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  1. I would not mind at all! It's mdmlarkin@msn.com ~ thanks so much!


  2. Would you mind given me your email address via PM and I'll answer all of your questions there? It's easier because I don't have to deal with character limits. If not, I can answer here too...it'll just take a couple messages.

  3. Hi! I am currently in the process of enrolling at CVA and ran across some of your posts. It sounds like you've been enrolled there for awhile and know a lot about it! We are just switching from another brick-and-mortar ALE, and I am finding lots of differences. Is there somewhere on the site I can peruse what is and isn't OK for purchasing? It surprises me that people say they can order ink and what-not ~ we were never allowed these things! And I saw in one of your posts (forgive me if it was not yours ~ I've been surfing so much today!), that CBI's will not be entirely covered anymore. What are the rules on these? (I looked through the handbook, but it's not as specific on many points as I would like). I had a short discussion with someone in the office the other day, but I always seem to come up with new questions when the office is closed and just can't wait!! Thanks for ANY information you can pass along!


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