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  1. Kfamily: I tried to get on your blog and it says it's for invitation only. Is there a place I can go to purchase your guides or see samples?
  2. Have any of y'all used horizons math 4? I have heard so many different thinks about it. I read yesterday that it was mostly review and that very few new concepts were introduced and that you could skip to 5 if you had a strong math student. Mine just completed Horizons 3 with very little trouble. But I don't want to do anything that will make math less fun for her. She wouldn't enjoy just review all year because she is anxious to learn, but I also don't want to push her past her limit. Anybody used the program?
  3. I have only done Horizons 3. It was not too teacher intensive. The example problems were usually enough for my daughter. Some days in the teachers guide, there would be a short activity to do with her and we did that, but for the most part she worked independently.
  4. I LOVE the look of biblioplan for history. My girls will be in 2nd and 4th grade and in the medieval period of history. This year we did ancients with SOTW. We loved it. We did narrations and a lapbook and a timeline and just had so much fun with it. I really wanted to incorporate biblioplan and do more literature tied in with history, as well as stuff that isn't history related. My only concern was that it doesn't include narrations. Have any of y'all used this program and incorporated narrations for history? I don't want to bog them down with extra work just to say we did. But I loved having them write out what they learned in history. Or do you find the kids do great with the questions and not bother with narrations? Thanks so much for your help.
  5. If you use a history curriculum with map work such as story of the world or biblioplan, do you do a separate geography or is that enough?
  6. What do y'all do for reading for the kids who know how to read? I know in public school, they read excerpts and answer comprehenshion questions. Or they discuss an author's purpose or the plot to the point where kids don't even always enjoy reading anymore. I do not want to do that. But I do want to make sure they know what they need to know when they get to high school and college. They are going to be in 2nd and 4th grade next year and both read very well. My younger prefers reading kid's encyclopedias and the older is reading novels more often. I am doing Story of the World and will be in Medieval time period next year. I thought about having them read books from the same genre at the same time but at their individual reading level and just talking about a different element of each genre and maybe doing the occassional narration or just asking them what they are reading. But is that enough? I also was going to add in some books tying in to our history period. Any suggestions?
  7. I am going to be doing SOTW 2 with my 2nd and 4th grade girls next year. It is easy to find literature for a 2nd grader because that is typically when one would be in that year. I have found Classical House of LIterature to use with her. I may not use every day's narration page though, as I think she would become frustrated. However, I am having trouble finding some history based literature for my 4th grader. Does anyone have suggestions for 4th grade or 5th grade level books for this year in history? And did you do special questions or anything to go with them, or just have them read and discuss? Thanks in advance!!!
  8. We live in Texas and do not have to report anything. I was still planning on calling her a second grader. She has Aspergers and math is just very frustrating for her. To reduce frustration we do everything more slowly. She did not like the mastery approach to our curriculum so I was going to do a spiral next year. So I was going to call her a second grader and do second grade FLL and WWE and all other subjects, but keep her doing a math 1. The McRuffy doesn't have a placement test but the company sent me a copy of a few of the final tests for each grade level and in 1st grade they go up to double digit addition and a few multiplication facts. We are able to add up to 20 only and not any multiplication. She is subtracting within 20. I think 1st grade math curriculum will be easier because some of it would be doing it again, but I think that might be perfect for her. Give her a confidence boost. And because it is a spiral she will continue to work on concepts all year long and won't flip out when she sees it again after a few months without it. Y'all have excellent advice though and I am going to think about all those options! Jennifer
  9. I have a first grader who is really struggling with math. She is using Math Mammoth this year. We have had to slow down every topic and find a different way to teach every single one. Next year my plan is to switch to McRuffy math because the teaching looks more like what has worked for us. And it is very hands on. This was our first year homeschooling our kids so it has been a learning experience for all of us! My question is whether or not we should repeat grade 1 math. I don't feel confident that she has the basics from grade 1 and to me it seems like she might benefit from learning them from a different perspective before moving on to harder concepts. As I am new at this, I am seeking advice! Thank you!
