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  1. My cousin's daughter (teenager) had a long standing issue with stomach pain/upset. They found that she had something called "slipped rib" syndrome....a muscle caught behind/between (?) ribs. I'd never heard of it before.. but she had it on both sides, and ended up going in for surgery to repair. Not sure if this is any help at all... but thought I'd throw it out there. They also recently discovered she has Celiac disease, so is gluten free now too. Dr.s had removed her gall bladder a couple of years ago before realizing that it probably wasn't that to begin with!
  2. I'm very sorry about your husband... As far as Denver Vs Kansas City-- Denver has a higher COL than Kansas City. If you go to Kansas City, and want to be near to your sister look at Lees Summit. If you're fine with moving on the other side of the state line, try Olathe, Overland Park, or Shawnee Mission. Wishing you peace as you move forward...
  3. He was taking a class in our community-- Spanish. I know there are Spanish courses higher than level II online, but none we've seen have appealed. So we were considering switching to French for 11th and 12th grade. (not sure what university based high schools are out there--- so I may be missing an entire market!) Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I've got a 10th grader who will have completed 2 years of a foreign language by end of May. We are having trouble finding a 3rd year course in that language. We are considering switching his 11th grade year to do 2 more years of a different foreign language, thereby having 2 languages of two years each. What are your thoughts regarding the way this 'looks' to universities? (2 languages of only 2 yrs each) As opposed to one language for more than two years?? TIA
  5. I'm interested in your post because I was just told by my gyn that "there is no blood test for that" when I asked about hormone testing. (I hadn't mentioned blood test.. but she said it twice with such emphasis that I was taken aback). Did your gyn order the hormone testing for you? Was it something he/she suggested or did you ask for it? Just curious! TIA
  6. I have a 16 yr old (10th grade) who is taking three online classes. I leave it completely up to him to correspond with the teacher etc. I don't go in and check grades nor do I check up on his emails from the teachers. I check in with him several times a week to see if he needs any help and to just kind of ask what he's been learning or working on. I want him to own the experience, and so far he's been doing well. When he first started taking online classes, I checked up more--- but never communicated with the teacher.
  7. My husband made two for our kids years ago. My kids *loved* them! Played with them for years-- We still have them in the attic (maybe for grandchildren someday?) :001_smile:
  8. Youngest is taking AP Psych through PA Homeschoolers with Bonnie Gonzalez http://www.aphomeschoolers.com/cgi-bin/choose.pl?class=psych Been an interesting year so far. Ms. Gonzalez has a keen enthusiasm for the subject, and assigns papers/projects/assignments that are worthwhile and (I feel) somewhat unique. She has a relaxed attitude and encourages mastery. I can recommend!
  9. I'm sorry to hear that he's struggling; and that your younger son is not happy. I have a nearly 16 yr old son who loves his older brother (he's in his last year at univ.), but does find it really difficult to adjust to the changed dynamic when older brother comes home for any extended time. Hopefully, with school and any other activities your older son does, the two are kept busy enough to enjoy each other when they see each other, and not get in each other's way when they're both at the house.
  10. Has she tried to cut the tablet in half or 1/3? I cannot take a full dose because it completely knocks me out-- and I need to function. Have her try to adjust the dose (cut the tablet) to see if she can find a dose that works but doesn't make her loopy. Has she visited a PT?
  11. This sounds unpleasant to say the least! I totally understand about wishing young adults would be a little more willing to entertain suggestions from people who love them.
  12. Geometry with Thomas Hummel. Can't say enough about his teaching style and demeanor--- been a great math experience for my 10th grader. Also taken Biology with Amy Upperman. My high schooler learned quite a bit last year in this class-- a lot of work, but there weren't too many assignments he felt were a waste of time, so the workload was OK. Chemistry this year with Mary Brinkerhoff. Smart teacher, workload is fairly high-- he's learned a lot so far this year.
  13. Yes. I'm over in Raleigh twice a week--- not pleasant at all. Gimme some public transport-- fast! Seriously. It's grown steadily worse since we moved to NC over 11 yrs ago.
  14. Traffic is getting worse, yes. Looks like we may be getting some light rail and some public transport over the next 10 yrs (thankfully). Hoping it will help ease some congestion, and offer options for people who don't want to or can't drive.
  15. Automatic litter box would be great! I need to check that out.
  16. Thanks everyone! It's helpful to know that it can be done successfully.
  17. Thanks! Question: when we had 2 cats we had 2 litter boxes. Those of you who have 3 cats-- do you have 3 litter boxes as well?
  18. We have a 12 year old cat whose brother died about year and a half ago. We are considering getting a kitten next summer. If you've brought a kitten into your family when you already have an older cat, I'd like to hear how you made it work or if you wouldn't recommend it. TIA, Laura
  19. When my intense child was much younger, a warm bath did wonders to calm things down. Water has always been very soothing to him....
  20. Yes. There's a big difference between unschooling and what I call 'no'schooling. I used to identify what we did at home as unschooling-- back when my eldest was early elementary age. As my kids got older, we started to do more formal work so no longer identify as unschoolers. I know a few families whose 'homeschooled' kids do no work at all. No motivation to do anything on their own, no formal work being required etc. not unschooling-- but 'no'schooling. Kids fight it, parents don't want the hassle of conflict so nothing gets done. I think that, in general, people who unschool are looking for a very different kind of educational environment for their kids. Lots of freedom to explore personal interests etc. Not to say that other homeschoolers do not encourage that! But I think unschoolers actively encourage 'real world' learning rather than something that looks like textbook learning. It's a difference in education ideology. But, in essence we're all homeschoolers. (maybe not the 'no'schoolers though--- I think they're just kind of hanging out at home :mellow: )
  21. Yes. This exactly. That kind of enthusiastic discussion amongst peers in school may be something educators long for. The system just isn't set up to encourage that kind of in depth discussion though.
  22. Have you taken her to a urogynecologist? That kind of dr. can look at both urology and gyn issues. Look into pelvic floor spasm as well--- can cause symptoms like you're mentioning. A urogyn can diagnosis that as well.
  23. I have a "person" who doesn't live here full time anymore, but comes occasionally for food, comfy bed, and love from family--- this person is like your person. I learned to tune it out completely and as this person got older, said person developed a sense of humor about the lack of ability and no longer feels defensive about it. It has made life much easier. I get to hear acoustic (and electric) guitar as well. Maybe give it some more time, and your person will gain some perspective too. :001_smile:
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