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  1. And for what it is worth, even though we are behind schedule, we have enjoyed history together so much. They are not on track for time line coverage, BUT they can tell you the name of every English Monarch (in order of course) and for most of them, tell you their spouses, children and cause of death. So I guess that is why I don't want to just skip or jump ahead. We just really like to take our time with it and get the most out of it.
  2. We started planning last year for our upcoming trip to Virginia. The thought was that we would just be covering that time period in our history studies. Well, we are behind. Math for one child and spelling for the other, took some extra work and time. Plus I seem to not be great at managing to stick to a schedule when life gets in the way. So we just now got to starting with the Renaissance. I was hoping to cover a few days more of Shakespeare and Africa, touch on the Spanish Inquisition, and then at least the 30 Years War before moving on to early American Settlers. However, now I have 2 weeks before we leave for Jamestown. Should I touch briefly on these things (like just outline that we will go back and cover them) so we lay the foundation for "why". Do you recommend we actually cover the info I have planned for Settlers, even though it is not in order? Or would I be better to just go on the trip, pointing out what we will soon learn about. I guess I am just panicking and feeling very unprepared. Normally when we do field trip type vacations the girls have studied the whole topic so well in advance that it just brings it to life for them. Now I feel like they are going in with no more knowledge on the subject than they have gleaned from the Disney version of Pocahontas. They are 12 and 9 and we can not just change the trip by a few weeks. Any advice for prepping them would be greatly appreciated. I almost feel as if all my time focusing on chronological history has handicapped me in my ability to teach it in a free standing lesson, away from its place in the time line. "sigh". At the very least, we plan to listen to the SOTW CDs on the road.
  3. Coming back when I have 8 hours to read and research all the info. Thanks!
  4. We are doing Middle Ages this year too so this will be super helpful. Thanks!
  5. I may be wrong, I didn't look it up, but I think the Diva Cup is reusable. You need to clean it between uses right? That may a bit much for a child that age. Mine would certainly have issues with it. There is a product that is like it but disposable, called Instead soft cups. I agree with the other posts, I cant imagine getting through a period without tampons or the cup.
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