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  1. TRUSTING LAUREL SPRINGS WITH MY SON'S EDUCATION WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. My son needed one course to graduate and was referred by Beverly Hills High School to complete the class at Laurel Springs. My son worked day and night, and the entire family monitored him closely. He was on the last lesson before the final, his completion bar was at 84%, and we were all very excited about it. About a week before the deadline and as he was preparing to take the final, his LS counselor reached out to me for the first time ever to say he was only 13% complete. In shock, we rushed to the computer to find everything had changed. Instead of 8 lessons, there were 18, and nearly all the grades he received for his work which I had seen with my own eyes, were almost wiped clean except for two lessons. My son had no choice but to start again from the beginning after I begged the school district to extend the deadline to finish the course. Unbelievably, when he was almost finished, it happened again. He was on lesson 15, two lessons to go, then the final and 10 days before the new deadline. They said he was only 21% complete and hadn't logged on in several weeks, while I saw him working on their website everyday, often 14 hours a day. The school was very dismissive and refused to give a refund, even though my son will not receive his diploma because of their flawed system. The most laughable thing, even though I could cry, is that they claim that they were monitoring him very closely. The only time his counselor ever reached out to me is just days before his target deadline to say he was on the beginning lessons, WHICH HE WAS NOT. I wish I had never heard of Laurel Springs, and now, my son's life will be impacted by it forever.
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