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  1. Baby powder. Just be careful not to put too much on and go prematurely gray.
  2. So we visit my grandparents cabin in the mountains several times a year and we often see wildlife especially in one particular area on the way. While I may not take a picture, we definitely have to stop and watch because it's especially exciting for the littles in the back. I make no apologies for stopping and gawking when it makes my kids' day. ** we are careful not to impede traffic
  3. I like to take pictures of the kids and the whole family when we travel because THEY change so much. Years from now there will be documented proof that they once visited those places that are only vague memories for them. I try to be polite though when taking pictures. 😉
  4. I was going to suggested ringing the doorbell and then dashing back to the car, but if it was me I'd probably get hit in the face with my unsupported b00ks, so maybe not. I hate getting out of the car too when I'm not prepared for it.
  5. And this is another thing that bothers me. The owners lied about it being a pit bull mix which makes me think the pit bull parent was NOT a fantastic family dog with great genetics. I mean, why lie about it? Unless they are just harder to sell in general. Buyer still has the pup. But if my opinion is ever asked again, I won't hesitate to say that it's going to make me incredibly nervous in the coming years to have this dog at family events where toddlers and kids and other dogs are in attendance.
  6. What about just putting some money on her school account? Assuming the school lunch is set up that way and she has an account.
  7. While this thread had made me somewhat uncomfortable, it's also made me think about how our cultural practices (which may be neither right nor wrong) are interpreted in other cultures. Someone up thread mentioned greeting the shop owner in France as being he norm. Shopping at mostly large stores here, I don't think about greeting the store owner, though I see why that would be important in a small shop. And I can see why not doing so would be considered rude if I didn't while in France. But like I said, I don't think most of the cultural norms are right or wrong. They just are. I think we would all be better off if we extended international travelers some grace AND if we made an effort to "when in Rome, do as the Romans do."
  8. I am sure he won't ever do it again. He said as much. Their last dog was also an internet gamble, but he was such a fantastic family dog. I think he has realized that rolling those dice isn't worth it
  9. I have a friend who was running down her street when 2 pitbulls attacked her. They wouldn't stop and a passerby let her jump in their car to get away from the dogs. A guy showed up, claimed the dogs belonged to his neighbor and left with the dogs. Friend went to the hospital, but by the time the guy was tracked down (who was indeed the owner) the dogs were gone. His neighbor's security cameras showed the dogs getting out, going back in, and the owner scrubbing all evidence of the dogs from his backyard. The police wouldn't do anything.
  10. He was the one who brought up possibly rehoming it. I told him I wouldn't blame him at all if he did. When I asked about it, he sounded like he was still considering it but the kids love it. The dog would rarely be at my house, but we are together on campouts and other gatherings.
  11. I am not sure on the details of all the behaviors he is concerned about. While I know that this dog could turn out to be an excellent family dog, I know that he would be disappointed if his temperament is such that he can't accompany them on all outings where others dogs and children are present. And it seems like with both of those breeds' stereotypes, it would be easier to have a dog breed who is more likely to have the temperament he's looking for. Obviously it's not my decision to make. I just know how he loves to take his dogs everywhere and would feel bad if he couldn't.
  12. This thread is making me quite self-conscious. I haven't done any international travelling since I was young and single, and I went to Central America where I stuck out like a sore thumb because of my looks. Now with 7 kids we can't go anywhere without making a spectacle of ourselves, even when the kids are well-behaved. A few months back we took a trip to some touristy scenic locations and even (especially?) the international visitors loudly and dramatically counted my children as we walked by. 😄 This thread also has me pondering how much of our personalities are shaped by the culture we grow up in.
  13. I was surprised by it because that was not a breed they had been talking about. Buyer admits it was impulsive. They just lost their family dog to old age who had been just fantastic for them. Buyer always has a dog, and has had several different breeds. Definitely a dog person who normally does a lot of research before jumping into something. Buyer is inclined to rehome but kids are attached now.
