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  1. Just thought I’d share as this is a resources we use (and paid for) and is currently free at home school giveaways hope it’s ok to share here You do have to sign up for their emails but I guess you can unsubscribe if they’re annoying
  2. I ticked no are you out of your mind? But I don’t really quite think that. We live in a fire risk area so for 7 months of the year I won’t leave someone here without a vehicle and licensed driver. And I won’t babysit more kids than I can safely relocate unless the weather makes it really safe. i also wouldn’t be leaving my particular kid for that length of time yet but I do get different kids and circumstances
  3. Ausmumof3


    I think that’s because someone’s religion doesn’t feel like a moral judgment on everyone else. Whereas making a judgment call outside of religion does
  4. I wonder if it would be more effective to make a laminated chore chart with the daily stuff they need to do. Then anytime a kids Mucking around you send them back to the chart until it’s all checked off.
  5. I made a tally chart of each time they complained one day when it was really getting to me. They were kind of stunned at how many times there were in an hour and then started making up silly complaints to try to increase the score. It did work. was it petty? Maybe but nowhere near as petty as some things they were complaining about!
  6. Oh I see i thought you were saying the pill and no impact on birth rate and was like wha?! This thread has taken too many twists and turns for me to follow now
  7. I guess an ideal eventually has to be stability otherwise you eventually have suffering for the older generation. And endless growth is not sustainable.
  8. No not at all but the poster I was replying to seemed to be saying there wasnt i may have misunderstood though
  9. I don’t think we’re undermining the contribution of anyone who is raising kids? I don’t see anywhere someone said anything specifically about birthing them. We’re also not saying anyone is not contributing just saying that raising kids is a significant effort that is sometimes undervalued in our society. anyway we are a million miles from the original topic so maybe time for a new thread.
  10. This seems to imply that there was a pretty significant birth rate drop after the pill was introduced?
  11. I did the math on this here in my country and what the gov is paying in childcare is more than the gross earnings let alone tax for the people I know using it.
  12. I missed the backstory but I love it now I need a lawn goose! or at least I would if we didn’t have so many darn lawn chickens!
  13. The other comment was that the whole education being provided was very token not really a proper education on any level. Just lip service to the idea of having females in trades.
  14. I’m only getting the story second hand but I think she was in a fifo place and for them getting competent qualified tradespeople is hard enough that they were just turning a blind eye to what amounts to sexual harassment. Obviously I’m only hearing one side of the story and second hand at that but it’s unfortunately believable.
  15. Yeah I see that. But I think maybe it’s not quite what she meant but I may be wrong. I mean along the lines of the people here that you know had babies because of the baby bonus. Like you really think that’s a long term financial advantageous move?’
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