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  1. I need to follow this thread. I am turning 40 this year and I can tell my standards are slipping. A lot of it is due to being at my heaviest non-pregnancy weight ever. I carry most of my extra weight in my stomach and nothing looks flattering on me. So even though I need new clothes to fit this chubby body, I keep telling myself I will buy clothes when I finally lose weight. But yeah.... I need to figure out how to stop the emotional eating.
  2. It was all I could do not to take down the tree Christmas day, partly because it was so dry the needles were everywhere. I put everything away the 26th. But I spent a couple hours deep cleaning that room afterwards and it felt so good. Clean, open spaces definitely feel cleaner to me. My MIL is a mild hoarder, but her house is immaculate. Furniture covers ever available wall and she has knick knacks even spaced (with a ruler) on all surfaces. It's neat and tidy and orderly but I still feel claustrophobic. We moved into our home almost 2 years ago and I have done some decorating and want to hang up a few more things, but the blank spaces I also find relaxing.
  3. I have a family recipe book that in one recipe called for a 3 oz package of cream cheese and I half assumed that was a misprint. Never seen one. Sharing this again on this thread because it's amazing.
  4. I am overly cautious when it comes to taking my sick kids out. I don't want to be the reason other kids get sick. And maybe because I am an introvert I welcome any excuse to avoid people. 😄 That being said, one of my kids had thick green snot pouring from his nose from about ages 1-3. The doctor, ENT and allergy specialist couldn't figure out why. Just as I was about to put him on a strict elimination diet, his nose quit running. It was the oddest thing.
  5. Tonight I made Pioneer Woman's Shrimp Quesadillas, Pico de Gallo, cilantro lime rice and a creamy cilantro lime dressing. Currently nursing the baby while the others clean the massive mess I made in the kitchen. 😄
  6. I made this for Thanksgiving and for Christmas Eve dinner (and maybe once in between) and never tire of it.
  7. I have grand plans to make an excel spreadsheet with all my favorite recipes with a column for ingredients. Because when I menu plan for the week I tend to forget all things I can and do make. In a spreadsheet form I can look at the title, write down the ingredients I need and do my shopping. Then I want to have a 3 ring binder for the actual recipes.
  8. Well now I need a reason to buy this. I bought Code Names for Christmas and we played last night and loved it. Quick and easy and we played a bunch of different rounds switching up the teams each time.
  9. My grandmother was 49 when she had her last baby. She had 3 babies in her 40s. She also had her first baby when she was 17 and the whole thing still blows my mind. I just had my last a few weeks shy of my 39th birthday and it was such a rough, exhausting pregnancy. I can't even imagine being pregnant in 10 years. Huge shoutout to all you moms having babies in your 40s! You are all strong women!
  10. Did he really think you knew though? Maybe I misread but I thought he said he had told you there might be rumors because they were sharing a room with bunk beds.
  11. We did a massive home remodel and ran out of money at the end so we ended up with vinyl plank. I think it looks fine. We have been living on for 18 months and is holding up just fine. We aren't ever moving again ever so we are not worried about resale. We will replace it someday.
  12. He is considering leaving you to be with her? But she's engaged and soon to be married to a man who is okay with their non-monogamous relationship? How will your DH fit in with that? Will he get to live with her too or just be a work husband?
  13. Each of our kids has a family name that we put a lot of love and thought into so it would be hard for me, but I suppose I could get over it. One of my boys has a name that is sometimes used for girls. Not as often as I hear it for boys though. But it really bothers him when he hears it used for a girl. If any of my kids change their names, it would probably be him.
  14. Yes, it was exactly that so I won't stress over it. The walking back and forth is a great idea if it happens again though. See, those are tips and tricks I would never think of on my own. 😊
  15. Thank you. And I have never attempted to take both dogs at once. I know my limits. 😊 So it's only just been me with the GR, rewarding him for good leash behavior throughout the walk. He doesn't seem like a nervous dog in general. He is fine with new people that come over. I wondered if it was because it was dark? When you say "should not be tolerated" what does that look like? It was a short, low growl and he was happy to just keep walking past them.
