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  1. I believe I need something extra as well so glad to see your post. :-). I'm 54 (cringe) and my skin is in terrible shape. This menopause gig is for the birds. :-/ I've heard that Make Up Forever's primers (I think they're called Step 1) are really good and they have 10 different ones to cover just about any skin situation. I'm thinking of getting one of those. Kind of expensive but you use very little so should last awhile. Sephora has a video on Youtube called "Priming and Setting Tricks" and it has lots of good information so you might want to check that out too. Hope that h
  2. This is just devastating. He's MY age for cryin' out loud! And oh how I love his music! Their first album, Make It Big is one of my summertime favorites. And Freedom 90 with that video with all those models - I still listen to it all the time. So sad. :-(
  3. I don't read many blogs these days but I do like Dinner A Love Story which is about cooking and specifically family meals. I like the books by the author and the blog is pretty fun too. And I know that you have an 8th grader (my two youngest are in 7th) but Orange Marmalade is a good one for book reviews for kids. She also has loads of lists of different kinds of books for different topics. Granted there are a lot of picture books for littles, but there are chapter books for teens as well. Hope that helps.
  4. Oh honey I hear you! (((HUG))). You have my permission to cry all you want. The kleenex truck has been parked in my driveway for the last couple of weeks. I had one son move out last week (first time on his own) and another son moves 1500 miles away tomorrow (he graduated college in May so he's off to a new job and a new life). Then of course, there's my two youngest daughters going off to brick and mortar school for the first time as well. Lots of leaving and my heart is breaking. :-(
  5. Haven't read many of the responses, but just wanted to say it's not like I forget to eat, I just don't want to eat. I've been cooking army sized meals for a long time and I'm just tired. Speaking to the topic, one of the last times I forgot to eat, I was pregnant (eons ago) and at church and started getting shaky. I actually left church so I could go to the convenience store across the street and get a Snickers. After that I always tried to stay conscious of when I ate last so that wouldn't happen again.
  6. It does help to have a scale to weigh things and then check on the USPS website to see how much the cost of shipping is before pricing an item. Recently, I sold some Saxon Math and the price I got when I put the weight in online at home and when I actually mailed it was spot on. And all I have is a digital kitchen scale. Media Mail is the route I always go for books, cd's, and dvd's. Rates start around $2 - $2.50 per package so, again, adjust your prices accordingly if you do postage paid pricing, or make sure you put at least that much in to defray the costs of shipping. Shipping
  7. Kind of OT but the bolded! When the last of those three boys moved out of their room I cried - it was so quiet and I just missed them so much. I cleaned the room up in a day and moved the three girls in so I wouldn't have to look at the empty room anymore. :-) I also agree on flexible parents and respectful young folks - sounds like you have both at your place.
  8. How old is the daughter going to college? If she is 18 or over it would be one thing, but if she is younger, then I think stricter rules would apply. FWIW - there is a book I read called "How To Really Love Your Adult Child" (I know - I'm a bookaholic so I recommend books a lot - sorry) and it really helped my husband and I in dealing with a boomerang kid who needed to move on. It has a lot of ideas for family meetings and making rules everyone can live with. It also helps to understand your child as well and help them cope with situations they are having trouble coping with. Curre
  9. My goal this week is going to be 6 glasses of water each day and my B vitamin at lunch.
  10. Okay, I'm going to suggest cookbooks. The first one is called "The Mom 100" by Katie Workman and it has everything including meal plans. I really wish this one had been around when I was a young mom - all very basic recipes and no weirdo ingredients. I have made many of these recipes and they work every.single.time. It's my go to cookbook of all time. She has another one called "Dinner Solved" and while I haven't used it as much, I am going to try more of the recipes this fall. "Dinner A Love Story" and "Dinner the Playbook" by Jenny Rosenstrach I also recommend. I haven't cooked any
  11. Not likely. :-P FWIW - school has been a good thing for my oldest dd so far and I believe my other girls will be fine too. The teachers have been able to help and guide where I just couldn't. I'm glad for that.
  12. Oh wow - thank you ALL sooooo much for all your kind words, hugs, and support!! My heart is full (and my eyes too) so I'm at a loss for words at the moment. But thanks and my hugs to all of you transitioning too. Garga - I am so with you on the book thing! I am actually keeping some of the favorites back to read to grandchildren some day. Just can't bear to part with them. Half my kids will be out of the nest by October this year. One graduated from college in May and he is moving to the west coast in August. Two others will be moving out on their own as well. So, this year is
  13. Yes, my dd (age 12) told me that on Saturday. I knew that the days of homeschooling were getting limited once oldest dd went to ps, but it's real now. And while I'm fairly okay with it...I'm not. Why? She and her twin sister are.my.babies.!! Yeah, I know this is the way it works, and the Kleenex truck backs up whenever a kid leaves the nest, but I'm not really ready to let my babies go. Well, are we ever? Probably not. So, I just need a hug and someone to say that I'll live through it and everything will be okay because it probably will be (their sister has flourished in ps), but I'm a
  14. My dd12 got a nice knee length black skirt at Target in the juniors section just recently. I'm not sure what stores you've been too but these are the ones I can think of that might have something: Target Justice Old Navy The Children's Place (maybe) If you are looking in the little girls' section, try the juniors section. We had to go with the super small sizes for my dd but the skirt fit. And I would second Goodwill as well.
  15. Usually a buyer will email you to say they are interested in buying a specific item from your ad. Then when they pay through PayPal, they can put a note as to what the payment is for either in the body or the subject line of the PayPal payment form when they pay you. It takes a little organization on your part to keep your sales straight. You might want to have a chart with buyer's name, what they bought, the price, and how they paid, when they paid, and when you shipped made up so you can keep track all in one space. Once you sell a few items (and if you are just starting out, start sm
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