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  1. have a question my daughter will be 9 in June and she is in 3rd grade , I have been doing Singapore Math 2A and she is struggling with the math concept of subtracting with boworring and I feel that I would like to change curriculums, as she is going to be in 4th grade and still hasn’t started multiplying . I need something that has lots of review , was engaging, colorful (but also not to important if it wasn’t colorful) most important that she would enjoy! We have tried math-u see and was just to 👎🽠We also did Saxon it wasn’t to bad but it was just a little to much ,and now we have added life of Fred apples as just something fun to do? I was wondering if anyone had any advice if possible which math you think might help her? I’m debating on these: Saxon again( as it wasnt bad and does have a lot of review but don’t know if I should have her repeat 3rd grade math as I was told not to hold her back cause her reading and comprehension was already above grade level. Horizons I was told was good as it had a lot of review Abeka the same thing Or if I just stick to Singapore ? She is homeschooled and in the 3rd grade going into 4th. Please any advice will be a blessing. Christina
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