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  1. Are the kids complaining or the parents? If it's the kids, you can ignore it. If it's the parents they need a whack upside the head.
  2. Funny, I just started a batch of yogurt today for the first time in years. I am trying it out in the instant pot, but because I like to wash extra dishes I heated the milk on the stove first. 😄 In years past I always heated the milk on the stove, let it cool to 108 degrees, added 2 tbsp of yogurt and then put the pot in my oven with the light on. It was fail proof. When fruit and berries go on super sale, I buy a bunch and blend them up and freeze them in 1 cup portions to add to a batch of yogurt.
  3. I think that's fantastic that you did that and that you shared it with your husband. But I don't think it's helping women when we tell them that sharing their sexuality with millions of people because that's what makes money is "empowering."
  4. Is it really though? Or are we just hearing those voices the loudest? Because I think there are a lot of people (including yours truly) who have thought for many years that the halftime show has been inappropriate and not at all family-friendly.
  5. I didn't watch the superbowl or the halftime show, but have read a little bit of commentary on it, both about how inappropriate it was and about the cultural aspects of it. I am not going to comment specifically on the halftime show. But I will say that just because something is part of a culture doesn't automatically make it acceptable.
  6. With my last baby I took a vitamin K supplement for myself for the first 6 months. Baby is exclusively breastfed. One of my other babies had a severe reaction to the shot, and because VKDB is so rare, I felt comfortable just taking a supplement myself. If the baby will be getting formula, it already has vitamin k added.
  7. We use a waffle-maker regularly too. Currently I am using my mom's ancient beast of a waffle maker that is still going strong. 😄 I am with you on the gifting of specific kitchen appliances or items that you don't know the receiver will be able to use. After receiving so many duplicates or items we just wouldn't use for our wedding, DH declared that we would only ever give gift cards or cash as gifts. I am a very practical person and I hate to see things go to waste or go un-used, so I usually check the registry first and give cash if there isn't anything left in my price range.
  8. Yeah, it feels rude to me to actually say it. But bringing a receipt is often helpful. When DH and I got married we got at least 3 wafflemakers. We were able to return 2 of them, either because of a receipt or the store's lax return policy. The 3rd one we kept wasn't necessarily the best or nicest, but it was the only one we couldn't return. It turned out to be broken/defective but we had already returned the other 2 so we were without one entirely. 🙁
  9. About 6 months ago my dad began having tremors of sort (they looked like a full-body hiccup) that turned out to be a reaction to the gabapentin. He was hospitalized because they thought maybe he was having a stroke. But according to the doctors, he was having some kidney issues, so his body wasn't able to process the gabapentin and it built up in his system, causing the tremors. I don't think the kidney issues had anything to do with the gabapenton-- that was more likely a complication of type 2 diabetes. The dr lowered his gabapentin dose, but now he's only been taking it as needed instead of daily. ETA: Rereading the OP I realize it doesn't really pertain to the last part of your question. But in hindsight I told think he was ever told that the risks of side effects was higher if he had kidney issues.
  10. One of my big takeaways from this whole thread is that what may be considered "polite and refined" or socially acceptable isn't the same across cultures. So if you mean that tourists should do their best to adopt the social norms of the place they are visiting, sure. But I also think we could all be better at giving people the benefit of the doubt, having some patience, and trying to accept others for who they are and not who we think they should be.
  11. These are so yummy! For the whey I used the clear liquid that separates from plain yogurt. If I am making several batches of these carrots (because my kids all love them too) and don't have enough whey, I just used a tablespoon of the yogurt. It makes the brine a bit murky, but it still works. When I make these my kids spend every day after asked over and over if they are ready yet.😄
  12. If you have a health food store nearby by, they will have a large selection of good quality probiotics in a refrigerated section. I wouldn't bother with probiotics at the grocery store. Or even mail order because a lot of them should be refrigerated.
  13. This is another recently discovered favorite. There is something about having dinner in the crock pot in the morning that makes me feel like a rock star. Everything else can go wrong during the day, but at least dinner is almost ready! I steam some broccoli and serve the Korean beef over rice.
