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    DD 23 professional ballerina in Connecticut; homeschool graduate
    DS 21 artist and seeker; homeschooled until high school
    DD 18 starting college fall 2018

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  1. dd24 homeschooled through high school; associates in early childhood dev.; professional ballerina far from home

    ds22 homeschooled K-8; graphic design certificate; in retail management training and top salesperson

    dd19 homeschooled through high school; sophomore in college majoring in graphic design, minoring in art, and cramming in two choirs, some theater, and intramural soccer


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    2. iamonlyone


      Yes! What a small world! Kaitlyn danced under Betsy's direction for four years. She moved to California this summer to join the Central West Ballet company.

      All the best to your  daughter in her senior year and what lies ahead!

      BTW, Kate attended the Ballet Mag intensive at Belhaven one summer when she was in high school. So, we have been to that campus: lovely!

    3. Pamela in VA

      Pamela in VA

      Hello again!

      I'll have to ask my Sarah if she met Kaitlyn. It was such a small group I can't imagine they didn't meet. Sarah spent the summer working as an intern with Ballet 5:8 in Chicago doing development and fundraising and getting to dance some. She's a double major BFA and Arts Admin. I think B58 is where she would really like to end up, but only time will tell. Lots of prayers this year as graduation and the real world approaches.

      Yes, Belhaven is lovely. Jackson not so much...

    4. iamonlyone


      Kaitlyn went through the first trainee program at B58. (She was there two years.) Good memories! ❤️ Our dancer girls have lots of adventures, for sure!

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