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  1. I would like an invite too. My three are 24, 22, and 19. Thank you!
  2. The sunlight alarms are cool! I hadn't seen those.
  3. Thank you so much for that encouragement! ❤️
  4. Apparently, hyperthyroidism in older cats is very common, but I sure never heard about it! Yes, we are doing the ear med. It is in a pen so we don't have to touch the medicine (because it would affect our thyroid function too!). We started giving Posie a treat immediately after the ear gel, right from the beginning. So, although she doesn't love us rubbing stuff in her ears, she puts up with it and then goes to the cabinet for a treat—rather than running the other direction! You know, if your cat hasn't lost a lot of weight, you probably caught it early enough, so don't feel too bad. Posie seemed pretty normal except for the vomiting, so I am glad we caught it before she started getting skinny! That will be great if it helps with Maggie's coughing, but, yeah, could be hairballs. Posie didn't cough, she just lost her dinner most times after she ate, poor thing.
  5. Those are both very encouraging outcomes! Thank you, so much for telling me! Yes, we considered all the options, but the cost and definitely the isolation were factors that helped us rule out radioactive iodine treatment. Our kitty would be traumatized with the process. The closest facility to us is an hour away, and the caregivers do a quick in and out for feeding and litter box, but no interaction in order to limit their exposure. Then, when she came home, it is advised not to let kitty sleep with people for a while. For her, the ear-gel med is the course that is least traumatic while still giving her good quality of life--and I hope years to come!
  6. Thank you! I read that cats are usually seniors when they are diagnosed and that they live an average of two years after starting meds. It's nice to read that your kitty made it a bit past the two-year mark.
  7. iamonlyone


    I agree with this. I try to remind myself that I am only responsible for my own actions and feelings--not others'. My mom took it personally that my husband and I moved when he got a great career opportunity elsewhere. Even though we moved only 2 hours away (instead of being half an hour away), she introduced me for the next 10 years as "my daughter, who had to move out of state to get away from me." 🙄 Even though I knew I was right to move with my husband and not stay close to her or demand he pass up the job to stay closer to her, it hurt my feelings that she held a grudge. (And, yes, I know her stance is narcissistic behavior.) I did what I could do--visit, invite, call, etc.--to encourage the relationship and talked my frustration and disappointment out with my husband. She passed away a couple years ago, and she still resented not being first in my priorities, but we shared lots of adventures and she was an always-there supporter of my children. So, even though it was hard, I'm glad I tried to take the high ground and preserve my end of the relationship.
  8. You ladies amaze me! When my husband is on a business trip, I cook less, do less laundry, and read more!
  9. Huh, good questions! The website says this: "...this safety net will assist with repaying a student loan, after graduation, if the graduate’s income is below $43,000. The lower the graduate’s income, the higher the percentage of repayment, up to 100%, until their income increases." So, it does kind of seem like people could game the system if they wanted to. ETA: Or does it just mean they don't have to pay anything until later, but the actual loan amount is not decreased? I guess I may not be understanding it correctly (as loan forgiveness).
  10. I can kind of relate. My sophomore daughter's college started a loan payment forgiveness program: the amount you owe is reduced according to your salary after graduation. So, if you start out in a lower paying career, or take a few years to begin earning a better salary, you don't have to pay as much of your student loan back. This was instituted the year after dd started; as a graphic design major, I think she probably would have had some of her student loan forgiven after graduation. Ah well, I'm happy for those who do benefit.
  11. Wow! What a great opportunity for students in your community to attend a private college! Hope each of your sons ends up just where he needs to be.
  12. Both of my children who are in their early 20s have been critical. 22 yo ds came full circle in the last year and has told us he thinks we were great parents and made great parenting decisions through his growing-up years. Our eldest is more upsetting to me (although I didn't like the unfair criticism--and it was unfair--when it came from ds) because she "remembers" a lot of things we said that we just didn't say (like we didn't kiss until we married and she shouldn't either--which was not the case and we never said it was). Neither of our other children think we said these things and recognize them as way out of character for us. She seems somewhat resentful, and I feel irritated, misrepresented, and yes, a little hurt. On the upside, the youngest of our three (college sophomore) recognizes we're not perfect but appreciates the sacrifices and choices we made as parents. Same family, same upbringing, but different perceptions! Also, I do have good relationships with all three, so hang in there!
  13. They know as peers two families that each have nine children. They know the parents and some of the children of a couple families that have 10-12 (older children were on their own before we knew the families).
  14. The system isn't working. It's guilty until proven innocent, with little way to provide that proof. I'm sorry you are caught up in this circus. And thanks, JennyD, our son miraculously was released from the hospital with only a few minor cuts and a limp that lasted a few weeks.
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