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  1. Anti-vaxxers don't believe that measles is harmless. Anti-vaxxers understand that measles typcially is mild, but when you throw in other factors like poverty, poor nutrition, poor sanitation, lack of access to medical care, etc that it can be deadly and the complication rate is much higher. It's absolutely awful that people in Samoa are dying of measles. But it's not just because they aren't vaccinated. From what I have read, they are asking people to turn in neighbors who are not vaccinated or who are encouraging others not to vaccinate. I find that really disturbing. I understand that the 2 babies that died from the MMR died because of human error and malpractice, but there absolutely needs to be true informed consent when it comes to medical procedures, including vaccines. People ought to have the right to refuse, regardless of whether you think their reasons are stupid.
  2. I have no problem getting rid of stuff we don't use. But with 9 people, it's a lot of stuff no matter what. We actually have a lot of storage space so I would rather store things (preferably out of sight) than buy new again for each child. That feels a lot more wasteful to me, not to mention expensive. I do feel better with less stuff out and visible though. It feels cleaner and I hate dusting around knick knacks. My MIL is a hoarder but she is immaculate and neat. But her house still feels overwhelming to me. Over the years I have purged a lot of toys. I kind of regret some of it now though. I wish I had packed it up so I could re-gift it to my littler kids. Doh.
  3. I make this a lot. Very kid friendly because they can pile on their own toppings.
  4. These are made with cream cheese and are pretty amazing!
  5. I do all of my best work when I am running out of time. I wish I could change that. But even if I try to do things early, my brain doesn't work until I'm panicking about the deadline. 😄
  6. I am on my 15th year of really wanting to do Christmas cards, but finding it too stressful/expensive/time consuming to actually do them. I love getting cards from people. No, I don't save them. But I do love the updates. I wish I was better about reciprocating. If you are going to send out cards, do it for you because you like it. If it's causing you stress, don't do it.
  7. The recent potlucks I have been to have been great. I am sure there are always going to be people who eat more than they bring. As long as that's always a small percentage of people attending, it works out. My siblings get together monthly for a potluck dinner and we pretty much rock it. Whoever hosts plans the main dish and the rest bring coordinating sides organized via lengthy group texts. We all like to make and eat good food, so our family dinners are always my favorite. 😊
  8. My 13 year old just opened a checking and a savings account. If I understood correctly, he can't take any money out of the savings account. But he has a debit card he can use for the checking account. He puts half the money he earns into savings and the other half into checking. It is linked to my account so it's easy for me to transfer money to his accounts. (He mows lawns and sometimes gets paid in cash or to my venmo account, so then I transfer the money to him) He is a really responsible kid and so far having his account has been really convenient and I know he's not spending his savings.
  9. I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. T1 diabetes is a difficult beast. It is not uncommon for adults to be misdiagnosed with T2 diabetes when they develop it as adults because the stereotype is that only children get it. It's whenever the perfect storm finally triggers your immune system to attack your pancreas and it has nothing to do with age. My DD was diagnosed as 23 months old. She was "honeymooning" for the first year or so when her body was still making some of its own insulin. (Which was kind of a pitb because I never knew when her body was going to help out and make insulin) Then she came down with some virus and I could tell her honeymoon abruptly ended because her insulin needs went up pretty dramatically.
  10. Now I feel compelled to google pinworms even though I probably shouldn't.
  11. Oh for goodness sake. Sorry that my comments kind of jumped from one idea to the other and didn't fully explain them. I know that at-risk kids come from a variety of circumstances.
  12. It is hard. I get it for. For years my sisters and SILs did a babysitting co-op where we took turns once a week watching all the kids ages 1-preschooler for several hours so the rest could run errands without kids in tow. (One year we had 10 kids between us!) I only survived life with littles because of those co-op days. I lived for Friday. Lol. I know not everyone has the luxury of having a supportive family nearby, but I do think the standard should be to rely on family and friends before government-run institutions. The government needs to support families and encourage marriage. When you have couples who choose not to get married because they will lose government benefits, the system is broken. I don't know how we help those at-risk kids without making government intervention the new standard. But something needs to change.
  13. It becomes normalized to the point that even middle class families with a SAHP send their preschoolers off for hours a day to a preschool. Full day kindergarten isn't just for kids who "need" additional instruction time. Last I heard, none of our regular elementary schools in our city even offered half-day because there isn't enough demand. If schools are open for additional child care hours for the at risk kids, more and more parents will choose it just because it's there and because child care (even for your own kids) is hard. As a society we need to put more value on in-home care and the benefits of a stable, loving 2-parent home where children can learn valuable life skills. When 5 year olds spending 10 hours a day in a government institution becomes "good enough" we're all screwed.
  14. Years ago when DH was hired to teach in an inner-city elementary school, he was given an extra stipend because the school had an extended day. A year or two in, they took away the stipend but kept the extra hour of school. DH was essentially teaching for free the last hour. And he didn't think an extra hour was all that productive. I agree that parents do see school as daycare to some degree. Around here there are almost no half-day kindergarten options because there isn't enough demand and parents want/need the childcare. Which is unfortunate because I think very few kids are actually ready for a full day of school at age 5 or 6.
