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  1. My 6th grader really enjoyed The Impossible Quest from Usborne. He requested the rest of the series which has only happened two other times in his life. One of those other times was another Usborne series called Axel and Beast, which is sort of sci-fi and has a homeschooled main character. I don’t sell Usborne, my kid just really liked those books!
  2. I would encourage you to try out the religious groups. You might find other like minded people who have joined out of desperation. Or there might be a core group of hard liners and everyone else is normal. It’s worth a shot just to see.
  3. Good Morning. Hello. They might all be going through a prickly phase.
  4. We’ve used it as the base for several classes. Cultural Geography, Mystery Novels, Chemistry. Maybe another 1 or 2 that I can’t remember. Sometimes I’ve paired a textbook with it, sometimes not. I’ve used it a lot to supplement too. Skeptics Guide to American History, King Arthur, and something on American military battles. They have several art and music courses that would make good fine art credits. The guide books that come with each course are great.
  5. Cnew02

    Envy, yours?

    I have 2. People who are eloquent and always say just the right thing. And never put their foot in their mouth. People who are outgoing and make friends instantly.
  6. Mine aren’t adults yet, but I don’t imagine it will change, so.. I usually say “Your dad” when talking to my kids, but Grandpa and Grandma are clearly my FIL and MIL to my kids, and my parents are Nana and Papa, so it’s pretty clear who we’re talking about. It’s not something that ever gets mixed up or confused. I think I always use “your dad” or “your papa/grandpa” when talking to the kids and “your/my dad” when talking to my husband. The only time we would say just “dad” and mean our own parent is with our siblings and for me, with my SIL.
  7. My most used oil is eucalyptus. I put a few drops on a cloth and stick it near the pillow of anyone who has sinus congestion. It’ll dry you up as long as you’re breathing it in. I’ll add tea tree oil too it if the congestion and head ache are from being around cigarette smoke, that seems to help.
  8. I’m just not sure that it is “culture” as in the whole culture. The vast vast majority of people are nice. The number of shootings is going up, but it’s still tiny. If it was the culture wouldn’t you expect much more? Its something about this tiny subset of young white guys.
  9. The thing that is different now is the internet. The boards these guys are on encourage the violence. The synagogue shooter and the Christchurch shooter frequented the same website/message board site. Where 30 years ago the guy that felt like a misfit listened to bad music and wrote bad poetry until he grew out it, now they go on those sites and find others like themselves, encourage each other to commit violence and cheer each other on. The “lone wolf” is finding his pack online.
  10. Tetanus is caused by an infection with the bacterium Clostridium tetani,[1] which is commonly found in soil, saliva, dust, and manure.[2] The bacteria generally enter through a break in the skin such as a cut or puncture wound by a contaminated object. Rabies is caused by lyssaviruses, including the rabies virus and Australian bat lyssavirus.[3] It is spread when an infected animal scratches or bites another animal or human.
  11. I think you might be thinking about rabies here, which comes from animal bites. Tetanus comes from wounds, such as getting cut on a dirty rake or stepping on a rusty nail. It lives in the soil.
  12. The first article makes it seem like police tried several things before breaking into the house. They had a signed warrant. They knocked. They called. They knocked some more. Then they broke in. You really can’t just refuse to deal with the police when they have a signed warrant. They aren't just going to shrug and leave.
  13. Reading the Logic of English was very helpful for me when it came time to teach my kids to read.
  14. I wanted to chime in to add that Beatiful Feet has a year long curriculum built around the history and science of horses that sounds just right for your daughter.
  15. John Sanford is one of my favorites and it's all clean as far as language and sex. There's reference to it, but it's never explicit. His Prey series and Virgil Flower series should occupy her for a little while. If she's into supernatural-ish mysteries, I was reading Dean Koontz at her age and it's 100% clean. These aren't high literature, but they are fun reads.
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