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  1. Yes I read a news article about this. From a western viewpoint it is almost impossible to imagine how that would ever be a thing.
  2. I didn’t want to be insensitive in the funeral thread but I found myself wondering why are funerals so expensive? Is it actually reflected in the effort and service provided?
  3. I haven’t flown since just after dd was born around 10 years ago. I mentioned this to dh the other day in a random conversation and he was super surprised. He travels all the time for work. I don’t think he really realises how different life can become as a stay home/homeschooling mum. We’ve had a tonne of road trips and day trips and adventures of course but flying with all of us is just not in the budget. And me leaving the kids with dh for more than a few hours is just not going to happen either at this point in time. If ever.
  4. Yes this! Flight safety doesn’t stress me out much but all the logistics do
  5. We did an eight week caravan trip and are coming up for a four week one shortly. What I love Cleaning - it’s small enough you can virtually clean the whole thing with a baby wipe decluttering - you quickly learn to pare back to essentials your own germs when you travel not a random motel rooms outdoor living - you tend to spend way more time out doing stuff when your indoor space is smaller laundry - kind of a love hate thing actually. If you manage to snag a quiet time you can use all machines and get the whole family wash done in the van parks in about an hour. But the machines tend to be rough so we don’t take precious clothes now. And you always have to have coins. And if you pick a busy day it’s a nightmare securing a machine. what I hate cooking - cooking with gas in a tiny space with timber behind just feels unsafe. Especially when we do a quick stop and don’t level up and the kids move around. We’ve worked around this by getting and outdoor gas bbq which dh uses for most meals stuff moving - when you travel stuff bounces around. It’s hard to keep curtain rods up and pinned, last time the microwave fell out of its bracket and I don’t know if it’s still working mould - if anything links or gets damp you need to go nuts cleaning airing and drying or mould seems to grow easily Toileting- no indoor toilet/shower for us and tmi but the first few nights we go away I always need to go a million times just because my brain knows that it’s a total pain. im not sure how much of that will be relevant if you are in a fixed location and also how much is Aus specific. I do recommend going for one with an indoor toilet at least if at all possible. That is my biggest gripe with the van is dh likes to do random roadside stops sometimes but I am a huge fan of actual plumbing or something that resembles it.
  6. There’s very little I’m interested in other than possibly the knowledge quest medieval geography but to be honest I feel like we get enough with the story of the world activity guides. I’m disappointed that wayfarers isn’t part of it this year. Lots of what’s in the bundles is just stuff that’s been offered as free downloads through the years. I feel like most of the really good curriculum providers that used to take part have pulled out.
  7. I do think it’s possible you may have to just back off on this particular thing. One of mine is exactly like this and offering a tangible reward doesn’t change anything. He’s a little younger. The older I get the more I think reward based behaviours don’t stick anyway.
  8. Hmm interesting perspective. You’ve given me something to think about. what about scrupulosity? That’s a thing right? i was raised in an environment (not my parents but our particular church group) where almost everything could be viewed as a sin through certain lenses and it’s made it hard as an adult to figure things out.
  9. I feel pretty young round here. I am old enough to have grown up without internet at home though.
  10. Yeah I see what you are saying. I suspect it’s just case of figuring out where we are at in relation to moving curriculums probably.
  11. Thanks! working through these now and also found the AOPS pre a test so will do both to get a bigger pic.
  12. Mine didn’t actually enjoy reading for pleasure until they had a fair bit of practice. We just treated reading practice as something you have to do like brushing teeth etc. I know some people don’t like to do it that way because it might make them hate reading but my kids are all pretty enthusiastic readers now. That said if he’s seven and had two years reading instruction and needing a lot of review you may want to look into dyslexia. There is lots of knowledge over on the learning challenges board so pop a post over there and you will get good advice on where to go if you think that’s likely.
  13. I think my kid prefers doing what he knows than figuring stuff out. Which is probably going to be a problem with AOPS even if I drop a level. Eventually he’s going to have to work out those thinking muscles. I’m glad that calculus in year 8 is not the standard. Well done to your ds though.
  14. Yeah I could do that. I promise you there isn’t a problem we’ve skipped that he hasn’t seen the same kind of problem before. That’s partly why I was concerned I guess. It seems a long way behind the level of Singapore he was working at. But I’m assuming that’s a beginning of the book thing and it’ll pick up.
  15. Oh yes! Maybe I should just do AOPS pre a. Most people seemed to go straight from Singapore math 5 if they were doing that but I think part of the problem is the change in format so that could help. Your kids did calculus in 7th grade?! Is that typical or are they fairly advanced?
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