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  1. hi, I'm new here. have homeschooled for seven years but returning to do high school. Daunted by chemistry and lab science. Can anyone speak to the value (perceived, actual, college admissions--already admitted vs currently applying, etc.) of WTM chemistry and lab for college credit--or if anyone has been given a hard time in admissions? thank you.
  2. Hi, we homeschooled classically for six years. My eldest for many reasons has chosen the local public. To say the experience of being on campus and meeting counselors as a homeschool family was sad, is an understatement. The singular positive I can take from this is he is now accountable to others. that being said....there are no Latin or logic courses, and he didn’t get his public speaking elective. why do folks “after school”, as a verb—-and what does that look like? Adding a class? Requiring something else as a parent?
  3. Hi, new to post. My son craved brick and mortar and I couldn’t fight Anymore so he’s a freshman in public. They don’t offer Latin. He purposefully has a lighter load so that we have options for an elective outside. Hybrid is not an option it is all or none in this district. has anyone successfully after-schooled Latin outside a public education long term (3 years or to the AP), and what did that look like?
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