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  1. Thank you! Yes, I think she is college-bound. I've considered WWS. I was concerned about the same thing for her with History Odyssey. I should have specified that we are not Christian, though not opposed to using Christian materials. We tried apologia before, and it was just a bit much. I've looked at Novare, though, which may be an option. Years ago I truly believed I'd be able to use the same materials for each of my children!😂😂
  2. Thank you. We do this! Her books are on a shelf, though.😊
  3. I would appreciate any suggestions for resources for my 2e, ASD daughter. She will start eighth grade in August, and I would like to have a general idea of appropriate materials for high school. I'm in need of ideas for materials for literature, writing, history, and science that are structured, have clear expectations, and will be challenging. Dd is a tough one. The way I often describe her is that ( as a ten year old) she independently read and understood Nietzsche, A Brief History of Time, and various works of Shakespeare, but for the life of her can't spell ' horse' or remember '3x4'. ( This has improved!) I have materials and plans to address her weaknesses, I'm just struggling with what to use to nurture her strengths. Thanks very much, in advance.
  4. I have three in three seperate years. The first two are 17 months apart. The only things we combine are artist, poetry, composer, 'foundational' reading ( long story), read alouds, art, nature study, and crafts. I guess that is actually a lot! But, combining for anything else, particularly math, grammar, or writing, has never been effective for us.
  5. I agree with the suggestion to use review workbooks during tax season. I can't imagine trying to do all of that. But, I want to share a word of caution based on my own experience. When mine were roughly those ages, we had a lot of life transitions going on, and I did not consistently teach math. I wanted something my dd could just do on her own. I really regret that; it caused many problems that we are still fixing. Math is one subject that needs to be taught. I am still working for twenty minutes each day with each child teaching their math lesson, and I don't anticipate that changing. I hope you find some short term solutions to alleviate stress.
  6. I thought I had it all figured out, but no... So, here are my thoughts as of today: Dd has just started Ancient history. She's reading through Kingfisher ancient sections, using CEP task cards, and looking up the figures from ancient time line stickers and putting them in her timeline book. I have SOTW ancients, but I need something else. She reads and writes from various AO selections, currently The Elements and Poor Richard. Geography is drawing the 50 states in her notebook, and I'm not sure what will come next. The task cards have some mapping. I may get MP geography 1. R&S math R&S English Megawords spelling, but may go back to R&S Science: botany in 8, First Studies in Plant Life, various books about Native American herbal medicines, herb garden over the summer. I need to work on writing with her, but I have no idea what I'll use.
  7. I rarely post on the forum, but this is too much fun! Dd 13 is reading Gilgamesh, Universe Next Door, and Total Truth. Total Truth is a book that explains a worldview that is different from ours, so it provides for great discussion. Ds 12 is reading Unwanteds and William Wilberforce Ds 9 is reading.... everything... I can't seem to keep track. I think right now it's Hatchet by Gary Paulson. Me- The Map that Changed the World by Simon Winchester( this is so good! I want to read all of his books!) Tortured Master, a biography of R. Nachman Everything Belongs by Richard Rohr
  8. R&S is really good. It's not 'fun', but it's good. The TM's are like gold; with all the drill built in, the kids know grammar and format writing inside out.
  9. Copywork daily, dictation weekly, journaling weekly, R&S Together do writing from whatever SL LA core we're on
  10. Levels 7 and 8 of RS spelling are particularly outstanding.
  11. Mine are doing Rod and Staff and the science readings from AO. We do nature study and Lyrical Life Science together.
  12. I am reading this right now. Since the beginning of this school year, we have been realizing that something is going on with our dd12. Realizing isn't the right word, though, because This has been a life- long thing. It truly didn't occur to me that it was ASD. I thought I was a lousy parent, horrible homeschooler, she was rude/awkward/absent minded..,, Looking at her in terms of ASD is a whole different perspective. However, we've not had her evaluated. The irony is that my husband sees no need- and he's a crisis mental health therapist. Part of that is that he is aware of what resources are in our area ( not much). We do have a meeting next week with the Autism Specialist who works with my husband. I don't even care about a 'label' , I just need resources for helping her when/if I can't figure it out. OP- when I read your post I felt like I was reading about my dd, with some variations. I don't know anyone IRL who is dealing with a high-functioning girl. At least we can come here for support! Best thoughts as you move forward with your dd.
  13. There are quite a few about the high cost ( environmental, humanitarian costs) of fashion. Of course, I can't recall the titles at the moment.
  14. I think it was three weeks ago when I posted that I needed to do the accountability thread. Then we had illness, getting our house ready for new renters, fleas (ahhh!!!!), Thanksgiving, stomach flu, problem with the well at the other house- and now it's Monday! We took almost a full week off for Thansgiving. Re-entry is always tough, so much so that I sometimes question taking time off. We've been slowly wrapping our minds around dd 12's possible ASD and trying to see her struggles differently in light of that. She was so tired today that she didn't get much done. She did math, vocabulary, handwriting, spelling, and drawing. We did the teaching portion of her English, and she essentially mangled her Latin. My ds11 finished English, vocabulary, spelling, handwriting, phonics, and his reader. Poor ds8 only did math, Spelling, and phonics. He did manage to successfully complete a total of 32 minutes in time out, though. We did recitation, poetry, faith, and history together. I thought they were going to kill each other with their timeline books. Maybe we've had too much family time. I think my goals for the week from here on out are just to make sure everyone does math, English, spelling, and reads something. Surely that will be enough for now... I hope. I also hope everyone else has a great week! There seems to be much sickness going around.
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