  14. I have never made sourdough bread, but I find this so intriguing. My dad used to make sourdough bread. I really should learn.
  15. It depends. If the illness is especially bad or if the friends have medically complex kids, no I would not send a still-healthy kid over to play. It also depends on the ages of my kids and the ages of the friends. Little ones tend to share their germs much more liberally than older kids so I can usually assume all my little kids will get each other sick. But my teens and tweens can isolate themselves in a room and keep their germs to themselves. And if still-healthy teens and teens go out, I expect they aren't putting their mouths on other people's stuff. Because little kids ARE gross like that. Illness happens. I understand that a lot of times kids are contagious before they show symptoms. But I do wish people would be a little more cautious. Not only that, I wish parents would let sick kids stay home and rest. I think it's easy to give them fever reducers and then think they are just fine for public because they feel better. I'd rather let the fever run its course and have kids rest at home. They seem to get over illnesses faster that way.
  16. I really like this recipe. Quick and easy. I serve it with tortilla chips and we end up eating it like a dip. recipe&referringContentType=Search
  17. Ooh, I'll play. I would love some new recipes. This is a family favorite. I am about to put it in the slow cooker right now, actually. I always double the recipe or at least add a couple extra cans of beans. It is so easy to throw together in the slow cooker, and for that reason alone is a favorite. But it also has incredible flavor. I mourn the summer months when it's socially unacceptable to make chili.
  18. Several years ago while visiting a somewhat touristy location, a couple from Beijing sat by as we were sitting down taking a break. Beijing was the only word we communicated, but the man was gushing over one of my boys, gesturing to take a picture with him. I asked DS if he felt uncomfortable and he said no. Maybe he though the attention was fun. But then out of nowhere this man gets touchy, patting on him and he totally patted DS's crotch area. I immediately stood up and left with my kids, wondering if I should call security. I didn't because I wasn't sure it really registered with DS what had just happened and I knew if I made a big deal out of it, the moment would be burned into his memory. Never again will I let someone get near my kids again. I am still upset my mama bear instincts didn't kick in a few moments earlier.
  19. Baby powder. Just be careful not to put too much on and go prematurely gray.
  20. So we visit my grandparents cabin in the mountains several times a year and we often see wildlife especially in one particular area on the way. While I may not take a picture, we definitely have to stop and watch because it's especially exciting for the littles in the back. I make no apologies for stopping and gawking when it makes my kids' day. ** we are careful not to impede traffic
  21. I like to take pictures of the kids and the whole family when we travel because THEY change so much. Years from now there will be documented proof that they once visited those places that are only vague memories for them. I try to be polite though when taking pictures. 😉
  22. I was going to suggested ringing the doorbell and then dashing back to the car, but if it was me I'd probably get hit in the face with my unsupported b00ks, so maybe not. I hate getting out of the car too when I'm not prepared for it.
  23. And this is another thing that bothers me. The owners lied about it being a pit bull mix which makes me think the pit bull parent was NOT a fantastic family dog with great genetics. I mean, why lie about it? Unless they are just harder to sell in general. Buyer still has the pup. But if my opinion is ever asked again, I won't hesitate to say that it's going to make me incredibly nervous in the coming years to have this dog at family events where toddlers and kids and other dogs are in attendance.
  24. What about just putting some money on her school account? Assuming the school lunch is set up that way and she has an account.
  25. While this thread had made me somewhat uncomfortable, it's also made me think about how our cultural practices (which may be neither right nor wrong) are interpreted in other cultures. Someone up thread mentioned greeting the shop owner in France as being he norm. Shopping at mostly large stores here, I don't think about greeting the store owner, though I see why that would be important in a small shop. And I can see why not doing so would be considered rude if I didn't while in France. But like I said, I don't think most of the cultural norms are right or wrong. They just are. I think we would all be better off if we extended international travelers some grace AND if we made an effort to "when in Rome, do as the Romans do."
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