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  1. No. With MP, Phonics starts in K. Art = crafts. Music is typical kids' music. Once you get into the K program, MP gets into classical music and famous art pieces. K also introduces Rod and Staff Math and a very full Phonics program.
  2. We just finished MPs JrK program. Yes, it is scheduled for 2 days per week, but it is modeled after their brick-and-mortar JrK program and the 2 days are scheduled for almost 4 hours long each. We split the plans up into 4 days/week and it worked beautifully. Like you, I know they don't NEED anything this young, but we really enjoyed the program. We spent 60-90 mins per day, and that was with interruptions from the littles :) On to Kindergarten!
  3. Yes, a MP Facebook group was just recently started...hopefully this link works: https://www.facebook.com/groups/722880901096649/ There are also forums on the MP website, and the ladies there are extraordinarily helpful when questions like this are asked.
  4. Yes. When my oldest was 6 months old and I mentioned being "intrigued" by the idea of homeschooling at a social gathering, a homeschooling Mom of 7 scrawled "The Well-Trained Mind" on a piece of paper and gave it to me. I ordered it from Amazon when I got home and devoured it. I pull it off the shelf frequently to re-read chapters or to re-focus my thinking.
  5. My kids could spend their whole summer outside with a garden hose, sprinkler head, and a couple of cups or buckets. You could do science and make rainbows or talk about evaporation, etc. but mostly it is good for them to just enjoy being kids and burn off energy :)
  6. Bumping; I would love to hear more about this!
  7. Thank you for your thoughts, Ladies! Sounds like I should go put my credit card back into my purse ;)
  8. When buying curriculum for your oldest that you plan to use for 2 more children, do you go ahead and purchase extra consumables for the younger children? Do you wait and hope that there aren't significant changes? I don't want to screw this up :confused1:
  9. DH and I both attended public schools K-12. I don't think I knew homeschooling existed until I went to college.
  10. I have a whole list of worries and stresses about a move overseas; relieved to know that my homeschooling plans can continue without a hitch! Thank you!
  11. That's what I was beginning to think...we were just on our own. Wahoo! That sure makes things easy! Thanks so much for your reponse :)
  12. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but maybe someone here knows. When homeschooling overseas, what laws are we required to follow? From what I gather, the DOD has no jurisdiction over us, and neither does the country in which we would live. Are we subject to the laws of the state of our legal residence?
  13. We're reading James Herriot's Treasury for Children...I remember it from my childhood and it is outstanding!
  14. I just ordered the Pre-K read-alouds (from Amazon since I already owned 1/3 of them) and I'm very excited about them. While I have read some of them many times, the ideas/questions in the lesson plans make them seem fresh again!
  15. Sounds very reasonable to me! I am so grateful that you continue to provide these boards...as a new homeschooler, the information I have learned here has been invaluable.
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