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  1. Thanks for your responses everyone! Winter - I checked out the educationunboxed website and the concept of cuisenaire rods seem very interesting. I gather it can be used for maths learning as well as language learning. Since you recommended those, I am guessing you may already tried those? It would be great if you can share your experience with how you went about approaching those with your kids. I will be checking out the other suggested options as well in the meanwhile. Thanks again!!
  2. I am trying to set a pattern for my dds in kindergarten and Grade2, I want to know What are the popular english, maths and science programs to put in their after school routine? Is conventional worksheet method works with young kids or online programs do wonders for that age? We do take trips to library once in 2 weeks, they are in doing couple of sports activities (after school) and 1 hour of TV time almost everyday. I want to be involved with their teacher in class, but need direction into that as how to be involved? All ideas appreciated. And we are in Canada, hence following Canadian curriculam. Appreciate response from all. Thanks!!
  3. I would love to hear how other parents create balance between screen time and sports time. I think screens are here to stay .. they are only shrinking in size ;-) but increasing in volume :-). Kids today are much more aligned and attached to their screens and it is sometimes challenging for them to get out and participate in sports. We have 2 DDs and would love for them both to pick and to actively involve themselves in a particular sport. Right now they are both enrolled in swimming and gymanstics. Appreciate parents sharing their experience on how to create this balance and get them interested in a particular sport. TIA to all !!!
  4. We are also grappling with our elder one (DD 7) struggling to cope with Maths and are looking at options available. Some good questions and responses. Not considering the program options that are available, can someone comment if Maths practice/drills have worked better 1) when doing this once during the day over a longer period of time OR 2) when done over the course of a day with short practice time slots? Just want to add that we have observed that sometimes it's just easier to get this done over an extended session (say 40 mins.) rather than trying to get our child to break it down. TIA for your participation!!
  5. Thank y'all for pitching in and sharing your experiences !! We decided to give this a GO without the Maths seeds component. Looking at other options - DreamBox, Maths Whizz etc. but havn't nailed this one yet.
  6. Howdy all! We just started to play with the Reading Eggs program. Right now in the trial period. Looking for suggestions on what is the best way to use this program for my kids? The elder one seems to be hooked on to it (7 yo, used Kumon for sometime but didn't enjoy it) so we want to use this program to complement her reading at school. Younger one (4 yo) seems to like it as well but early days so hard to tell :-) So far the thinking is to go ahead with the 1-year subscription and also try the MathSeeds program for the younger one. Look forward to some chatter here. TIA & take care!
  7. Hey ALL, I am looking for some help on after school for my DD who is in Grade 2. She did Kumon program for about 1 year for English and Maths. She didn't like doing any worksheets from kumon so we got her off from the program. Can you please share info about which online programs to get her involved for subjects like english, maths, writing, science? Can you please share your after school routine for grade 2? She does go to public school and we do have a very naughty n talkative 5 year old DS :). thanks for sharing!!
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