  16. There have been a few 80s movies I wanted to show my kids and I am always surprised by the language and innuendoes that apparently went right over my head as a kid. Lol. A few movies I haven't seen mentioned yet.... Batteries not included Cocoon The Gods Must Be Crazy The Abyss Harry and the Hendersons
  17. Long story short, a couple months ago we got a (then) 7 month old male Golden Retriever mix and an 8 week old female Australian Shepherd. It's been a little crazy, but on the plus side they play and run and chase each other all day and wear each other out. We're working on training but there are a few things I am not sure how to handle. #1 - We have 2 dog food bowls but neither dog is inclined to snarf their food down all in one gulp so food is available in the bowl all day long. They don't fight over kibble and when we're training they don't get jealous of the little treats the other dog is getting. I don't feel like either has any food agression issues. I can take the bowl away or pet them while eating and they are fine. I can tell the GR to "leave it" when it's a training treat intended for the AS and he is fine. But with any "high value treats" like bully sticks, the GR will take his, growl at the AS and then take hers away. I can tell the AS is jumpy now if she has something she thinks he will take. How concerning is this and what can I do, besides separating them when I give out a HVT? #2 - We have chickens in a coop with a large run and while I don't have any hope that I will ever be able to trust the dogs unsupervised around chickens I would like them to at least ignore them. We have a big yard and it was about a month before the GR even paid them much attention. But then a couple kept flying out and into the yard, and the GR had a hey day plucking their feathers. Wings are clipped and they are no longer getting out, but now he loves to stalk the hens from outside the fence and then startle them into a frenzy. I don't want this to escalate into him trying to jump the fence or dig under it. What's the best way to get him to just ignore the birds, if at all possible? #3 - I have been on a few walks with the GR and he is doing better on the leash with one of those training collars. Twice now, during a night time walk the GR growled at people we walked past. The first time we were walking across an almost empty parking lot, came around a car and there were 2 people outside of the car making out. (Who looked entirely too old to need a parking lot for making out, but to each their own) He growled at them, but they startled me too so I didn't think much of it. Then a week or so later he growled at some people out in front of their house as we walked past. He doesn't growl at everybody we pass, but I am not sure how worried I should be about the behavior. I already love both these dogs a lot and all I know about training comes from these boards and Zak George videos, so be gentle.
  18. Right? That has got to cause so many issues in the workplace. I am really glad the boss is accommodating, but if workplace affairs are that rampant, how many schedules does she/will she have to accommodate?
  19. That really bothers me too. Like almost as much as him cheating. I think we've have conversations in the past about whether a person should tell if you knew someone's spouse was cheating. Every situation is different. But in a work environment you'd think they'd put an end to that or heavily discourage it.
  20. Okay, I thought of something. A couple years ago we were playing in a river in the mountains and we saw one of these bugs. It had babies all over its back. Something about it makes me stomach churn. Really, really gross. Click on the link if you dare. I think I also have trypophobia, which is why this is so gross to me. Though everybody probably has trypophobia, because how can you not? 🤢
  21. I have told my 4 year old not to pick his nose at least 5,972 times. At this point his nostril is just where he keeps his finger. I give up.
  22. I think this diagnosis may make us rethink our plans. There are 4 of us who have room for him. Sibling #3 will have him starting this weekend. It is my turn after that, so in 2 or 3 months. When we remodeled our home we made the bathroom handicap accessible with the idea he might live with us someday. I am thinking his stay with me might end up permanent, for a variety of reasons.
  23. I don't think there is very much that grosses me out. But on the subject of manicures, I got one for a dance in high school and I remember she nicked my skin with one of those electric rotating buffer things. Soon after I developed a cluster of warts there that were a beast to get rid of. I've only had a couple manicures and pedicures since then but you all are making me rethink them altogether.
  24. Same for us. We got married during the semester break so we could travel back to my home state. I think the day we got married was just about the only day that worked for us too. Dh's family also came from out of town. No snow in the desert for us though.
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