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  1. I think your lifestyle would really determine this. Do you need to spend a kronor time in the kitchen/laundry/living areas for your own needs? If so, then I would use the small main floor area. I would have lots of storage, and desks for each of your children. I would probably only do this if I wanted the flexibility of being near them but not with them. I would also probably use the dining room table a lot in the set up. If you would like the type of schedule where you close yourself in to the school room and hang out there for 3-4 hours straight, I would choose the option with the bi
  2. I know a family with 5 kids homeschooling in about a 600 sq ft home. They do have a porch and large yard and live in a mild climate, so the kids get outside a lot. One thing they did is get rid of beds. It sounds a little bad by American standards, but it works for them. Each of the kids has a camping mat, blanket, and pillow that they stack up and put away each morning, and have folding chairs that they use during the day and put away at night. I would think outside the box when it comes to sleeping arrangements. I know a family that had two toddler beds stack as a bunk bed in the closet
  3. I was the same way when I was younger. I was confident and outgoing in situations I felt comfortable, but when I was unsure of myself, I felt really uncomfortable. It wasn't until I got my first (and second) jobs that I felt comfortable with everyone. I was 14 and would make my younger brother go through the checkout line in the store for me because I was too nervous. I also had a horrible experience speaking in front of a group. I was 16 and asked to stand with my youth group in front of my really s,all church to say thank you to our youth pastors. We were all supposed to go in a line and
  4. I don't know anyone cruising, but I do know a homeschooling family that is travelling by RV through Europe/Asia. I travelled with them for 6 months and they do school on the road. However, they initially wanted to go for 5 years, but due to circumstances with their children, they are only going to go for two years because of their children. THeir oldest (8) has a hard time not having consistency with friends and Activites, and their 6 year old is having some struggles with schooling that are adding stress and they would like to have a better environment for him to do school in. They still want
  5. I taught ESL overseas and used some homeschooling preschool/early elementary resources. Many of the phonics books, learn to read, etc. can help with teaching that aspect of the course. I was working with adults who had never learned or heard any English, and spoke a very different language. So, I'm not sure if your class is more "advanced" esl, in which case those may not work as well.
  6. I hate projects. I hated projects in school. I hated assigning projects. I hate doing projects. I still hate doing projects. There are some people who LOVE projects, and I respect that, but I hate projects. I'm also the same person who, in my film course in college, read the book instead of watching the movie. People are different. All the said, I do appreciate the ability to present information in a visual form. While I prefer to give a speech, or to just write something explaining it, understanding how to present information visually is a good skill to have. Projects involving things
  7. I get you. My emotions feel so fickle sometimes... but very real all the same. I like it when the bad ones decide to shake off randomly.
  8. A game that I have done is to have students select a task from a hat, then write directions of how to do it, read (or have the teacher randomly read a few) it outloud, and have the other students follow the directions to accomplish the task. For older students, you can make it more difficult by forbidding certain words, or having the other students try to guess what the task is instead of doing the task, using more complex task. You could also do this with partners or small groups if you have a big class. Examples of tasks- some have props that you would supply, obviously. - draw a smiley
  9. I did my thesis on Comparative International Education. Basically, I did a lot of research but never came up with any solutions. I know that the statistic about 2/3 of 8 year olds are below grade level, but I think it would be more interesting to see achievement based on socioeconomic status. I read somewhere that parent's income level is the number one predictor of a child's success in school. I might do some thorough research on this later, but I would not be surprised if, say, 85% of students with a parental income level of over 50,000 met the standards, and 85% of students with a paren
  10. Hi! I'm curious about the reasoning that homeschool parents who have considered enrolling their child/children in a coop or many curricular activities. Is it becuase... You want the focus to be more on academics and coops are just social? Your children aren't interested? It is too expensive? The schedule diesn't work? The environment/other kids are not a positive influence on you or your children? There aren't any available in your area? You din't have enough time? I'm just curious. I love the idea of homeschool coops, but they usually seem to require a lot from the parents- even i
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