  15. No, I had not heard about the mass grave in Puerto Penasco despite being close. I know dozens of families who vacation there regularly who feel it's safe enough to travel there. I haven't been to Mexico in over 20 years and I likely won't ever go back. No thanks.
  16. Some of these families have been there for nearly 100 years. I don't know about this family specifically, but these communities have been there for a long time, probably long before the cartels ran the place.
  17. I don't know if I should comment on the other thread and resurrect it or just comment here... but I am super curious about the pronged collars mentioned by others. We have taken our GR on one walk and he did okayish. But a couple weeks ago when I took him to the vet he went NUTS. He couldn't have cared less about my pocket full of treats, he was going to play with all the dogs in the waiting room. He's already 60 lbs and strong so we ended up waiting outside because he would not stop lunging and settle down. Is a collar like that appropriate for new situations like that? I was already being judged by the other dog moms because of my giant ill-mannered puppy, but anything would have been better than how he was acting.
  18. I just want to say thanks for all the puppy talk. A couple months ago we tragically lost both our dogs so we had all been scouring the internet to fill that hole in our hearts. DH was set on getting an Australian Shepherd but told me it might be a year before he found the right dog. So I found a sweet 7 month Golden Retriever mix that needed to be rehomed because of the owner's health issues. Two days after bringing him home DH drove 13 hours to pick up a 9 week old aussie. *face palm* For the last 3 weeks I have been up to my eyeballs in puppy training. It's part "THIS IS AWESOME!" and part "WHAT ON EARTH HAVE WE DONE?" Lol. I am on page 2 of the epic puppy training thread linked above. It has been helpful. My younger self never would have identified as a dog person, but somehow I am now. I kinda get why the OP's new friend might say weird stuff. 😄 Good luck and I hope the pup doesn't get dog-napped. Speaking of-- what is the best age for microchips? I am kinda paranoid about losing this aussie because we have never spent that much money on a dog, and she is stinking adorable.
  19. There used to be a man with a long gray beard who would ride his bike up and down Main Street wearing headphones, waving his hands around dancing and singing. There may have been preaching as well. He passed away a few years ago though. We have seen a significant increase in our homeless population in recent years. A lot of our street corners have regular panhandlers. And it's not uncommon to see people walking down the street, definitely high on drugs and acting odd. I know that's not eccentric or unique... but it makes for some serious conversations when my kids ask why people are acting that way.
  20. Has he been evaluated for tongue tie or lip tie? By someone who really knows a lot about it? We caught my baby's tongue tie early (it was really obvious) but he had already lost over a pound in 3 days by the time we made it in to see an IBCLC and had it revised. I thought he just was tired/lazy but his latch was immediately better as soon as it was clipped. I have heard of cases if FTT because of undiagnosed tongue ties. I would definitely look into it.
  21. I am sure that is a more appropriate use of it. But we were instructed to take it daily. But it wasn't solving the overall problem and he ended up taking it for months with no end in sight. I was frustrated with the dr's lack of help. It was "take Miramax and eat more fruit." Thanks, but not all that helpful. Especially when accidentally skipping a day made things so much worse. All other supplements and remedies he ended up taking were things I looked up and sought out on my own.
  22. All of your replies have been really helpful. Thank you. I asked him some more questions today and relieved to hear that this problem has only recently resurfaced. I was worried it had been going on the last couple years and he wasn't telling me. He says that he started to drink more milk and that's why-- it's probably not that simple though. But apparently it's just been the last 6 weeks to 2 months. (still too long, obviously) I suspect if he got backed up that maybe he started holding it, causing more issues. I'm not inspecting the toilet or his bottom, so this is all coming from him. But he says he is passing very large, round balls and there is bright red blood. I really like the water bottle and I will do that. As far as going to the bathroom right after eating... we always do "dinner chores" right after dinnder, and a lot of the time he runs to the bathroom to spend 20 minutes there. We kinda joke he's just trying to get out of chores, but I think eating dinner triggers his BMs. And he takes for.ever. So he's not rushing the process at all, for sure. I like the idea of the fruit paste. He's not a picky eater by anyone else's standards, but I doubt I could get him to eat that though. We were having decent luck with just 6-8 oz of prune juice every day. He hated it, but he would tolerate it. And I suppose the alternative was worse than the juice. I think we may go back to that because it's easy and fairly painless. I probably do need to evaluate his diet better. We eat a wide variety of things, but I can't say I carefully monitor anyone's diet besides the nursling. That's hard to do.
  23. I couldn't say... I don't monitor. We have a water dispenser readily available. Water is definitely his main liquid, but I couldn't tell you how much. As for exercise, he's a typical kid. Doesn't watch a lot of TV, so he is up a moving a lot. But he is not currently in a sport. (other times of the year he does basketball and swimming)
  24. He actually brought this up again about 6 weeks ago. I had some leftover magnesium calm from pregnancy. He hated drinking that so I ordered some magnesium supplements and started giving him some probiotics and enzymes again. Then we went on a week long vacation and it all fell off my radar until last night. He's definitely one of those people who can only go in their own toilet. He'll hold it on camping trips, for example. But I don't know that he's holding it in general. Unless that was a learned thing from the initial constipation and subsequent pain. He does take a really long time in the bathroom.
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