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  1. I think there is probably a lot of miscommunication going on. Like Tibbie Dunbar, the comments I mentioned were from years back on other boards. My children have grown and moved on to high school/college pursuits. I haven't been posting here that long. I mostly just lurk and look for interesting bits in the college section. Like Jenny in Florida, I find that the accelerated board is mostly devoted to young children. The topics discussed aren't really relevant to me anymore. In fact I don't really ask questions on any of the subforums. Most of those were answered long ago! I usuall
  2. So out of the 7 sub forums on this site, I should only post on one of them? I have high school and college students but because they are advanced and younger than others I should not be able to discuss issues on the high school or college sub forums?
  3. To be fair though, this really goes both ways. I wish I had a dollar for every time I read a post that said that a first grader might be able to "read" adult fiction but he won't actually comprehend the true intent of the author. Or that say, an 8 year old, is too young to fully understand the abstract concepts behind advanced math. Or the (always judgmental) "early college might be fine for some but we prefer to let our child be a child". It's hard to remember that your experience with your child is not everyone else's experience. And we all have different definitions of the common te
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