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  1. No. With MP, Phonics starts in K. Art = crafts. Music is typical kids' music. Once you get into the K program, MP gets into classical music and famous art pieces. K also introduces Rod and Staff Math and a very full Phonics program.
  2. We just finished MPs JrK program. Yes, it is scheduled for 2 days per week, but it is modeled after their brick-and-mortar JrK program and the 2 days are scheduled for almost 4 hours long each. We split the plans up into 4 days/week and it worked beautifully. Like you, I know they don't NEED anything this young, but we really enjoyed the program. We spent 60-90 mins per day, and that was with interruptions from the littles :) On to Kindergarten!
  3. We're reading James Herriot's Treasury for Children...I remember it from my childhood and it is outstanding!
  4. Sounds very reasonable to me! I am so grateful that you continue to provide these a new homeschooler, the information I have learned here has been invaluable.
  5. Thank you for bumping this list...can't wait to head to the Library!
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