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  1. Thanks guys. I don't mind tweaking because I am one by nature. I can't even follow a recipe without tweaking. But I've found with HOD I'm tweaking the whole thing. So yes I'm aiming for something that's "less" tweaking! I don't even mind the more parent intensive or less. That doesn't bother me. I'm still in the frustrated mode I guess because we put out the money and it's not working. I'll go read the reviews. Still considering both for right now. Thanks again.
  2. This year for the first year ever I bought a "boxed" curriculum (HOD Bigger) and we are ending up hating it. At this point I'm tweaking everything to make it through the year. While I love the thought of HOD and like most of the books it's just not for our family. So now looking ahead for next year I'm looking again at TOG. Or maybe even MFW. Or going my own route. I went with a boxed because my dh has diabetes and losing 3 toes in 2 years and numerous foot wounds, then out of work, I needed something I thought we could open and run with. SO here's the thing...does TOG include science or do I need to come up with my own? I printed out the first weeks samples. How is MFW...lots of hands on? We need a hands on type of curriculum. DD (7 1/2) is a huge advanced reader so lots of books are an absolute bonus. The science in HOD is way to weak for us so I'm changing everything pretty much at this point. I'm not opposed to tweaking something to make it work, but having to tweak pretty much everything isn't working for me. So just give me opinions I guess on MFW and TOG. What works, what doesn't. Janelle
  3. I'm not using a math curriculum and my dd is 7. I couldn't find one we liked so we're going off on our own. I'm pretty sure I can cover second grade math without too much difficulty. Not sure about next year yet, but for this year we're "winging" it...ok not winging it, but we don't have a set curriculum. We used Singapore last year which we didn't like and I noticed huge gaps, so this year we're filling in the gaps and doing our own thing. Well I may like Singapore it wasn't working with my dd and no learning was being done. This year is going better. Janelle
  4. I don't sweat...I turn red, get dizzy, pass out. My mother does not sweat. What a thing to inherit. Couldn't it have been something else?? When in the marching band in high school, they had to have a parent or another student walk close to me, carry extra water. During this heat wave we've had, I have a fan that mists water and also runs while misting, I carry water, and salty chips. That's the only way I can maybe kinda get by IF I have to go out, so I look a little odd at Farmers Markets, but you do what you gotta do. Luckily my dd sweats, so that strange thing isn't inherited. I turn into a hermit come middle of summer, till fall weather hits then I joyfully exit the house and stay outside as much as possible. I hate not sweating, but am used to it by now. Janelle
  5. We're starting HOD this year for the first time, new joiner of yahoo group also. I'm all for social! :)
  6. So here's a question. We're starting Bigger this year and I just got the guide today. I'm already questioning the science. All the writing and note booking will do her in. NOT her thing. We have the books and I really can't afford anymore curriculum at this point ... any ideas of what to do with her?! Read and try to beef it up with more hands on?
  7. I'm considering joining, have been following and finding so many fun things I may never have time to follow all of them. Right now not feeling too hot due to tummy virus or something icky, can I pm someone when I'm me again?!
  8. I don't know if I should thank you or NOT...just jumped over from a link...oh boy I'm in trouble. More projects heading my way. I don't think my dh will be thanking you :)! LOVE IT!!! Janelle
  9. For the first time ever this year I'm going with a boxed curric. (HOD) Will tweak and add. My dh is diabetic and lost 2 toes last year and with all the time we spent in clinics, hospitals, infectious diseases dr's it would have been nice to have a little box tell me what I should be doing. That way when my Mom was playing with dd for me, they could have played school! Something my Mom could have followed. So since last year was the way it was, this year I'm going HOD. Now next year who knows...could be a whole other story. Janelle
  10. What is Miquon's approach? Have looked at MEP, found it kinda confusing (to me at least).
  11. You guys always come through...so here we go again. Trying to get next years materials settled kinda gotta file with the state soon and gee they normally like to have something down! :) DD (7) is way advanced in the language portion of life. Math ummmm really NOT happening. We tried Math Mammoth, Horizons, Singapore (this year)...she's NOT getting math at all. Has a major mental block. WHAT do I do this year for 2nd grade math? Look at Saxon? Another program? Relax, read math books, play with manipulatives. Rightstart? But from what I see that's pricey and boy with husband unemployed that's not in our budget. What would you wise people suggest? I know it took me awhile when I was in school for math to click...so I'm hoping she's the same!:001_smile: Janelle
  12. Thank you! They have the book, I'll get it and get the workbook through Rainbow or CBD. Woohoo! Thanks again...love lovely surprises like this...especially after the night and week I've had! :)
  13. Ok...quick question about HTTS...do I start her in grade 2? Would she miss anything by not doing grade 1 workbook? I like the looks of HTTS. I hadn't heard of that one. SOOOO glad I asked! :)
  14. Wow I'm really glad I posted! I will look more into HTTS. My main goal is to teach her the rules. She's a great natural speller, but doesn't know the rules to apply to other words. We have looked at the higher levels in Spelling Workout. She needs something to point the rules out, base words on those rules and go with that. She's not great at figuring out a rule ... after all she is just 7! :) I don't want her to fly too quickly through AAS...dh is unemployed and I just teach music! So yes money is an issue.
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