selling are being sold by people that can no longer afford their homes because their company permanently downsized. It looks like 7 million people are stil
  13. Along those same lines, I find a really interesting divide between the News side and the Opinion Side of most organizations. I think the sharpest divide is probably with Fox News, where the News side is ok but the opinion/entertainment side is not. They even went to court saying that their average viewer knows better than to listen to Tucker Carlson, which is...really something. I see a divide in the NY Times as well. The news is pretty even and factual, while the Opinion page is very liberal. There's been a lot of chatter in the past few weeks about the News side and Opinion side of the
  14. #2 there is pretty much how I use it. I can't afford subscriptions to all of the newspapers and magazines that I want so I use all of the free articles that they give out. Facebook is easier than going to each individual website the way I used to when I sat at my desktop daily. Looking at the chart up there I tend to hang out in that green box. I read stuff from all of those places on a regular basis, mostly based on what Facebook serves up. I do follow opinion pages, but I know that's what they are. I do need to branch out and follow a few more moderate voices on the other side. A
  15. What does it mean to get ones news from Facebook? I follow NPR, the NY Times and a few other news sites on Facebook, but that doesn't seem like what most people are talking about when they say they get their news from Facebook. I follow a few pages that lean to one side, but I know they are opinion pages and think of them that way, they mostly just share links to NY Times or NPR articles with some commentary written in the post. It feels weird, but I honestly get most of my news from podcasts now. My first source of news every day is Up First by NPR, 15 minutes on the important news o
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