  10. We are currently in our first year homeschooling. I am working on planning science for our daughters who will be in 2nd and 4th grade next year. We are working through Elemental Science Biology for grammar right now. We are planning on doing Earth Science next year. But I am wondering how to continue. The curriculum is slightly young for my older child each year but I have had no trouble in making it more challenging for her. But when she goes in to 5th she should be in logic stage of the curriculum. If I put her directly in to chemistry it would be for 6th and 7th graders rather than 5th graders. I was thinking maybe it would be better for her to start back in biology in 5th grade for logic. And then just go through the cycle twice. Otherwise I am at a loss how to do it. I could do all of them in grammar and then all of them in logic and just hit 2 or 3 in high school. But can I give her high school credit for the physics in logic stage if she does it in 9th. Plus then she wouldn't have high school level physics. I'm assuming by the time we get there the curriculum will go through high school. If not, I don't know what I will do. I have time to figure that out. I just don't want to be curriculum hopping every year. So I am trying to find programs that will work for us all the way through. We are working through the same issue in history as well. Jennifer
  11. twoxcell...Do you follow the schedule exactly? Do you get through all 9 genres each year? Or just do it a few days a week? On average, how long a day do you think is spent on it? Jennifer
  12. I am thinking about using the Drawn into The Heart of Reading program. Have any of you used this with 2nd and 4th graders? How did it go? I am not sure if I would use it every day or skip some of the activities. Not sure. Anyone used it?
  13. In choosing my curriculum I find myself confused when choosing a reading/literature curriculum. My girls are going in to 2nd and 4th grade. They are both excellent readers. The younger is not quite as enthusiastic about reading constantly as the older but they do both really enjoy it. I want to teach them the literary elements gently, and also check their comprehension but also completely encourage a long term love of reading. I know pushing too hard the work in reading can detract from it. We are new to homeschooling. This year we have done some of the lapbooks for classics from Confessions of a Homeschooler for read alouds and have also done narration journals for our readings. Other than that I am just having them read read read. And occasionally do a page in a comprehension workbook. But going in to next year I want to make sure I am doing right by them. Any advice on different programs? I was looking in to Drawn in to the Heart of Reading and have read mixed reviews. Could you do this and just do a light version? Jen
  14. I decided to pull my kids from public school and homeschool them this school year. So we have been homeschooling all year but I still have so many questions and need advice as I choose our curriculum for next year. My daughters will be going in to 2nd grade and 4th grade. They both read exceptionally well for their age bracket. DD1 is a very good speller too. I don't even think she needs a spelling program anymore. She is really good at most everything. Her writing composition has improved since starting too. I am having trouble choosing a spelling program. We tried Soaring with Spelling. Even a grade level up it was too easy for the 3rd grader and not enough for vocabulary practice and my younger one just struggled. I'm not sure why. She gets frustrated very easily and doesn't like busy work. But also rules that aren't always the same confuse her. Like in math, she will learn a concept and then they will alter it slightly and she is all confused. If anything changes at all it is almost like a totally new concept. We have been doing Math Mammoth for her and had to slow it down quite a bit so she doesn't get so frustrated. Might skip to Horizon next year. The older one loves it and the younger one likes the way it looks and loves the drill work the older one gets to do. I realize now that I am rambling! Can you tell I need help? We use SOTW and absolutely love it. We have created history notebooks with a timeline and mapwork and do lots of projects. The kids and I love doing history with this program! The older one loves learning and expanding so much that it is really easy to give her a higher level of learning. Reading and science are really my biggest question marks. I was looking at Mr. Q. The kids have done elemental science for biology this year. They want to do earth science next year. They love hands on, so I want something that really gets them involved. Anyone have any experience with this? We have done Growing with Grammar and Winning with Writing and have had lots of success with those programs and lots of learning. We will be doing spelling with the younger and vocab somehow with the older next year. But what do I need to do for reading comprehension? They read great and read all the time, but don't I need to do some formal reading stuff? We have been doing a read aloud together and doing narrations of our daily reading and a lapbook to go with it. Just trying to see if I need more for next year. Please help!!! Thank you!!!!
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