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  1. I've been looking into the Great Courses Plus stuff a little bit too. Can anyone tell me about the quality of the lectures?
  2. Wow! You guys are busy! I'm recovering from a dead computer--getting the software all installed on my new PC etc. I think my files were all backed up. We're on summer break. This week, dd will be off to camp and I'm going to try to get lots of writing done. We're taking one more week off after that, and then we're going to be digging into a math page a day over the summer, and working on developing some "life skills," because I've really slacked off on that kind of thing with the kids since my stroke. In between we'll be trying to clean up the house a bit (also still suffering from post-stroke chaos), and I need to follow up on some disability services stuff for ds. Always the adventure.
  3. Wow. What a mess. They handled that all wrong. If you decide you want to push things further with the charter, here's a little light (not) reading that might be helpful. :) can seek mediation and/or a due process hearing (that's easier if you didn't sign the IEP, and/or put your objections to the IEP in writing and gave it to the school, and you'd want to have experts independent of the school--like your therapist--who can testify about the chid's abilities and needs and how the school should be meeting them). If not, I think that's totally understandable. You have to pick your battles. In the mean time, know you're a good mom. This is hard stuff! I hope you find an option that will work for you. :grouphug:
  4. I wouldn't argue about it either. If she's that obnoxious about it, you're not going to change her mind, and I'm guessing if you're having a meeting with a person in that position there are probably bigger fish you're trying to fry and it would be counterproductive to make a stink over semantics. One option, if she corrects you again in the future, would be to just gently say that you're using the term "homeschooler" in the colloquial sense, not the legal sense, and ask her which term she would prefer that you use in discussing matters with her. Then use whatever term she suggests, and get on with whatever business you're there for, so you can get out and get on with your life.
  5. Critter - those sound like migraine headaches to me. Next time, something to try would be to take some Benadryl. For me, that works as well as the prescription stuff they gave me for migraines. ------ So...I'm sneaking back in after a couple of off weeks--not weeks off, mind you, but off weeks. Sometimes I just have to remind myself that I really can't do all the stuff I want to, or used to be able to do, and that I should be happy with half a to-do list finished and a good night's sleep when I can manage it. I'm really glad the kids are old enough to manage their own laundry (whoever would have thought the day would come?). This morning I managed to lock myself out of the house in my nightgown when I had to go out after the dang dog. But I also managed to get my daughter off to her early bus to the orchestra festival on time, with her violin, shoulder rest, music, lunch money, and burner phone so she can call when they get back and I can go pick her up. So I'm counting it as a good day. I even have a little while to sit and goof off on the computer before the man boy gets up and I get to cart him around to his religion class and his computer repair certification class, and then make him do math. He and I are also going grocery shopping this afternoon, assuming I have the energy for it after all the carting around, but that might have to wait until tomorrow. If energy levels are too low, I'll flop in front of the computer and see if I can get some more writing done. I have been struggling with the outline for a new novel, but I think I've got it far enough along that I can actually start writing now and not run into any brick walls. At least not for a while...there is one part toward the end I haven't been able to untangle yet, so I'm hoping the process of getting to that point will spark something interesting. On the up side writing-wise, my agent is now pitching my first novel (as a series), and earlier this week I got my first acceptance for a short story to be published in a literary journal. So I'm pretty psyched about that. :) But I am SO burnt out on school. I can not wait for the end of May.
  6. Thanks, all. I wound up getting a Dyson, and so far am loving it. :)
  7. And now I'm watching this QVC thing. Is this the Shark we're talking about? Am I understanding right that you don't have to change out filters or belts on this thing?
  8. I think I've been reading up on this too much. Now I can't even decide if I want a canister or upright.
  9. Now that sounds tempting, trulycrabby. I, too, have an immense hatred of vacuuming. Which the current state of my carpets will enthusiastically attest to.
  10. Between here and the other thread (thanks for the link!) it looks like Miele and the Shark are definite front runners around here. Does anyone have the Delphi model of Miele? That looks like the least expensive one with the power brush head. I'd be interested in your impressions of how well the brush works. Also, how often do you have to change the bag? Just trying to get an idea. For Shark users, how well does it work on stairs?
  11. Thanks all. Some here I've never even heard of. Will definitely be looking into your recommendations. :) Homeschool moms know best, I tell ya.
  12. I think I need a new one, but haven't done any research on brands or models yet. I can't afford one of the high end monsters, I just need a good, basic vacuum cleaner. We do have a dog that sheds, so there's dog fur to deal with, but it's short and doesn't tend to tangle in a beater brush. Low maintenance would be good. I fence sit about bags versus bagless--on the one hand, I can never seem to find the right kind of bags at the store, but on the other hand, the bagless one we have now loses suction before the canister is half full, and makes a mess when you empty it. I like "on board" tool storage, because if I put the attachments in a closet somewhere they inevitably get buried, or else they're always on the other floor of the house when I need them and I don't feel like running off to fetch them. What else should I be thinking about? What do you love/hate about your vacuum. Any specific recommendations? Talk to me.
  13. Thanks! Sounds like maybe I want an Oster. Or one that comes with a single serving jar. But one of the things I was looking at had to do with laundry soap that they were cooking up, putting in jars, then blending in the jar because it cooled when it separated, and then putting a top on for storage. That sounded really handy, not just for soap, but for things like chopped nuts and whatnot. Blending it right in the storage container would save me the mess I always make when transferring, AND I wouldn't have to wash out the blender pitcher, just the base. Anyway...thanks! :)
  14. If so, what kind of blender do you have? Recently I've seen several things online that state that you can screw the base of your blender on to a standard mason jar and use it like a Magic Bullet. That sounds really handy to me, but I've tried my blender with both regular and wide-mouth mason jars and it's too big for one and too small for the other. Have any of you tried this? Does it work with your blender? I need a new one soon anyway, and this might be a nice "feature" to have. But I haven't been able to determine which brands of blenders are actually constructed this way.
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