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  1. I don't think there is very much that grosses me out. But on the subject of manicures, I got one for a dance in high school and I remember she nicked my skin with one of those electric rotating buffer things. Soon after I developed a cluster of warts there that were a beast to get rid of. I've only had a couple manicures and pedicures since then but you all are making me rethink them altogether.
  2. Same for us. We got married during the semester break so we could travel back to my home state. I think the day we got married was just about the only day that worked for us too. Dh's family also came from out of town. No snow in the desert for us though.
  3. Thank you for this. I have a bunch of siblings and all of us are working together to make things work. He was hospitalized a few months ago and from there went to live with one sibling. We are taking turns having him live with us for several months at a time, but everyone is still helping all the time and we have kind of naturally divied up responsibilities. One takes him to appointments, one manages his finances, etc. But we work together well. We have also had an in-home nurse coming to help. For the most part we agree on his care and we all get along great, so I am grateful for that.
  4. It depends on much I trust that your kitchen is clean and whether or not you have a good grasp on hygiene and cleanliness. 😄 For most people I know, that's a yes. I have been thinking about making small pumpkin loaves for neighbors so here's to hoping those get eaten too....
  5. So starting not long after my mom died, my dad starting flirting with nurses in a way that was definitely cringe-worthy. He isn't crude, but he flirts in a "wrong time, wrong place and she's 3 decades too young for you" kind of way. Still definitely inappropriate. And gross. The behavior has been startling to say the least. I have hoped it was related to old age or dementia and not my dad's true self coming out now that my mom was gone.
  6. Our library seems to make more and more space for computers and teen spaces and I wonder where all the books are going.....
  7. I feel like his symptoms right now are more the paranoia and not being able to focus on things. But apparently he told the neurologist this week it was 1979, which surprised me.
  8. He doesn't actually think he's 20-something. But he did think he could get remarried and have more kids.... at 75 years old and barely able to take care of himself. It was kind of bizarre. The conversation came up because he was trying (again) to get me to give him this women's number. I told him she had made it clear she wasn't interested. He said if he had given up that easily he never would have won over my mom. I tried to point out that the circumstances between then and now are just a smidge different and he was all aghast, like of course he is a fantastic catch and could win over any woman. I love my dad but he needs a caretaker, not a wife.
  9. Dare I ask you to elaborate on this? We can joke about it among my siblings but one bizarre behavior has been my dad's obsession with a couple different women who made it clear they want nothing to do with him. Despite no contact with them in a couple years he regularly brings it up and wants their phone numbers. (I won't give them to him) We were all kind of aghast when he mentioned maybe getting married again and having more kids... thankfully (??) his physical limitations keep him from running out and finding a young bride. Physically, my dad can barely make it to the bathroom and back. But in his mind he is stilll the handsome young 20-something who won over my mother. 😄
  10. Do you mean Vit B? Interestingly when he was hospitalized a few months ago they said his Vit B levels were critically low. He isn't on shots but he is taking a supplement now. I can't say I have noticed it helps with anything though.
  11. Even before an official diagnosis, I have felt this. Telling him he can't drive or can't live alone or can't call and harass the lady down the street (for reals) is hard when he is still mostly lucid. He gets frustrated because I don't drop everything I am doing to look for a pan he is certain somebody stole, when he's not doing any cooking anymore and I know no one stole it. He moved in with a sibling about 6 months and he still doesn't think he needs that. He was back at his house recently (he likes to go over there to make sure we aren't selling it out from under him) and he refused to go back to my sister's house. It took them a couple hours to convince him to leave. It feels harder because he is still mostly the dad that I remember, but not enough so to be making most of his own decisions.
  12. Thank you. It is hard. It's also hard when he accuses us of treating him like a child when we don't give him his way. But there are some things he insists on that we just can't do. And it's hard.
  13. We have been noticing some bizarre, paranoid behaviors in my dad for at least a year. A neurologist suspects Lewy Body disease. My dad was present when this was being discussed with the doctor but didn't have much to say about it. Going forward, how does one best talk through some of the behaviors? Or is it even worth talking through? For example, he is insistent one sibling is stealing money from him and even when evidence is provided that shows otherwise, he always goes back to it. Always. He regularly wants to check his account balance now. Is it even remotely helpful to remind him that those paranoid feelings are a symptom of a disease? Is redirecting even possible? Understanding that his behaviors are a symptom of the disease and not just him does help one have patience with it. But it's still hard. And I know he is frustrated too.
  14. Now the husband is an abusive alcoholic? Or am I misunderstanding you?
  15. It's a commercial, not a full length movie. People are assuming things that just can't be assumed from a 30 second commercial.
  16. For me this looks like "I feel stupid videotaping myself and I have overly expressive eyebrows but I kinda want to document my journey anyway."
  17. I don't understand the uproar. But I also don't assume the worst about people or things in general. I am going to assume she asked for the peloton, and that she had goals for herself and that she was genuinely pleased with her own efforts and the support of her spouse. Is the girl in the gin commercial supposed to be the same girl from the peloton commercial? Is that why we are supposed to assume the husband is a jerk?
  18. True. But there are a lot of illnesses we don't vaccinate for too so people just need to be careful around babies in general. The problem with the pertussis vaccine is it gives people a false sense of security. You could potentially have an active pertussis infection and not know it because you don't have any symptoms, thanks to the vaccine.
  19. I hate nerf guns. Hate hate hate. Finding bullets everywhere is bad enough. But every so often (too often, really) someone shoots someone else point blank in the face, looks shocked and surprised when their sibling stars screaming in pain, and then I throw all the guns in the garbage. The nerf guns always come back somehow. You'd think the kids would learn not to spend their money on them with the way they "disappear."
  20. To each their own, but research show that the pertussis vaccine does not stop the spread of pertussis. I think you're better off staying away from people who are actually sick than demanding that people get a booster.
  21. We have a big Christmas Eve dinner, potluck style, with my side of the family. I don't know how the tradition got started, but it's all finger foods.
  22. This, and I think the rest of them just don't care. I am certain everyone saw the brown streaks (please be chocolate, please be chocolate) from someone's hand on the inside of the hall bath but no one actually cares enough to clean it except me.
  23. My kids can destroy a bathroom in less than one day. And they do it daily.
  24. I made a GR account just to be able to read Quill's review. Totally worth it!
  25. Ooh, thank you! I just bought this. I've been thinking I needed a bigger one for a long time.
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