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  1. I don’t get political content from FB, but I am getting a lot of “use this makeup for your tired, aging eyes” and “use this girdle-like thing for your lumpy, large body” and “use this hair styling tool for your mousy, boring hair.”
  2. Isn’t this considered a political (aka not allowed here) conversation? Or did COVID relax that rule?
  3. I’m trying to think of a pop culture reference (movie, tv show) to help describe the word catalyst (not necessarily in the chemical reaction sense, the more general “change agent” meaning). Anyone have anything?
  4. I hear you. I edited my post to take out "the answer" but still reflect the all-or-nothing approach I'm trying to convey.
  5. I see two ends of this spectrum among people I know well. I know one family in the "Masks don't work!" camp. They want very much to believe that NO mask reduces ANY spread of COVID. And they behave like it. Not an open-minded group, IMHO. Then there's the "MASK UP!" people who want very much to believe that universal masking among ALL people in ALL places is absolutely necessary. "It's just a piece of cloth over your face, so get over it." Also not an open-minded group, IMHO. They're both militant in their thinking and see "the other side" as ignorant, foolish, and willing to believe whatever their chosen media feeds them. (It's actually very interesting to hear them talk. Similar talking points, similar bogeymen, and--when you come right down to it--similar fears.) But in real life most people I know land between these two extremes. They have valid concerns and questions and they're doing their best for their families and their neighbors. These nuanced voices are hard to find online (what is it about social media that brings out the radicals?), but I am encouraged by their humility and grace.
  6. This. I know it's stressful, but it's totally normal for applicants to juggle applications, interviews, and offers. People on the other side of the hiring desk know and expect this. You can say something like, "I appreciate the offer and I'd like to make a decision by Wednesday [or whatever]. Will you please email me a job offer letter so I'm certain about the specifics?"
  7. I suspect it's more about the necessity. For many people, the vaccine is seen as protecting against a future possibility; the treatment is for right now when I obviously need it.
  8. People have very different ideas of what constitutes "fun."
  9. I don't know if it's on the lists, but my son has found those over-the-door hook thingies very handy. One for shower towels and another for a jacket.
  10. Is it true that viruses become weaker as they mutate, or is that one of those “it depends” kind of statements?
  11. If he's just texting, sure. But with lots of non-negotiable rules in place (mom gets to check whenever she wants; no phone in the bedroom; whatever you see fit). The problems, IMHO, come with the next steps: Instagram, Snapchat, Tik-Tok, mindless web surfing. . .
  12. I haven't heard of that one, but I did just have a conversation with someone who became a "distributor" for something she has found very helpful (two weeks in 🙄). I told her I was happy she found something she likes and is seeing results, but that I was not interested in buying, selling, or even trying it. I'm happy with my current habits and products. She didn't push and the conversation moved to another topic easily. Hoping the same for you!
  13. YES! I was telling my boys that I’m sure that my death bed memories will be of “couch time” and the three of us snuggled under a blanket with a stack of picture books and chapter books and giggles and snuggles. Then I started listing the books. Papa Piccolo, Frog and Toad, The Turnip... I’m getting all weepy at the memories. But them? Blank looks. Finally, one says he remembers that after reading, I used to let them watch a few episodes of Kid History on YouTube. Then they started quoting them. “Fact!” “Oceanology!” “Do you get it now?”* This they remember. Hours upon hours sharing classic, beautiful literature? Eh, not so much. *If you know, you know
  14. I think this is going to be an ongoing question for everyone, just as it has been for the past year and a half. Some people will have a higher tolerance for risk than others. Some people will prioritize physical/mental/social/emotional needs differently than others. Some people will be more obnoxious about their choices than others. There is no single right answer that guarantees health and well-being for any one individual nor any community nor the world at large. And that's frustrating, I know.
  15. I think she wants to be able to hide the account. This option would not allow for that.
  16. Yes, you can add cash for free at some retailers. I think Walmart has a Bluebird Visa debit card that allows for this option. There's probably a bunch more but that's one I'm vaguely familiar with. I'm not sure about other fees; that's something for her to research. Bluebird
  17. I think it’s part of the appeal of conspiracy theories. I have “special” knowledge that “they” are trying to keep from us. But I dig deeper and find alternate sources for the REAL truth.
  18. “I’ve done the research and I don’t believe that. So let’s change the subject. Have you tried the potato salad?” (Q folks love the “do your own research” line.)
  19. I completely agree that there are plenty of self-serving and unhelpful people promoting this view. That doesn't make it a completely invalid concern.
  20. And this is why people push back against mandates here. The fear of authoritative overreach is real, and they think, "If we give them an inch, they'll take a mile." So they resist. If the powers-that-be could speak to this concern--clearly, compellingly, unitedly--we might get somewhere. (I don't know exactly how that happens or what it looks like. Just helping identify one of the problems from where I observe.) ETA: Should've put this in the Vaccine Divide thread.
  21. Behavioral interview questions are very popular. “Tell me about a time when you...” types of things. So think about the qualities they’re looking for in an ideal candidate and prepare some stories that illustrate how you fit those qualities. Ask a Manager has some great Interview content. (She has great content on a bunch of employment-related issues and is just a fun read if anyone is looking for a good Twitter follow.)
  22. Many of the Fox personalities have been pro-vaccine from the beginning. As per usual in all environments, the loudest or most controversial voices don’t necessarily represent the whole.
  23. 🤣🤣🤣 I don’t know what happened to the quote but the story about your daughter finding the only available “match” to be your son made me literally laugh out loud.
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