  14. Please don't quote, may delete later. Moral of the story is don't buy puppies from craigslist and meet in parking lots for the transaction. But what's done is done. Seller said puppy was from an accidental litter with a French Mastiff and a Pyrenees. Buyer, just for fun, did a DNA test shortly after getting puppy and it came back as 50% American Staffordshire Terrier (aka: pitbull), 25% Pyrenees and the rest "other." If you google pitbull puppy, the pics look just like this pup. (DNA test did not require a picture sent in) Buyer sent seller a nice text inquiring about this, asking if maybe they were wrong about the breed of either parent. Seller has not responded. Buyer loves the pup but is concerned about some behaviors. At 10-12 weeks he is already showing food aggression. While being socialized with some other (much bigger) pups, he found a bone in the yard and was growling and very aggressive about it. Buyer has young children and likes to take his dogs to large family gatherings where there are always lots of kids and often multiple other dogs. They often have neighbor kids over to play to the house. So many people say that it's all about how you raise and train the pup and the breed shouldn't matter. Buyer obviously doesn't know anything about the temperament of either parent. Buyer is not a dog expert, beyond basic obedience training. *I* am not the buyer, however, my family would be in contact with this dog on a regular basis. Would YOU keep this puppy?
  15. The 13 year old, maybe. If they understood that if there was a medical emergency the child would call 911, I'd be okay with that if it was just for a few hours.
  16. I agree. I am not going to make any decisions for anyone else, obviously. But I look at these elderly folks who take a handful of pharmaceuticals every day for age-related issues and wonder if it isn't just prolonging the inevitable. Six months ago we moved my dad in with a sibling. He wants to live at home but can't. He talks about wanting to pass on and be with my mom. He was recently diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia and he spends all day and all night fretting over things that don't need to be fretted over. He's paranoid and OCD about some things. It's hard. I know we have a moral obligation to take care of our elders and I value every day we have with them to learn from them and to serve them. But I also think quality > quantity when it comes to time with them. For me, when I get to an age where my body starts to fail, I am going to refuse any pharmaceuticals meant to keep my body functioning so I can stick around longer. My kids will probably think I am crazy so I should probably get it in writing now. 😉
  17. I'd wait. Let daddy do his thing. I agree about waiting till summer and he's older. However I would start talking up underwear. I have done this with most of my kids and I feel like it really helps. For months before *I* am reading to start potty training I start talking about underwear. "When you turn 3 (or pick your milestone) you get to wear big boy underwear! No more diapers! You'll get to go potty in the toilet!" Make it sound fun and exciting. We talked about it during diaper changes. Every few weeks we'd pull out the underwear and admire them. And then when the stars aligned and I was adequately prepared with chocolate and ther mommy motivational treats, I'd get rid of the dispers (or not get a new box) and start in underwear 24/7.
  18. I made this baked ziti the other night and everyone loved it. I doubled the recipe for my 8qt IP because I was feeding 10 people. I cooked 2 lbs of sausage on the stove and added it at the very end. We still have leftovers, but it was worth it.
  19. I wanted to be a teacher and I became a teacher. Then I became a SAHM and now a homeschooling SAHM. If I ever reenter the workforce I don't want to go back to teaching. At least not in public schools. Too much politics. I daydream about possibly becoming an IBCLC but that sounds like a lot of work to get there, so we shall see.
  20. If her water is broken, the nip stim may definitely help. Did for me anyway. Baby #5 I woke up to moderately wet pants. Went to my appt and she confirmed it was amniotic fluid. Sat down with the manual breast pumps and went from no ctx to baby in like 3-4 hours. (Obviously only using the pumps for the first 45-60 min)
  21. Oh wow! Congratulations! And praying for you all!
  22. Agreeing with the nip stim. I used a couple manual breast pumps. For 3 different labors it's what I needed to tip me into real, hard, active labor.
  23. So good haircuts? I'm gonna be forever frumpy then. My hair has just always been long. Straight and long. And I am lucky if I take the time to get a haircut more than twice a year. I would like to do something different but I am afraid to commit to a style that requires more than a once-a-year trim. I did search up apps where you could "try on" different hairstyles by uploading a picture. Still looking for recommendations for that if someone has one.
  24. I need to follow this thread. I am turning 40 this year and I can tell my standards are slipping. A lot of it is due to being at my heaviest non-pregnancy weight ever. I carry most of my extra weight in my stomach and nothing looks flattering on me. So even though I need new clothes to fit this chubby body, I keep telling myself I will buy clothes when I finally lose weight. But yeah.... I need to figure out how to stop the emotional eating.
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