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  1. I had to look up that word. *blush* We just call those Mormons. 🤭 Really though, active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints don't drink. Nobody in my family drinks. Most of the people I closely associate with don't drink. I also attended the #1 stone cold sober university. It really is dry. People that DH works with thought it was odd at first, but they don't give him a hard time about it. Even when their social gatherings include alcohol.
  2. My dd is in volleyball this year. Thankfully she was fine with the athletic spandex shorts with a 4 in inseam. Because those volleyball underwear shorts are unnecessary, in my 39 yo mom opinion. Ugh.
  3. I do. I read TCOYF and in the process of charting my cycles realized my hormones were off so I went to a dr and received an official diagnosis. I worried I wouldn't be able to get pregnant, but I have 7 kids. I think having them close together (maybe too close in some cases, lol) helped. The more I have read, the more convinced I am that a low carb diet is necessary to keep symptoms under control.
  4. Aah, so the google machine says to put them sideways like in a circle around the inner perimeter. This makes sense now. And I definitely need a bigger IP now so I can try this out. It's been a while since I made ribs, but I bet we need 3 slabs of ribs for the growing boys.
  5. I do have a smaller IP. The bigger one is on my wish list. But I still can't imagine an entire rack of ribs going in an IP. Or a slow cooker. Are we thinking of the same thing? The ribs I get are like 15 inches long. Do you cut them apart? Stack them? I need a picture of this. 😄
  6. My family must eat too many ribs in one sitting because there is no way I could make enough ribs in the IP or slow cooker. And since I don't have a smoker and I refuse to learn how to use the grill, I make them in the oven. I can't remember if this is the exact recipe I used, but basically this. It was a lower temp oven cooked for several hours. I think the key is removing the membrane and buying the right kind of ribs.
  7. Congratulations to everyone! Babies are always such a miracle and so much fun. I really love babies. Even if I never want to be pregnant again! Lol
  8. I am the same way-- by the time it's bad, baby is almost here. Not that I want an epidural. The thought of a needle scares the heck out of me. I have had 7 unmedicated births and I still think that way. My last baby (this 2 month old and 15 pounds of chub in my lap atm) was born at home. My water broke a little about 8am but I wasn't having any big contractions. At 1:50 I felt an internal pop like a balloon popping and the rest of my water gushed out. From that moment on I was having crazy intense contractions every 2-3 minutes. Midwife arrived at 2:20. My 10 lbs 2 oz. boy arrived at 3:20. It was so fast and so hard and I thought I was going to die (not really). I am even "advanced maternal age" but I am so glad everything went as planned and he was born at home. Even thought there were moments (about every 2-3 minutes, lol) that I thought an epidural might be nice, ultimately I am glad I went without.
  9. Bunnies are my absolute favorite. Do you keep him inside?
  10. While I am glad to hear your babies handled the procedure well, not all doctors use anesthetic. One website I read said less than half receive pain management.
  11. You do realize that circumcision is done on infants without any kind of pain management, right?
  12. Probably most doctors born outside the US are a safe bet.
  13. Yeah, sorry for that. It's hard to say if circumcision might be needed without knowing exactly the ailment. I can't say that there is never a reason a person might need to be circumcised but I think most issues can be resolved in other ways. I would find a doctor who uses circumcision as the absolute last resort after trying all other options. You may have to do some interviews to find out their personal views on circumcision because it will affect their opinion on how necessary it is.
  14. The UK has universal healthcare and they decided decades ago that routine infant circumcision was not worth the cost. Consequently very few babies in the UK are circumcised. So either their healthcare system is now being weighed down by all these disease-causing foreskins, or your theories are incorrect. Meanwhile a significant percentage of boys suffer complications from their circumcisions that require medical care. How does that factor into the economical value of circumcision?
  15. I understand that it would be very difficult to accept the idea that something done to your body, without your consent, might not have been beneficial and worthwhile. But you seem to be going to great lengths to convince yourself that it was.
  16. I have to believe you are being intentionally obtuse because if you have read all of my posts you'd know I believe all forms of infant circumcision to be abhorrent. I can, however, acknowledge that there are adult men and women who believe their circumcisions done in infancy were beneficial.
  17. The fact that you don't believe the foreskin is a sexual organ shows your ignorance on the matter
  18. I am not even going to pretend to make a case for any type of FGM because all of it is abhorrent. But there are varying degrees of FGM, some of which do not involve removing the clitoris. Some types of FGM actually are comparable to Male circumcision in terms of what is removed. But here in the US it is illegal to do so much as a ritual nick on baby girls. Which I wholeheartedly agree should be illegal.
  19. So women aren't allowed to be happy with their circumcisions and men aren't allowed to be upset by theirs?
  20. It was shocking to me to learn that many circumcised women are happy it was done, as they too felt it was cleaner and more attractive. I was even more shocked to learn it is mothers who insist on their baby girls be circumcised so that they too can enjoy the social and hygienic benefits of being circumcised. If one is going make hygiene one of the main reasons to circumcise, why do we discriminate based on sex and deny women all of these advantages as well? ETA: Yes, I KNOW that some forms of female circumcision are much more extreme than male circumcision. But not all types are.
  21. Your arguments only make sense when one assumes that the foreskin has no function at all. But it does. So you still have to weigh the benefits of circumcision against the benefits of having a foreskin. Regardless of your personal opinions on the matter, many men would still choose to retain the benefits of their foreskin over the benefits of surgery. Which is why this decision ought to be made by the person whose life it affects most directly.
  22. In the absence of any kind of urgent, medical need for circumcision, it can be safely postponed. So why not wait and let the child make an informed decision for himself?
  23. If the CDC wants to encourage grown men to get circumcised for all the reasons you stated in your previous post, fine. But we're talking about infants who can not consent. And we're talking about an elective procedure with real risks that has long-term consequences for one's sexual relationships. We don't do that on people who can't consent.
  24. But when you weigh that against what is lost when a healthy, functioning foreskin is removed, it's not clear that the benefits outweigh the risks. In a day when consent is the new buzzword, it surprises me that anyone would be advocating for altering the healthy genitals of infants who are unable to give informed consent for a procedure that will have lifelong effects on their health and sexual relationships.
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